Tyranny of the Status Quo

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I just posted a sneak peek of a chapter from my upcomming book on how to decentralize power, build consensus, and secure life, liberty, property, and justice for all. You can check it out on my new blog site, More Equal Animals.

I am encouraging everyone to subscribe to my mailing list to be the first to know when my new book becomes available.

You may recognize some of the content from my prior voice post: "Can we end riots with a new kind of Government?", I want to thank the Voice and Steem community for helping me build out the ideas in the book. Please leave your thoughts!


"I want to thank the Voice and Steem community..."

I'm sure you meant the Hive community, @dan. Right? 😘

Naturally since steem is not a community but a centalized company

Nope, I am pretty certain he meant Steem. Hive is a novelty to Dan. At least from the writing point of view :)

lol so hope he is not here just to promote his book.
SMTs @dan? That need your help!

Dude here promoting his book and you throw a months worth of work in front of him.

lol he could likely finish them while sipping some hot coco.
Filling out a crossword at the same time.

I’d say he is the smartest man on earth. The book would be a good read

Yeah it would be and in these times..
If it's got a real solution then it could be revolutionary.

Personally I view Nikola Tesla as the greatest Brain.

Dan Larimer in blockchain is up there with Vitalik Buterin though.

Steemit lost Dan and kept...

Mr Squiggles! He fucken wrote " S T E E W "

This guy stole my cat nip!

Welcome to Hive, a few people tried to save the dream of steem, (not me I'm just a user), I am sure you are aware of what happened. So far things seem to be moving along nicely, a few glitches with the first hard fork, but they are being worked out. The developers were actually able to avoid making any changes to the economics layer of Hive, and are getting the foundation layer down.

I personally hope the next hard fork can also avoid economic changes and continue to solidify the protection part of the foundation layer by re-working the witness selection/retention system, I am sure there will be a lot of people interested in what you have to say about that.

I hope you enjoy your time cruising along the hiveways in your spare time, a lot of real people here, and fewer spam/bot accounts than steem.

We call them Moon Men.

🍿 pop my popcorn and watch the madness. This is going to get good everyone.

Sure you are welcome back but, with all due respect, in my opinion this is not a post that can be worth more than 80 dollars in upvotes, so I downvoted it. 😅
It's not even worth 25... or am I mistaken?

Have a !BEER 🍻

Should voice links be censored? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

You could say that Hive is the place for people who were censored / stolen from / or just generally don't like Ned and Steemit, so I think you should be very welcome indeed.

Yes, welcome back! Whatever quarrel you had with Ned has nothing to do with us.

If you want to chat about EOS things from the investment side, check out https://leofinance.io/ it's one of our tribes.

I hope that I am welcomed back


Long time ago. Welcome back to the real uncensored place.
Looking forward to reading your interesting post here.

No doubt about it, anybody with your knowledge and skill set is going to be more than welcome here, especially if your original goals are still held dear. HIVE has the opportunity to be everything you dreamed it could be, and more so if you're planning on chipping in.

Best regards, and hoping you're also loading up on the cheap!

Welcome back, I don't see why not, HIVE is a place for uncensored free speech. The STINC days are gone, but expect the usual trolls from the past lol. I'm curious though, it seems you left Voice... and now you want to (re)join HIVE?

good question

Welcome back @dan! Without you, I would have never stayed on steemit in the first place, back in mid-2016. Thanks for everything!!!

welcome back !

Everyone but the Steem thieves are welcome back to Hive, as far as I'm concerned. Ned especially is unwelcome.

Ned has his place in history. He just took a very wrong path. Like Woldemort

They censored little me too. I think everyone should be welcome on Hive as long as they are not being abusive. We can ill afford to turn good people away. Good luck with your book.

Ned and steemit are literally everything that's wrong with the industry, pathetic little humans

Ned is gone. Justin Sun is the one doing the censoring.

CCP is the censor. It was a communist takeover.


Wow. Good to have you back. 🙌

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Welcome back!


Nice to see you back @dan

Welcome back.

Ned is long gone from Steemit, he sold it for Justin Sun. Check the full story if you're not aware it of it yet!

Welcome back @dan, it's good to have you here.

wow you have been missed @dan, glad to have you back here!

You are more than welcome back and are even more welcome to stick around.
Do you plan to?


You need to have 1000 ENGAGE, in order to use this service.


You need to have 1000 ENGAGE, in order to use this service.

You scratch where my ideals are, there is no better news that you come back hive.blog, excuse me but you don't need a welcome, this was and will be your home always.

sure! always

Good to see you here

Welcome back.

Apparently, this is a safe haven for you

Dan :)
This is fantastic. Hasn't been the same since you left, mate.

SpaceX has Elon Musk... Blockchain, has Dan! Maybe one day you two will work together... designing interplanetary stuff. Although most likely what we have will work already in that sense.

Waiting for that book.

please tell them to bring back n^2, please.

This is epic! Welcome back Dan!

It must be interesting to see how economic & governance theory plays out in real time on the internet with platforms like Hive and Eos

I don't think there is one best way to run a community, each one has its own eccentricities and variables.

I always thought it would be cool to try and make a purposefully unequal and despotic community and see if it works itself out, who knows it could turn out better than the one with high ideals?

I think human instincts are extremely important to consider when 'planning a society', these are instincts that go back centuries and are still present for good reason but are often forgotten when being overly optimistic about human behaviour, which can often be irrational.

I'd like to think Dan is proud of Hive like a parent is proud if their kid: "Not what I thought he/she would become, but so cool to see what paths they chose while learning life's lessons."

I want to thank the Voice and Steem community for helping me build out the ideas in the book.

Steem has a community?


BTW, there are a few typos in your book excerpt, all involving possessive apostrophes:

If the people elect Christ, should Lucifers lackeys do the best to undermine him?

Lucifers should be Lucifer’s.

Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders both had tremendous initial success by using the parties internal processes in an attempt to gain the party nomination.

parties’ rather than parties

By picking a tribe the voter is no longer able to fully represent the countries interest, instead he is at least partially aligning with one tribe against another.

country’s rather than countries

Also, within the eight bullet points at the end, “Democratic Party Governance Structures” should probably not have capitalizations since you’re not speaking of the Democratic Party specifically, but rather of democratic governance structures within parties.

Nice to see you back Dan, will you be active on HIVE going forward?

Our site started after you had already left but for what it's worth Welcome back to a whole new place I guess.

Your post made my day Dan.

Thank you and stay with us and our HIVE Community got your back.

Ps. Subscribed to your mailing list and your contents are gold

The technical mind behind the graphene software and DPos protocol that made STEEM, WEKU, HIVE, Blurt and other blockchains possible.

This news could likey drive HIVE back up...

Thank you Dan for helping us figure out which Dan is on the Dan's floor.

Welcome Back @dan!

Welcome HOME Dan!

Welcome back to Hive Dan!

Welcome man. Nice to have you back. Hope you're doing good and keeping safe 😊

Sup Dan!

@elonmusk JERKin around on Twitter is why @dan on HIVE will likely bring a Billion dollar Market Cap by the end of the year... : /

jus spreading rumors really.
Kind regards.

Hey Kevin, I need to talk to you, is there a way I can reach you in private? Thanks!

btm im dontstopmenow from Steem back in the day

Fucking Dan Larimer writing here on Hive. You genious, look at the community that have risen from what you left.
Good luck with EOS and hope to see you write more in Hive.

Decentralized POWER and consensus BUILDING. You sure piqued my interests with these words. I am wary of what I read in the past about your idea of radical transparency....I think it’s a good choice but one we should be able to choose, with incentives, not something we should be pressured into.

Overall I like you and your mind and I hope you find a place as constructive member of our community here. Please stick around. We kind of miss you, although I think we all prefer Hive with as little centralized leadership as possible. 😀

I've seen bits and pieces from you on twitter about it lately. Great to have you showing up on #hive and engaging again. Hope this isn't a one time thing and you still feel like there is a place for you here.

#hive is for everybody and you are welcome back to the community. You were a big part of it in the past.

Welcome back Dan good to see you here! Stop into the Pulse Discord that is where all the OG's hang out and would love to banter around with you!😀

Very very interesting. I've subscribed.

This election now comes down to the choice between mandatory medicalization of society, or non-mandatory medicalization of society. A subtle difference, but an important one. Otherwise, these two are six of one, half a dozen of another.

Hi dan how are you?
Wrong door lol there's no steem community here lol
Welcome to Hive! ;)

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

Oh, and welcome back.
Can I get an amen that delegating stake for profit is vote selling?

Not RC's though, right?

I wouldn't think so, rc's don't impact how the inflation distributes.

Interesting to see your post here, considering how Hive was created and the mention of Steem in the OP. I do not doubt you are apprised of how and why Hive forked from Steem, and must reckon your failure to address it's beginning deliberate.

Nonetheless, from my initial glimpse of your blog post, I upvote here for what appears to be support for the freedom Hive was born of.

I remain confused however, as the Steem of the present seems blatantly opposed to the ideas and principles that blog post formulates and presents. Perhaps when I have read the post in it's entirety that confusion will be dispelled. Should my initial impression be belied, I will edit this comment.

I hope to see more posts from you here, and rational consideration of the failure of DPoS as a governance mechanism revealed by the birth of Hive and the deprecation of Steem.


I'll nest here for now. I think He's of course welcome but...

CatFight Band.jpg

Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 10.26.07 PM.png

A little bit of HIVE shilling from a guy like you wouldn't hurt I guess.

Part of it is your creation @dan...

Wow I’m happy to see a post on #Hive from you @dan.
I’m still forever grateful for having been introduced to blockchain/cryptocurrency by @stan back in 2017. I listened to one of his talks with a friend of mine and everything just clicked.

I hope he and you both are doing well.
A very warm welcome back to you and hopefully The Godfather himself soon maybe.

Cheers my fellow Virginian (although I’ve claimed the entire Western portion back in 1863 😜

Welcome back! A lot has changed since you left, Esteem rebranded as Ecency, now we have full suits of apps (mobile, desktop, browser). Check it out when you get chance. Regardless, good to have you and your good content on platform.

I was just saying the other day that some left and some have come back. Hindsight is 20/20. There have been a number of blockchains that have been created due to all the issues related to STEEMIT. I am sure you are aware of all of them.

More and more we are seeing cooperation among blockchains and projects. @splinterlands has led the way and more recently @leofinance. There will always be disagreements on moving forward. I am still bullish on the HIVE Blockchain Network and its amazing and diverse folks.

As a very small fish in this big pond I personally wish to say welcome. I do hope you stick around and avail us of your technical skills and insights. As you can see from the comments, a good many folks are excited about you posting. I hope you decide to continue doing so.

Good fortune with your publication. Wishing you blessings and groovy vibes.

If your book acknowledges the supremacy of god or the religious prophets I will do you a favor and burn a copy for you, but in all curiosity I am going to check your book out in hopes I have found others who have kept up with modern science on geology and archaeology.

Riots will end with the automation of violence.
The infra of cameras all over is already here.
The governments will be the huge organizations with data none had before.
The decentralization will allow these organizations to interact without regulation.

lol when rural people think about big brother lol

Are you willing to constructively help lift the Hive community now @dan ?

Welcome back, how are you and how’s Voice doing Dan?

Welcome back!

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I'll look forward to that book, decentralisation? Sounds nice.


Hey, great you are posting here on Hive too. Since I can't read comments on Voice :)

BTW, welcome back!

Yooooo what’s up man!?!?

omg, I dont think im ready for this.My gosh the great man himself.

Hi and welcome back Nice to see you here and hope you stay around to bring your wisdom.

Welcome back Dan! Hive you been doing lately?

Hey Dan I just finished reading your proposal for a new kind of governmental hierarchy and I am just wondering if you see the potential for a decentralized blockchain like the Hive platform to meet the needs of this new system? Through all the ways that I have seen companies monetize and tokenize engagements and interactions I am certain that providing an incentive for voting and education would highly benefit this movement towards real representation in governance.

How wonderful it is to think that all is not lost, that power reactions must change for the good of humanity, what other world is possible!

All the best for your new book. I think you have lot of ideas to contribute and build in blockchain.

Hurray!!! It's good to see you here again, welcome back to the community you built!

Hive is the proof dPoS works

😂 😂 😂

Welcome back. Let's bring smart contracts to Hive & EOS can compete with us ;)


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Welcome back to Hive.

You are welcome back Dan! We all know you bring nothing but GOOD vibes only. 💯

Welcome back !!!!!

You cannot “outlaw” political parties, you must design a system that makes them impossible to form in the first place.

Agree! Change is long overdue with squandering over chess board unable to debate any outcome.... Insult to Injury, being paid to do it!

welcome back :)

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The country has been divided in a winner-takes-all system.

This is not just a USA problem, it's a general problem with almost all political systems. And those chosen tend to act along the line of party rules instead of their own beliefs and what they stand for. What we need is a group of individuals as leaders instead of a group of party members.

According to your resume and all the comments, it seems having you active on Hive is a big thing. Glad to have you. Let's grow the Hive community!

Welcome back DAN :)

Welcome back.
Somehow I was always thinking of you as old old Legend.
Today I've realized there is not such a big gap from me. ~7 weeks

Will wait for the book.

Anybody else who thinks this post is overrewarded?

I think people are just happy/surprised to see the the primary dreamer behind steem drop by to see how hive is doing, (even though it was for a book plug), so they felt like giving him a virtual slap on the back to say thanks for the dream.

welcome back

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

So, I'm going to pop a few things here in the hopes that you will read them eventually. I've gone through some hell on and off chain and seen some strange things. Been in the front of the line for several, including Steem when I was working on a wallet and swapping ideas with Stan for Bitshares. I would like you to still have a 'Voice' here so invite you to proxy to me. Can do that here. I've been a witness for almost three years, do your homework if you like. Hope your book is successful.

Welcome back :)

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welcome back man.
Here we are a legend.

Welcome (back) to Hive Dan! I’m looking forward to reading your book. Thanks for the heads up about that!

Hey Dan.

i'd prefer this dan over the current hyperbole one. personally.

It is a good time to buy Hive, they are so cheap!!!

Sure you are welcome back :)

Hey @dan, here is a little bit of BEER from @amico for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey Dan, I hear you like cats.

Hola Dan,
Disculpá que escriba en español, pero no me manejo muy bien con el inglés.
Le ves futuro a Hive o a Steem? Me gustaría conocer tu opinión.
Y qué onda Voice? Por lo que ví es solo para selectos. ¿Es así?

Thank GOD... Man you are back :))
I've been here since day one.. and I'm all the following years also .

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I really can't wait for your book, that sounds interesting. I will subscribe immediately

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This is the near future, i agree with you,

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