Unleashing the Tiger for 2022 - How deliciously appropriate!

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If you follow the Chinese zodiac, (and come on - if you've ever eaten in a Chinese restaurant - I KNOW that you've checked out those awesome Year of the _____ placemats while waiting for your food) - then, you know that this year is the YEAR OF THE TIGER.

I am a Leo, born in the Year of the Dragon - Fire Dragon, specifically - but one of my "voices" inside me is The Tiger. (Leo? Fire Dragon? AND Tiger? Let us all give a moment of silence for my poor husband!)

We like to leave her caged. 😳

Some people take pride in that dominant, "scary" voice inside them. I actually really do not like when "she" comes to play. She tends to be completely uncontrollable, needlessly vicious, laser-focused on her target, and doesn't stop until there are casualties- many casualties. I usually (nervously) laugh when I talk about keeping the Tiger caged, but it's probably the side of me that shames me the most. Yes, she most certainly gets the job done, but when my rational side "comes to" and views the bloody carnage - what typically follows is a deep, sorrowful sigh, followed by the miserable appointment of the clean-up crew.

So why do I want to unleash THAT?

Well, I don't want to unleash THAT, but maybe a calculated and controlled variation of that. I have been waiting for this year of 2022 for a long time. I knew it was going to be a special year. And it will be. I just didn't realize that THIS YEAR was the Year of the Tiger until this morning, when @yuanling11 dropped this image into our server.


I looked at the image and said... "you've GOT to be kidding me! LOL"

So here is some fun stuff for you to add to the "fun and useless info" section of your brain!

(Click on any of the Google screenshot images below to be taken to those sites- if you'd like more info!)

Many years ago, I started looking forward to the year 2022. I won't go into the details of why - I just knew it was going to be a significant year.

Then, 18 months ago, my daughter and I brainstormed a mini-project together (called Little Blue Tiger) where we decided to do something wild in 2022. The project was called #22222. We were going to do something very specific on February 22, 2022. Though we did have some spin-offs, and certainly the heartbeat of #22222 is still very much beating in DreemPort, things in 2021 made our first big drEEm impossible.

However, I refused to relinquish my plans for 2022. I simply decided - they need to be adjusted. I LOVE that the year of the Tiger focuses on:

  • being tough through adversity,
  • justice,
  • commitment to the good (win/win/win/wins),
  • and positivity flowing through 2022!!

DreemPort is now, and will continue to be bringing all of that. And I'm alight with excitement for specifically what will come to fruition in 2022. The Dreemie Blue Tiger Fire Dragon is on fire right now. hehehe

I think these zodiac things are FUN. I do not base my life on them, I usually read them once every blue moon - JUST FOR FUN. I also think they help us to focus on things in a whimsical "what if" sort of way - when we can just think to the future and have some sort of vision for the year - things to watch for, things to shoot for... sort of like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don't mean any disrespect to those who follow these zodiacs or horoscopes religiously. I simply do not myself. But what I do love, is that it gives us a moment to imagine, and set our hearts on things that we DO want. When I read this above, I prayed, "Lord, PLEASE let us as a global community SHAKE OFF these effects of the pandemic and TRULY roar back to life - not just in economy, but in unity, peace, joy, community, brotherhood, and love!"

So THAT will be my continued prayer - and I think it's FUN that it's also aligning with the Year of the Tiger.

Of course I HAD to ask this!!! lol Since I'm a Dragon (and a hidden Tiger lol) I had to know if my dual personalities are compatible with one another. hahahaha Perhaps the reason why I always needed to keep the Tiger caged is because she was trying to KILL THE DRAGON 🤣

Turns out, according to this - Tiger and Dragon are compatible. hehehe I really kind fell down the rabbit hole with this one too! I went to search more - for fun, people. Just for fun! hehe

Tiger contains different elements that give it the title of "King of the Mountain", while Dragon is a heavenly emperor that can rule 3 different environments. Apparently this is called "triphibious". Similar to a frog that is amphibious and live in water and on earth - triphibious can rule heaven, earth and water. How cool! I never heard of this before. According to Chinese Fortune Calendar if these two can work together, they become an invisible duo.

I know I know - I keep saying it's just for fun! hahahaha BUT THAT LINE right there made me all kinds of fired up! As I sat reflecting on this... it really made me want to challenge myself to not keep the Tiger caged! But to allow her to bring what she does BEST - AND CONTROL HER.

So that's my challenge for this year.

As for particular goals, oh boy - I have many. hahahaa And @snook is going to be getting those goals in writing so she can keep me accountable! LOL But for the overarching theme of this year - it's going to be "Unleashing the Tiger, marrying her to the Dragon, and watching how they unite to become invincible this year".

Doesn't matter if you were born in the Year of the Tiger, the Dragon, the Rat, Dog, Pig or ANYTHING. I'm encouraging us all to unleash the GOOD AND CONTROLLED fire that's inside of us this year. Whatever has been marinating, waiting, hoping, drEEming.... bring it to life this year.

I claimed this year a long time ago, without knowing that the last 2 years of oppressive horror, fear, and anxiety would lead us directly into it.

Covid had its chance. It failed.

Now it's our turn.

Ignite your dreems, dreemers ❤️

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Year of the Dragon pic by Junoteamllc

Little Blue Tiger logo created by @jimramones for Dreemflare. Use only with permission, please.


Logical brain: I Am scared!!!!

The Voice inside you (that might or might not be a Lion/tiger): I don't give a f....Rooaaaaar!!

You are damn right, this is the year where we regain our power! Dreem on!

yeah babyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! heheheehehehe

we gonna take it!!!

I have so many things planned for this year!!! are you guys still thinking about the return to SA???

Good question! I don't know how we're going to get there though, we might have to hop in and out of countries.

sounds like an adventure !!!! hehehe

Don't be scuured homie, we'll be fine 🙃

Didn't I always tell you she didn't belong in a cage :) ... I'm sure she is coiled and ready to add her own special energy to life 🐅

hahahahahahaa ready to pounce for sure!!!!!! can I hold you responsible if she gets out of hand!?!?! LOLOLOLOLOL

Nooooo!!! I just think she might be a little less dangerous if she gets to run off some energy in a productive way 😂


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well... the DM that I sent you today seems to have my answer.

i think it is showing me lots of things I never saw before.

What a beautiful way to begin this year with the dream from the Lord. I'm so blessed

Thank you for always wanting more and never giving up on Talia! ❤️

She's not one to be forgotten ❤️ I can't wait to read the rest!!!


and i CANNOT wait to share it with you!!!! HEHEHEHE

My first husband was a Leo. If only he could have harnessed that power for the good LOL !!!

Hope your adventure turns out to be more wonderful than you anticipate.

hehehehe it's funny that you say that. I know a lot of Leos with incredible power that use it for bad.

Isn't it amazing when you can flip that coin and use that amazing power for GOOD?

That is what fuels me! Doing things for all of us to win. I know that this adventure is going to be AMAZING!!! and that yummy leo, tiger, dragon energy is going to overflow to everyone around me this year. I can't wait! hehehehe

thanks for the visit @jacey.boldart !!! :)

Just don’t tell us (later during the year) that we haven’t been warned. Fierceness is in your genes, but it’s less of a tiger 🐅 and more of a dragon 🐉. Quite honestly, I don’t know what my Chinese sign is (the 📅 probably didn’t go that far back. Haha). CANT YOU JUST GIVE US A HINT ABOUT #22222222222(is that too many 2s(twos, this is getting confusing.....?)). Anyway, sounds like an adventure, hope there’s tickets for the ride??????🎈🎈🎈🎈

hehehehehe it's written somewhere on the blockchain! LOL

I'll find it and send it to you, my sweet friend :)

you always make me smile!!!

What will i unleash now🤔, I've always liked the Tiger Name. I remember asking you why, but now i understand better.


I really believe this year to be full of opportunities! I believe in you, in your projects, I believe this year will be great.

I wish you remain in happiness and good health. You and also your family.



hehehehe thank you @samostically hehehehe

i love that dancing Lisa gif LOLOLOL she is having too much fun hahahahahahaa

praying over you with wonderful things also!!! this will be a fantastic year of growth and joy and peace for us!

Hahahaha.. A proof that I'm awake watching the NBA🏀!



well Hell........

I was born in 1964. Year of the Dragon but I am not a Dragon because of when I was born.......

2022 is the Chinese Black Water Tiger Year. The first day of the 2022 Chinese Zodiac Year is on February 4, 2022.

February 4th is my birthday. LOLL


oh wow!!! in 1964 the first day of the new year was Feb 8. so you missed Dragon by just 4 days! technically you were in the year of the Rabbit. hehehe

But I am claiming you as my Dragon friend

1964 is Dragon. the end.



too funny :D but below is very true too.

Capture 99.JPG


you are a black sheep rabbit dragon then.


female water - hmmm i want to see what that is! hehehe

my element is earth i think. i think. hahaha

this chart is extremely accurate........so far.


what does it mean?

the red bar is luck, so good years..... I'm not liking the look of the 60-69 phase. loll

its ok - we have time to turn that around.

they just didn't know that we would meet.

so dragon + rabbit = reversal of all bad luck.
ESPECIALLY if they are black rabbits and fire dragons
(i just wrote that into the zodiac) hahahahahahaha

well this is perfect.. I'm owned by two cats and was born in the year of the dog.

hahahahahahahahaahahahaha well that is classic! LOLOL

!LOLZ I think you've had lots of people darting off to Chinese horoscope sites tonight😂 I was born in the year of the Pig...makes for an interesting read 😄 At least it appears we can still be friends hehe. I think a lot of people have an inner Tiger that they would prefer not to see out to play unrestrained... I'm retraining mine... but I personally blame menopause 🤣

ROFLLLLLLLLLll i honestly have restrained her so much.

she has the foulest mouth and the sharpest tongue. ughhhh. The last time she came out someone had threatened one of my kids. I think the entire neighborhood heard my roar of never-ending obscenities. 😖 (and you know where I live... oh my gosh) My husband and daughter both begged me to let someone else handle it. I don't know how they calmed me down enough to agree. I seriously don't. I was about to rip heads off. But I'm glad I didn't - because the situation resolved itself very very well. MUCH better than if I had gone to town on them LOLOL

and no matter what the zodiac said - I already know we get along PERFECTLY ... kindredly. hehehehe

I so hear you on the protective mama bit. This is my biggest weakness...and the last time I let loose was also in defense of my eldest kid at his school... I managed to control the real rage but could not contain my outrage, which I feel was justified, and this half-bottled-up effort just resulted in me bawling my eyes out in the Headteacher's office, whilst telling them how to run their school and simultaneously apologising to them for telling them how to run their school! Not a pretty sight! And the kindred bit...oh my goodness, and there are synchronicities that would make you ROTFL that I can't tell you about just yet. Maybe in March hehe.

now - i am really waiting for March LOLOLOLOL

What's the difference between a glutton and a hungry man?
One eats too long, the other longs to eat.

@dreemsteem, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @samsmith1971
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I have never taken zodiac signs serious, After reading your post just for the fun I checked out mine and realized that I'm a tiger also lol 🐅🐅

hehehehe I'm actually a Dragon

but 2022 is the Year of the Tiger! hehehehe woooooooot

(but you also know that I am also a Tiger hahahahaah)

isn't it fun to read though? they are really things to enjoy and not take too seriously - but sometimes they really make you wonder! hahahaha


"isn't it fun to read though?"

I ended up engrossed in the page for several minutes, opening more links as I read. It is indeed fun and interesting.

Year Of The Tiger... I'm already feeling that tiger roar within me😺

hahahahaha I think others were doing the same! LOLOLOL

it was just so fun to fall down teh rabbit hole on this one hahaha

Followed you right into this rabbit hole and it turns out that I am...


LOL - not sure I'm feeling it. I wish you much success with your plans for 2022 to combine your dragon and tiger!

hahahahahahaha i love that you went to check! hehehe it's fun right?

of course some things are really ambiguous hehehe - but its fun to take the exciting ones and apply them! and run in horror from the not-so exciting ones hahahahahahahahaa

thanks for coming to have fun - and 2022 belongs to you too! Just wait and see how amazing it is for all of us hehehehe

Of course, I had to check it out. Good thing I don't believe in it (too much) because according to the Chinese horoscope it is not going to be the best year for snakes.

Guess we'll just have to do our own - good.

Congrats on winning 3rd in Snook's challenge!!

that's right - we bring our own fortune to the cookies! hehehehehehe

thanks for the congrats! hehehee are you joining in for her "Create your own Cherub" contest?

Not sure yet, I'll try. But I did 'free write something called fiction for the one that previous one. Me the 'non-writer' :)

hehehehe no one is a non-writer. i refuse to believe it LOL

you have Alllllllllllllllll week :D I will be looking for your non-writing written story because I too am? was? a non-writer 4 years ago :D

I'm really not sure if inspiration will strike me with 'cherub', not a word I often hear or use (at all).

We'll see. And if I don't make it this time, maybe I'll catch the next one.

For additional assistance click here.

hehehehe i love Jessica Rabbit

that line "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way"


hey you :) Happy New Year!!!!

Is it January already?!

Hey young lady, how the heck you is? Staying warm? We had another tornado warning yesterday. It rained so hard last night, inside the stairwells wasn't safe and it was raining from the ground up.

geez. i have never been in (nor want to ever) a tornado!!!! they are terrifying!!!!!

and i is so super good hehehehehe

i'm about to start a detox - and i'm gonna talk about it in video. and i think its going to be.... interesting LOL

i've done it before - so i know what to expect. hahahahaha but i'm not sure if it will be TMI for Hive hahahahahahaha

should be ... fun LOL

its january - and 2022 - FINALLYYYYYYYYYYY yayyyyyyyyyy its here!!!!

how is you, my dude????

When notes look like articles

Dear @dreemsteem:

Only great if that counts. Since our tornado talk, that white stuff you were talking about the other day fell from the sky.


Good morning it's cold. Freezing to be exact. We're getting closer to cruising I5, you. About exactly 3 months now, can I do that? I don't think I can that. About exactly. Makes about as much sense as Decaf coffee.

Know what I did this time around? Firstly, I noticed both times I needed a break were right at the 2 year mark. But rather than bounce completely I consumed less. Much less. And even less.

It's been nice. From this distance, less fingers poke me in the eye.


See? It's over now, I'm the only one here, nothing to be afraid of.


hehehehe it's always better to act instead of react, don't you think? Yes, you do! hehehe you agree and you are a testimony of a choice and a carefully contemplated act - instead of a reaction from doubt and fear. and the result is beautiful and a testimony to what God does when we just breathe. (i'm speaking this to myself, if you can't tell. hahahaha I need to breathe and act more instead of clenching/holding my breath/ and reacting) hehehe

looking forward very much to 3 months from now heheheh I'm going to be healthier, calmer, lovelier, stabler... my gosh - will you recognize me??? hehehehehehe

sending love to you!!!!!!!!! Glad that the tornado passed and glad you got some of my white stuff sprinkled on you. that isn't snow you know. its dreemie dust.

Years ago I looked into this. I am a horse and the description so relates to me. Haven’t searched it now if things changed lately. Will do tomorrow. 😉 Now it’s bedtime.

hehehe enjoy your sleep - the first full sleep of 2022 hehehe

Happy new year horsie! hehehe

Thanks @dreemsteen… yep first full sleep of 2022… and it was a long one 😴😉

Happy New Year to you too 🎉🎉🥳🥳🍾🥂

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thank you @ecency!!! hehehe

Tiger is my year! 🐯Apparently I am a wood tiger.

Meow! 🌲

I am glad dragons and tigers are compatible. 😉 😄

hehehe but I could have told you this.... because i love you.


zodiac! confirming suspicions I have had since 1976. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

and hmmm wood and fire. we are gonna create a firestorm of goodness this year hehehehe

I usually (nervously) laugh when I talk about keeping the Tiger caged, but it's probably the side of me that shames me the most.

There is no shame in having a tiger inside you. Now and then our inner tiger serves us well. When we're walking along a dark street and our hackles prickle, sensing we are not alone, that we're in danger, we need that tiger — poised at the bars of the cage ready to be unleashed if needed. When people take advantage of us or belittle us, or treat us as "less than," we need that tiger to fight back or at least defend us.

May your tiger and dragon make 2022 a great year for you.

Me, I was born in the year of the pig. Hmmm... :-)

there are like 3 pigs in the comment section!

what does that mean!?!?!?! hahahahahaha Now i'm very interesting in seeing what pigs are like cuz actually - all three of you are very similar personalities and i get along GREAT with all of you hahahahahaha

but yes I know exactly what you mean! The Tiger is definitely good to have on hand at times!

This year I'm going to be focused on how to use her effectively, when appropriate! hehehe I LOVE how laser-focused she is... and i LOVE how she persists beyond any obstacle! hehehe so - i'm gonna take the best of her - apply her with the Dragon and watch and see!

2022 will be great for all of us Jayna! I'm sure of it! hehehehehe

I am near the cusp on both horoscopes right in the edge for being Capricorn

And also close to the edge just a few days short of being a Rat but that makes me an earth pig not sure either sounds complimentary lol

But the description is

Communicative, popular among their friends, with a strong sense of time keeping

That sort of fits

But reading yours seems this is going ge an amazing year for you

hahahahahahahahaha seriously - why would they call one something as cool as a Dragon, and then... the "rat"

LOL come on! although I'm sure they have some very good things to describe the rat - or have awesome reason why the rat is an honorable creature! hahahahaha

ok but I'm kinda loving "earth pig" hahahahahahahaha

it makes me think -what is the opposite? Mars pig? hehehehehehe

earth pig is DEFINITELY you reading that description! hehehehe plus a whole lot more that isn't listed hehehe

Yeah - reading mine is like - woo hooooooo this is destiny! hahahah DreemPort is gonna soar! not because of the zodiac of course. hehehehe but because God is going to bless the mess out of us and allow us to bless everyone around us! :)

so glad you're gonna be a part of it, my weretwin!!! :)

I am looking forward to seeing Dreemport grow it’s going to be a fun ride

me too!!! we will hold on with both hands - but then at the fun parts - stick our arms up and shout wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hehehehe

I am looking forward to seeing Dreemport grow it’s going to be a fun ride


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