OCD POSH Curation Compilation #1673

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Authored by @ybanezkim26

OCD POSH Curation Report #1673

Hello everyone! This is the 1673rd compilation post of OCD POSH Curation initiative. Due to the changes in Twitter's API, the automatic comments generated by @poshtoken once you share a Hive post to Twitter have been stopped. This doesn't mean that PoSH nominations will stop. Instead of relying on the automated comment, we can revert to manual checking and curation as a temporary measure while the PoSH website has been worked on.

With this new scheme, you can just share a Hive post to your Twitter account and then comment the Twitter link to the compilation posts like this. The usual PoSH nomination rules will apply like the Hive post should not be yours. You can check the full rules at the end of this post. If you are not aware of the changes in Twitter's API, you can check these posts for information:

Here are the posh comments curated:

PoSH Sharer: @promete0sz
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #dragons, #art, #digitalart

PoSH Sharer: @afterglow
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #Foodies, #Foodie, #Food, #Egg, #Curry

PoSH Sharer: @kristal24
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #RecipeOfTheDay, #lunch, #foodlover, #recipe

PoSH Sharer: @lileisabel
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #architecture, #design

PoSH Sharer: @amiegeoffrey
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #needlework, #knitting, #creativity

PoSH Sharer: @annafenix
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #art, #splinterlands, #diy

PoSH Sharer: @madushanka
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #traveling, #FARM, #family, #travelblog, #travelphotography, #familyfun, #lifestyle

PoSH Sharer: @avdesing
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #HolosLotus, #podcast, #life

PoSH Sharer: @kingsleyy
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #sports, #actifit, #health, #fitness, #pob

PoSH Sharer: @mariajcastro28
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #christmas, #celebration, #photography, #happiness

PoSH Sharer: @kawsar8035
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #recipes, #food, #foodie, #content, #cooking, #Fish, #Croquettes, #delicious

PoSH Sharer: @luisdey
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #food, #vegan, #foodie, #recipe

PoSH Sharer: @evelin71
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #swc, #wellness, #sports, #life

Here are the posts curated:

Author: @leidys01
Community: Plant Power (Vegan)

(ESP/ENG)Rico postre natilla de calabaza con coco y cubierta de chocolate(ESP/ENG)Yummy dessert pumpkin custard with coconut and chocolate topping

Happy day friends of this great vegan community as you see December has already arrived loaded with lots of joy, happiness, hope and prosperity, so we start with a recipe for a delicious dessert pumpkin custard with coconut milk dipped in melted chocolate ideal to celebrate this Christmas Eve holidays with family and friends, this vegan dessert recipe, is special very creamy, smooth and with an awesome taste three different flavors; but together they make the perfect combination because this custard easily makes the hearts and palates of children and adults fall in love. ...I hope you like it friends and are encouraged to prepare it to share a tasty dessert for that Christmas dinner.

Author: @luzscarllet18
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

Fish Croquettes || Croquetas de Pescado

Greetings lovers of good food, I am pleased to write again to share with you the recipe for a dish that I made today for lunch, to enjoy with some relatives who came to visit us over the weekend, these fish croquettes were extremely delicious and full of marine flavour, I accompanied them with French fries, the fish I used was canned sardines, but you can use fresh fish too, although this type of fish has a lot of bones, that is I preferred to buy it canned, I tell you that I was pleasantly surprised that my children asked me to try them and they loved them, although they do not like much the preparations with dressings, they ate two each, the sardine is a fish high in phosphorus and nutrients, so I am glad that my children liked it, without further ado I share with you the ingredients and preparation.

Author: @valenpba
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

[Esp/Eng] ✨´ Deliciosa receta de cachapas // Delicious cachapas recipe ✨

I hope everyone had a great week and had a restful weekend. On this occasion I share with you a recipe for some delicious cachapas. Since last year I have been thinking about wanting to share with you the recipe to make some divine cachapas, but always, for one reason or another, I missed buying the corn. Finally, after so long, I share this delicious recipe with you.

For those who do not know this delight that I will share with you today, cachapas are basically pancakes, but instead of using wheat flour, pure corn is used, let's see! A total delight that everyone should try, which is filled with cheese, which is usually Guyanese or hand cheese (but it can be whatever you choose) and butter, in some cases even with meat, but that is up to your taste. each.

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Gracias por apoyar amigos

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Thank you very much for the support friends.✨

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