The global 'scientific' experiment on humanity

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[...Warning: If you are perfectly happy, or satisfied with how things currently are going, then you might want to skip this publication, as it might collide completely with your current world view. The content is my personal opinion and it is line with how I observe critically, think substantively and express myself freely...]

That has to end

The pseudo-science on a global scale, with humans as the subject.

Voluntary participation

Earthlings of the humanoid kind can never be forced to participate in any scientific experiment without their conscious consent. In the history of humanity there have been enforced and secret 'scientific' experiments with human beings as subjects. Some of those experiments had been classified as being 'medical'. There is an endless list of them, some connected to a recent horrible event in the history of mankind. The dreadful ones that were done by the nazis during world war two led in 1947 to the setup of the Nürnberg Code. In 1964 those were extended into the Helsinki treaty and finally they found their way into the law-books of most (if not all) countries on earth. Which should be considered sufficient enough to protect humanity from any secret and or enforced 'scientific' experiment, on any scale. And we, as human beings, have to remember what horrors have been done in the past to prevent it from ever happening again. As such the 10 rules of the Nürnberg Code should be enough to stop any of these so called 'scientific' (social, psychological, biological, medical) experiments that are being enforced on humanity.

Of course during current affairs, those who belief they are in their right to rule over humanity seem to have forgotten all about it. (Recent events in Nederish politics proof how forgetful politicians apparently can be.) As they claim to know what is best for all of us they enforce their 'trial and error' practices on human beings. This has been done since the beginning of 2020, on a global scale, centrally initiated by an institution known as the World Health Organisation {WHO}. This non-profit global organ is being funded by private and public money. One of its 'vaccination' experiments (supported by a certain mister B. Gates and his foundation(s)) using so called oral Polio vaccins, actually caused a new version of virus to emerge and spread Polio again. That did happen, recently. As the Polio virus is known as a recombinant type, it can actually 'recreate' itself into a new version. And so does the beta-Corona virus type, by the way. In a way like our own DNA (gene encoded building blocks) can repair itself, when damaged, or even cut on purpose {CRYSPR technique} and repair, or change, itself.

This is important knowledge that I am convinced about that humanity should be aware of. Especially if individuals are considering to have an experimental substance injected into their body. And I have heard and seen a lot of nonsense about the current so called 'vaccines'. Where those who are against it sometimes are even far more fear mongering than those in favor of the injections. Personally I do refuse to participate in the current ongoing global experiment on humans. Therefore I keep my face free from any cloth covering it, I will hug my dear ones, I will receive those dear to me at my home, I will go outdoors as much as I can and I will stop anybody, by any means necessary, who tries to inject a certain experimental substance into my body, by force. To which I could add: "Come on, try me, make my day..." As these kind of experiments can never, ever, be enforced onto human beings, by nobody. If it is being enforced it is done so illegally and it is to be considered a crime against humanity. Actually it is that what is happening now and human kind is being misled into a belief system, which is basically a big lie that turned into illusionary truth to many. Because they have been manipulated by inducing fear constantly and many seem to have become brainwashed in the proces. Unable to recognize the global 'scientific' experiment on humanity as it is evolving into the abnormal.

The free born and living human being

If 14 days 'to flatten the curve' became more than 14 months (and counting) on a global scale, then it is no case of some factual applied sciences. And it is possible to publish books filled with all kinds of pros and contras. There is one thing though that I am convinced about in relation to the current affairs. And that is the fact that it is a global experiment on humanity. Which therefore participation in anything related can never be enforced onto human beings. Nor the so called 'measurements' and especially the (experimental) injections with mRNA filled nano-scale balls of fat (lipids). And it is also illegal to connect, direct or indirect 'consequences' to either complying or not, to any part of the experiment. As if the reward could be that humans who submit themselves to the pressure of participating 'voluntary' that those will not be punished. By getting back some of their liberties if they do behave as propagated by the so called 'authorities'. This again is an enforcement to take part in an ongoing global experiment on human kind. Which has become a crime against humanity, already as it is. To turn refusing to take part in any scientific (medical) experiment into 'criminal', by changing and adding laws to enforce it, is circumventing the once declared universal human rights. In no way it can be considered legal and justified for anyone, or any system, to do so, ever (again).

And if you believe that you should participate in this global experiment on humanity, for instance by having little fat balls (nano-scale lipids) filled with mRNA injected into your body, then I hope at least that you do so voluntary. And not because others force you to. Also being fully aware of the risks that are being attached to it. It is your own body and therefore you decide. You need to be able to know up front what is going to be injected into your body. Because you should be given insight in what is in the injection. Yet, from what I've come to understand though is that people only get the information on paper just very shortly before the needle enters their arm. That is also something that I do find very questionable, to state the least. As it is improbable that a balanced decision can be made then and there. Or people need to be able to ultra-speed read...

Some try to argue with me that these injections are just like eating a 'frikandel' (a popular kind of ground meat sausage in Nederland). But I am able to know what is inside of that. Actually there are laws that obligate food production companies to publish the ingredients on the outside of the product package. Also, there is no law that enforces vegans, for instance, to eat it. Or that people will get punished by denying them their declared universal human rights, if they refuse to eat at least two per year. And on the other hand reward those who do eat it, doing as they're being told. Eating those things has no sudden death causes, nor does it cause mysterious illnesses or does it have unforeseen side-effects. (Which should end any 'scientific' experiment right away, if and when such would be the case.) While one still might question if it is healthy or not to eat them 'frikandellen', of course. (This weird 'frikandel' example actually comes from a health minister of the Nederish government. That level of smartness, amazing, hard to check-mate that one...) And when I eat them, I do so voluntarily, filled with onion, curry and mayonaise, which to me makes it very special. (Shortens my life by a least 1 year.)

Prevent it from getting worse

One very dangerous development coming from this global experiment on humanity is the coming of the mandatory global digital 'ausweis' (identification / ID2020). With a 'score' system attached and medical records stored, or experimental injections registered. And when one wants to enter a store, like a supermarket for instance and the gate wont open, it means: "Computer says: NO!", then it might be too late to prevent things from going from bad to worse. But how could this even be possible? Well, if current experimental injections are being taken so easily, maybe because an attached promise of getting some liberties 'back', then why not comply to a next level of oppression? Where so called Quantum Dots {QD} will be injected just below ones skin surface together with a load of mRNA filled lipids (nano-scale fat balls). The QDs actually have a pattern that is then representing your global civilian registration number (So, no chip, 'just' a mark.). It will be easy to trace anybody, anywhere and anytime. But, do not try to find a resemblance to something horrible that already happened in history because of mass registration and tattooing numbers into people their arms. Surely something like this never happened before, right? And if you cannot trust the self acclaimed 'authorities' then who can ya trust?

This Quantum Dot registration technique already exists. And it can be connected to any digital record, on a blockchain, where else. Difference with the known historical horrors of the past is that there is now something known as the internet. So every move, everything anybody does, or does not do, can be recorded and checked immediately, by any representative of a self acclaimed global 'authority'. And why the hell would human kind even accept such a world wide governance system? Just like now there will be billions who are scared to death and will do anything to feel a bit more secure. Even the suggestion of it might already trick them into participating 'voluntarily' in any experiment. Just like it is done right now, by inducing fear constantly. It is a global experiment on human kind, yet it is not being propagated as such (of course, duh.) Parts of the experiment are so called 'measurements' that have been made mandatory. Or at least there is the threat of getting a (huge) fine or one might even be put into prison for not complying 'voluntarily' to them. A self acclaimed monopoly, by a group of people who had themselves belief they are 'the elite', on force and money make a tough team to beat, if it is under control by the hands of a few. That way it seems quite easy to enforce whatever comes next. (Therefore: if you buy Cryptos you might want to get some of the Privacy protecting ones also.)

The need of the many

Outweigh the need of the few, or the one? One of those nice false one-liners to trick people into participating 'voluntary' in the ongoing global 'scientific' experiment. Manipulating emotions by claiming that one participates in all of it for the others. Therefore, those who refuse... Some people totally lose it in the store when they come across the unmasked. Shouting, screaming, face turning red, while their own mask drops below their snotty running nose. Even towards those who wear an exempt card. Because if they can wear one, anybody can... In the meantime they stand way to close to the one they attack and at the same time shouting how these people kill others by not wearing one. (Proof it in court then!) Imagine what will happen to those who will not get any experimental injection for what ever reason. Those exploding fundamentalistic mask wearers do not seem to care for science, their own fear has blocked their substantive thinking, or so it seems. And there still seem to be many of them, some far less fanatic though, luckily. It is the idea that counts, I have been told lots of times. Because they do not want to upset the extremely scared ones. Then I ask them: "Would you go sit besides your child crying when it cannot sleep because it is scared of ghosts? Would you then cry like crazy and scream how scared you are for ghosts too, to comfort your kid...!?" And most do catch my drift, but they will still wear the mask. Because my story is not the same, it is merely metaphorically speaking.

But stated like the need of the many, then it is okay if people die because of experimental mRNA injections? Worth it? Until how many get sick, are severely damaged for life, how many dying is acceptable for those who state that. And the most dangerous ones, from my point of view, is the ones stating that they do not mind if they die after getting the injection. It is all worth it, during the global 'scientific' experiment. And the whole propaganda and censorship surrounding it would have made Goebbels proud. And how about the need of the many, outweighing the need of the few, or the one. Let us now project that onto the ultra-rich. The Bill Gates kind of multi-billionaires, who wants to have us all injected, as much as possible, as often as he has Return On Investment {ROI} in the pharmaceutical 'vaccin' making business. There are many in need on planet earth, and with those billions of the few ultra-rich multi-billionaires it can all be solved in no time, for ever. And we give mister Gates and the others a nice Universal Basic Income {UBI}, for the rest of their lives, as a thank you. Then they will own nothing and will be happy, right? Yes, I know, rather than that, mister Gates wants to lower the earth its human population. And block sunlight by shooting chalk powder in the earths atmosphere. That is another experiment and it not only concerns humans this time. But hey, what could go wrong, right...? (Windows is a very safe operating system, it has no viruses, never had, nor trojans or ransomware, everybody should us it. Only legally, all paid for, of course.)

Stop it now, before it is too late

This global experiment on humanity is immoral and extremely dangerous. It was stated to last 14 days, to lower the so called curve. After 14 months the measurements had a very destructive effect on society all over the world. And 'the virus' still seems to be hanging around. Except in the places where the experiment has ended, like in Texas, a state within the United States of America. 'Herr Doctor' Fauci could not explain when asked why his predictions about states like Texas were completely wrong. After more than a month, after going back to normal, Texas is doing way better than all those states that are under the most strict enforced (experimental) measurements, as endorsed by mister Fauci. His answer after first showing signs of loss of hearing and vision, while also he seems to have some form of early dementia (just like many politicians), was (paraphrased): "Even though states like Texas are back to normal, they keep true to 'the rules'. While in the states with strict mandatory measurements people avoid submitting to them." Wonder when the biased media channels are going to explain what he actually ment by that. Because I laughed out loud due to the fact that mister A. Fauci actually stated that strictly enforced measurements do not function. (And for states like Texas and Florida it is easy to proof, right? How's life over there right now?)

No, just ask people and they will do it. Try and lock them down by force and they will do the opposite. Deep down all humans must be voluntaryists. So, end the experiment already then! As it has written a huge shameful FAIL all over it. Every region that made mask wearing mandatory had an explosion in 'positive test' cases. This does not mean that those people are actually ill. Just means that the used PCR methode got triggered by a certain (generic) gene molecule target. And what did the experimentalists do? Well, add more mask wearing rules, of course, what else...!? Some regions force people to wear it outside, not just any mask, no a special medical one. So it might lead to a shortage for the healthcare workers, who actually have a practical use for them. It is an experiment, a horrible global one, and humans who comply to it are the guinny-pigs. And whenever something comes out that contradicts all the 'stay at home' madness, it simply gets censored. While another crazy kind of reasoning is being propagated. With lots of fear added, that works like an effective curse.

Must be hard for some to admit 'they' took the wrong path in this. Wonder what measurement comes next: "Keep wearing your mask (two or three, at least) inside and out and under the shower, or while swimming. And do not have intercourse, ever again (as you might shout when you get there). Stay home, even after you've had your injections and stay there, keep your distance, avoid crowds, do not invite dear ones to your home, avoid hugs and other intimacies, get tested as often as you are scared. Until the global digital 'ausweis' is being rolled out and maybe then..." And even though 'herr doctor' Fauci suggests that mandatory measurements do no work, it is being kept it as it is. You known what, this experiment might even demand you to wear it for the rest of your life. We might never go back to normal, or just for some parts and then get locked down all over. Because something needs to be torn apart, wrecked totally, broken down to the ground, or so it seems.

Build back better, after the great reset

While it all fails and immunology is no biological science anymore, there has to be some kind of goal in all of this. Those who belief they are superior and should rule over humanity must have a plan. As this global experiment has not solved anything. There is some weird claim that the Flu disappeared, because all of humanity is complying to the mandatory measurements, apparently. While the next claim is to blame human kind for an experiment horribly gone wrong because they did not comply to any of the measurements. Yeah right, try and figure that one out. You know, if I'd hire somebody to do a job, let's call him builder Jim, I'd want an estimate on how long it would take him and what it will cost. "Well, 14 days, tops, to fix it all." Now, I'd accept it when he'd needed two days extra, because of unforeseen reasons. For which I want an explanation if he'd state that it would add costs to the final payment. If it was beyond his fault, then I'd pay it and we'd be done with it.

When some builder would have come and stated: "Dunno how long its gonna take me and me mate. Could be 14 days, 14 weeks, 14 months, or maybe 14 years..." Then I'd know I'd have to let them in through the front door and kick them out the back door, right away. There have to be consequences to any wrong claim made by people who are being presented to the whole world its population as so called 'experts'. As they have made a freaking mess of the whole planet in just about 14 months and still are a bunch of retarded tossers and wankers. One sided science fiction is not to be used as an experiment on a global scale, putting humanity at risk. Still those failing so called political 'leaders' are there were they have been for way to long. Letting those constant failing 'guessing' holy 'experts' tell them what mandatory imprisoning measurement to role out next. Like "Hey, this measurement failed clearly, so we need more of it, make wearing 4 masks mandatory, that will help, this time!" But no guarantee of course, just wait another..., eurm well, even that is in the unknown.

You know what is wrong with that? There are no consequences for them bureaucrats. No, the next level of them is stepping up to the main stage, enter mister K. Schwab! He is the 'fuehrer' of the World Economic Forum and he tells you there is gonna be a 'great reset' on a global scale. Where you will own nothing and you'll be happy. The exceptions of course will be those who are member of the World Economic Forum. But hey, some have to rule over the plebs and they should live like Kings and Queens. With a force protecting them, we all do get that, right? But before the world can be build back better, what has to be done? Well, when I asked Jim the Builder (related to Bob, yes) he said that he'd first would take my complete house down, using a wrecking ball. And then to build it back better, would take him less than 7 months. So we set up a contract and stored it (encrypted) on a blockchain. And you know what, I'm convinced Jim'll fix it, but I have my doubt about them crazy lot who have way too many people still belief in them and vote for them. Not holding them responsible for any of their failures.

But before the digital 'ausweis' gets tattooed under your skin using Quantum Dots, I think humanity should put this global experiment on humanity to an end, right now. As once we only can buy using the QD mark it will become very difficult to still declare our universal human rights to be legal. And that we are born and living free on this planet know as earth.

Or, in line with the lyrics of a song by the Manic Street Preachers: "If you tolerate this, then your children will be next..."

Some resources.

For those interested in the 1947 Nürnberg Code:

If you want to check if 'ID2020' is a actually a real thing:

Event 201, October 18 2019, a Global Pandemic Exercise:
(Look at who the organizers are.)

Quantum Dots; Storing medical information below the skin’s surface:
(Look who funded it.)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine:

About the Recombinant virus:

CRISPR Gene editing:

EDIT 1: Added a link to an Associated Press article about Polio.
EDIT 2: Added some more resource links.


Nothing to add. Brilliant!

btw. good (breaking) news about vaccines!!!!
In case one might die after having had the 1st Pfizer shot, he/she is not obliged to have the second one. hahaha

Phew, that's a relief. I don't want to be forced into the second if I kark it!! 🤣


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Thanks Amigo, glad to know you appreciate it!

he/she is not obliged to have the second one.


See, I think it's important for people not to skip articles that challenge their way of thinking. If we do we will end up only in our own little echo chambers and trotting out the same kak as the people around us.

I disagree with stuff here but at the same time I am more than happy to agree there is some nefarious shit going on with the government's and the various strategies they are pushing through under guise of covid.

I am going to take the jab willingly but I really do hope there is less of the frikadelen effect with it :0D

Chin chin mate!

but I really do hope there is less of the frikadelen effect with it

Get the point mate, but I'm telling you: just like oaldamster me being dutch also I know those frikadellen very well and it's really worth taking the risk ... yammy!

Hahahaha!! I love them as well actually. I get them from Lidl, top notch scran!

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Here we pronounce it as:
Frea-Kaan-Dell (#nl Frikandel)
{Frea, as in freak}

Frea-Kaan-Dell-Un (NL: Frikandellen)

With onions, curry or keychup sauce and mayo:
Spa-Sjaal (NL: Speciaal)
{Spa, as in space}

And with peanut sauce:
Pin-Daa-Souse (NL: Pindasaus)
{Souse, as in House}

#notcompletelyofftopic #frikandel #speciaal #pindasaus

Oh!!! They're different!! The ones I am used to look like fat burgers. They look awesome, I world probably have a load at a time!!! :0D

You can wake me up for a 'frikandel speciaal' !
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Hahaha, not to sneeze at no, but with that yellow/greenish American sauce on it, it kind of looks like that somebody sneezed all over it.

Thanks, I do appreciate your feedback!

To me it is important to keep an open mind towards other people their views. Many of the most interesting conversations I had was with people I did not completely agree with. Some would get to a point where we would agree to disagree and get another pint. Or it is like you state, where you can agree on some levels while on others not at all.

Many close to me will get the injection (or two) or already had (one of) them. And already many conversations had it as subject. Mine is to refuse, but that probably was clear already. :-) Glad to know I am not the only one who sees how this ongoing rotten situation is being abused to push some political agendas.

Hope there is no 'frikandellen' effect or that you turn into Ripley (although there could be worse things to turn into I guess 😁.) My advice woud be to enjoy eating a 'frikandel speciaal'. If you ever pop over the canal to these lowlands parts, I can recommend it!

Cheers mate!

I think I have had them before. Back in the days when international travel was actually no big thing!!

Pleased to contribute matey! If we all thought and did the same the world would be a very boring place!!

Next time that I pop a cap I'll drink to free international travel being a normal thing again in the near future!

Have a great day!