Splinterlands: Rebellion Airdrop / Personal Game Update

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A few weeks ago I wrote about investing in GFL Rebellion cards to take advantage of the airdrops taking place monthly. This post is an update on how that is progressing, as well as a general update on my Splinterlands journey.

Credit to @clove71

Rage Airdrop Update

At the time of my previous post the GFL Rebellion card market looked like this:


I make that 42 cards, and one of the Bera Dallins was 2 BCX - I bought it the next day, along with a couple more.

Jump forward to today and the market is as follows:


Just 9 cards are available, and only 4 of those are under $200. A quick trip to my market history and then excel tells me that I paid an average of $156.92 during my buying spree.

So for now, that's nice. I could potentially undercut and sell for a small profit, but that wont be happening whilst these cards are earning more cards.

The injection of Collection Power to my slowly increasing number of wagons has seen my account move 5 places up the leaderboard to 35, leaving my friend tarazkp behind for now - he's moved up a place 😊


Annoying I didn't screenshot my contribution rate a couple of weeks ago, but today it stands at 782,495 / HR. The GFL buys have obviously helped boost this number, but I've also been buying the odd Epic GF Rebellion card too - once the prices flipped around so that 5 of these worked out cheaper than 1 GFL, I couldn't resist!

I'll guess my final placing in this first call to arms will be around 27th. That's not so important though - how many guaranteed cards will I receive? I have 3085 chances at present, and 782,495 (HR) * 273 (hours) / 100,000 (Chances) = 2136, so 5221, 26 cards, I think.

A gold or 2 would be nice - I'll be making sure I have the VOUCHERS to boost the chances of this happening.

Levelling up older cards

The Centaur is one of the original snipers, and with 6 speed at maximum level the card remains one of the quickest. I've held a level 8 since 2018 but it's not being used much any more - hopefully this boost in speed and health will help bring the card back to life.



I suspect it is going to take me a while to see ROI on this 67$ purchase, but you'll need to spend a minimum of $150 today if you want a max card.

The other card I've moved up a level is the Black Dragon. PeakMonsters displays a nice summary of what took place.


I must say that I'm not half as fond as this card as I am the Centaur which is probably why it's been sat at L2 for years. Could it play in Diamond at L3, we shall see.

Getting my ass kicked but making progress in Modern

For a year or two now I've mostly only been playing Brawls, and the occasional game in Modern where I would get served in Bronze and then get mardy and sulk. This season though has been different and I've been using my Battle Energy in the last week exclusively in Modern. More time, renewed game interest, and a kick ass performance from Xbot (with my no Life or Death having broken deck) in Wild.


Still 3 days left almost but that is a fair effort!

Back to my 'fun' in Modern, and I've managed to climb from rock bottom up to Silver I. I'm hopeful of a Gold league placing at end of season but am finding life tough, despite having a good deck for Modern.

There are a lot of new cards to learn and as I'm not 100% up to speed as yet, I find myself using Quora a lot.


Which worked a treat in the game below, but I'm going to need more than one trick to rise further.


Playing at lower levels in Modern has likely cost me a number of Chests this season, hopefully next season I'll be earning these in both leagues.


For now I think I'm fully loaded wagons-wise, and I don't have my eye on any other cards SL cards at present. The coming months could see @holozing and Moon Kart (@arcadecolony and looking to be @moonkarts soon) assets become available, and I'd like to have some sort of position with each. There's also a GLX airdrop coming which means COLONY (as it does for SPS stakeholders), another reason to potentially keep funds aside.

I remain positive for Hive and Splinterlands and hope gaming fairs well as a sector this next year or so (as we roll into the big bull!) - the timing of holozing, Genesis League Sports, Moon Karts, etc, could be pretty good. Fingers crossed.




I really like this little rivalry you have with Taraz. I am curious if this will light some fire in him to try and beat you. The GFL market is looking really thin, and looks like will continue to be like that during these conflicts. Good luck on your airdrops, as well as on your rivalry with Taraz haha.

Well, he is a better player than me, but we haven't faced each other in a while. If I can rise further in Modern this may happen :)

Thanks! Are you in the airdrop?

That would be nice. You can trash talk each other after every battle. I assume Champion players face each other a lot since there are so few of you guys.

Are you in the airdrop?

Unfortunately, no. I calculated that it wouldn't be worth it for me with just a few Rebellion cards. I am looking to buy singles though.

Can you please send me a youtube video link to learn the game from the beginning to advanced level?

This is a tricky request!

I would look for starter videos, and it shouldn't matter if they are a year or two old.

You need a Spellbook and little else to begin as you have starter cards. For very little you can rent cards.

Do you think there are a number of people who would like to play, but find starting out confusing?

Congratulations on playing in Champion, not many players can do it and I for example this season am suffering trying to get in the gold league of Modern :)
There are many new interesting projects and like you I hope that Holozing, Genesis League Goals and Moon Karts will bring mostly fun on Hive because besides Splinterlands at the moment there are no games with real gameplay on Hive and these are the games that have more potential
@tipu curate

Thanks, but it is xbot playing in champion wild for me. I have just reached gold in modern, see you there :)

the important thing is, you have pulled away from Taraz :)

😅 That is the other summary I didn't write

I've spent a fair bit on Epics and GFLs - glad I didn't know joshman's thoughts a month ago!

Josh usually have a keen and no-bullshit way of saying things. He is here for a long time, and have seen it all. May not be as active as the rest of us, but I see that as a good thing. He often has a bird's eye view of the nature of the game its health, which is important.

Fair enough. Hopefully SL is in better shape each day and the wider market helps this further

You have invested a lot in splinterlands, which will bring nice returns in the next market cycle. Also playing in champion league is not easy.. congratulation on that

I hope you are right :)


I don't know that much about Splinterland game. But I'm going to be in the game very soon. I heard that one has to buy a jellbook before playing this game, is that true? I hope it will be useful for me and I will learn a lot. Thanks so much for sharing your Splinterland game experience

Hi, yes you will need a spellbook to start. If you do buy one, I can delegate some l1 cards to you to start you off.

Your investments in Splinterlands is the right thing to do because the project has a lot of potentials. Though I wonder if you must play the game if you have to invest. Thanks for writing and have a great week.

I hope so :)

You don't need to play if you invest in cards and rent them, or in SPS and stake it for 13%. It is good that we have people wanting to play the core game though!

Have a nice week too!

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Thanks for sharing! - @azircon

Thanks for visiting!

Looks like there might still be hope for me holding on to my older cards (Alpha/Beta)

If they are rentable I'm keeping hold!

Yeah, I rent most of mine out.

I have a Beta GFL too... Lord Arianthus. Seems to be worth a bit.