My wartime Diary: Day 67

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Busy day

Yesterday I met the girls from our volunteer kitchen, for the first time in "civil life". We shared our news and concerns, and I came home with mixed feelings that kept me awaked. 😵😳 Fortunately, today is Monday and I have a very busy day. I like busy days, it's a chance to change what I can change and not worry about what I have no control over. And this is a reason not to read the news. On those days, work is fun again and I'm making progress. That also means I won't have any guilty conscience that my company pays me too much.

First things first. It's time to say MANY THANKS TO THOSE WHO HELPED AND KEEPS HELPING! 💖💖💖 See what has become possible thanks to you.

My day started with exciting news - CAT G7 tourniquets arrived! 🚛👏 (Actually, it started with morning visit to the doctor and she said I'm doing good which is a good news as well).😉 Then, I rushed to the delivery office and here we are, a lot of money, time and efforts in such a small box:


Moreover, thanks to your donations and upvotes, these three Collimators for Nick's division were bought. They arrived just 2 days ago.

Дизайн без назви.jpg

And also, part of collected amount helped in buying drones for our Armed Forces that fights near Kharkiv. They fight off attacks every day, and very effectively. Many people say that this is a war of technologies, so drones are really necessary. These drones are so expensive that there was no chance that I can raise at least for one but you remember, together we are THE OCEAN 💪 👍

Зустріч Випускників Вечірка Фотоколаж.jpg


Next challenge

Now back to latest news. Yesterday, another guys from near Kharkiv arrived in Kyiv on business, those cats who are fighting. They are personally acquainted with Nick's deputy commander, and they asked him for help with some kind of support, including optics and uni. And he asked me. They are leaving tomorrow, and there are only 2 days to find what we can.

Optic can't be delivered so fast even if we have money, sadly. That's why tomorrow they will take 2 new collimators that Nick's division just received because it is needed near Kharkiv more than here in Kyiv (so far). Thanks to these people, we can sleep at night, sleep peacefully.

Another news is that Nick's division will send people to east in a week or two, and they will need all this equipment. 😳 I am not sure yet is Nick is leaving or staying, but we have to do what needs to be done.




At the moment, there is a little more than half the amount needed to buy this stuff - collimator and thermal imager all in one. The amount includes additional customs fee and shipping to Ukraine. And there is very little time. That's why I reach out for help. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Any amount is very much appreciated!

I believe in a power of HIVE community, because YOU ARE AWESOME. Many thanks in advance!

As for the rest, life goes on. We appreciate every quiet day, every peaceful moment, every chance to say "love you". Sometimes it may look quite usual, in a small frame. Kids are playing, people are walking their dogs and planting flowers, buying food, enjoying each other over a cup of tea. Everything is almost the same as before.

Until the moment when a loud sound resembling an explosion or siren is heard. We ask and answer with only our eyes. And there is no music and laughter in the streets, but more hugs. Conversations have become quieter, and meetings are warmer and more joyful, even with tears. We ask fewer questions, save money, food and gas. We save strength and live with faith.


Still so much happening in Ukraine and looks like two contrasting life. Take care!❤️

You are right, so much happening, and you cannot be sure where it turns to the next day. I was so hoping to visit my hometown, to see Nataly and my mom, and cousins. I don't want to drive alone, it can be long and unpredictable journey, and I started to look at trains. But as you can see, they start bombing railways recently, and trains run with delay up to 11 hours (in addition to 10-12 hrs of planned trip duration). Thus, I don't go anywhere. Safety is the higher priority than our feelings.

Safety is the higher priority than our feelings.

Absolutely true!! You mustn't do long journey's on your own!!

By the way, have you received any message to collect your package?

Tracker says it arrived to the local post office yesterday. I didn't received sms but went there today, they were closed. Tomorrow I gonna go again.😊

Stay Blessed and Safe!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Awesome update. I hope you get plenty of optics!

Відправив свою каплю в морі! Бережем себе.



Maybe Putin is running out of steam. It will be good when he is too depleted to carry on.

Looks like Transnistria and Belorussia are getting ready to go on stage. We never know what is on that insane mind

... Розмови стали тихішими, а зустрічі теплішими і радіснішими, навіть зі сльозами. Ми ставимо менше запитань, економимо гроші, їжу та газ. Ми зберігаємо сили і живемо з вірою. - я читаю і на моїх очах сльози! Нехай Бог укріпить вашу віру!

Сьогодні йшла повз крамницю з одягом. Зайшла, щоб згадати старі часи, взяла в руки якусь милу сорочку і розплакалась. Страшні новини читаю, скріпивши серце, а потім плачу від коментаря "Весь світ щодня молиться за вас". От і зараз сльози виступають. Кажуть - треба прожити, зрозуміти, усвідомити, але виходить так собі.

Не знаю, як висловити свою вдячність за донат, і за коментарі. Від усього серця 💙

Бережіть себе! Зараз ніде немає безпечного місця.