Gearing up to Fluff Up more Dust - Will You Help me Grow?

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My first week of dust-fluffing is almost complete.

I've fluffed up a ton of dust already.

I started my mission with just a dozen accounts on my watch-list and they made barely enough dust to keep me busy. But @fraenk simply kept adding and now I'm already up to 31 accounts on my roster which gives me plenty of dust to stay occupied.

So far I've been able to protect 93 votes and 27 rewards from being lost as dust. That's a total of roughly 3SBD in rewards and all that within just those first 6 days. A few clumps of dust slipped through the cracks when my script crashed yesterday night but @fraenk was quick to patch me up and send me on my way again.

The higher demand as of now means that I finally get to test my prioritisation mechanics. @fraenk's trying to teach me how to distribute my votes as fairly as possible and here's how he thinks that could work:

  • Any vote given or received by the accounts I'm watching prompts me to check the upvoted content for it's total rewards. I will add any item to my tasklist if the rewards fall below 175% of the dust limit (0.035 SBD), this margin will allow me to also protect dust that's initially above the dust limit against possible negative price and reward-pool fluctuations before it reaches payout.
  • If an item remains below 125% (0.025 SBD) of the dust-limit during the last 36 to 12 hours before payout, it will be considered for being fluffed up to reach said 125%, unless of course, it has been self-voted or flagged. Again, here's a small buffer above the dust limit as a safety-net to protect against price and reward fluctuations during the final hours before payout.
  • Whenever I have sufficient voting power, I will try to select a qualifying items to get fluffed up. I chose by giving each item a priority score based on minutes-until-payout subtracted by the item-owner's priority-bonus. The item with the lowest priority score will then immediately get an upvote.
  • The priority-bonus of the item owner gets calculated from a base priority given to the account which is then subtracted by it's recorded @dustbunny usage-quota. This aims to make it so that accounts with above average demand are being ranked slightly less favourable against those who have not received as much support. Since this project focuses on giving rather than on receiving, a high demand to save votes from the account also cause a smaller penalty than a high demand to save rewards for the account.

With just 360 SP to-date I'm currently able to service all 31 accounts on my watch-list without having too much dust slip through the cracks. 100% of my funding is currently coming from a delegation by @fraenk, so his accounts, that's including the @googlyeyes accounts and the kitten-bots are getting a priority bonuses of 60-90 minutes each.


But I'd also like to grow and help even more people save even more dust.

If you want to be added to my watch-list or if you know someone who deserves to have their dust protected, just leave a comment below and for a limited time only I will consider adding you and/or your friends, free of charge.

This project aims to create a free or at least an almost-free support-mechanism for small accounts, to allow for example the freedom to show appreciation in the comment sections and to save all those well-intended dust-votes from being lost to their receivers. And just for the record: any attempted abuse will result in a permanent ban.

Free sign-ups will start without any priority bonus and it's likely their dust will get missed out at times of peak demand. If you want your dust to be treated with a bit more urgency, or maybe you just want to support and help this mission in general, I'll gladly accept your delegations or donations to the cause and would offer to adjust your base-priority accordingly.

It's just some dust, so a small delegation of 5 SP or 10 SP already sounds very reasonable to me and I'll give your dust a better priority accordingly. I'm still dialling in the numbers and the scoring mechanism might be subject to change as I collect more data. But hey, if you ever feel like it doesn't work out for you, you can always simply cancel your delegation and you won't have lost a penny.

Keep in mind, there's no guarantee that I'll be able to always protect 100% of all your dust, so you might still want to consider additional dust-protection services such as @dustsweeper to protect your own rewards, but with a few delegating members here, together we could get safety in numbers eventually!

bouncy bounce



Thanks to a super generous delegation of 1500SP by @justtryme90 from #steemSTEM I'm now able to service a lot of dust. On top of that @reggaemuffin is supporting the project with another 100SP delegation and a few more of you have decided to already contribute some decent delegations, too. @jpederson96, @bucipuci, @blacklux, @ewkaw, @bashadow, @manwithnoname, @marty-art, thank you all! That's super awesome! Now we're really able to gear up this operation.

So, don't be shy, I want more dust. I've already almost doubled my watchlist, but I think I can still handle some more! Say "Hi" in the comments, mention your friends, if you can, leave an upvote or maybe even send a small delegation/donation my way. Plankton, Red-Fish, Minnows, you're all welcome here!


Not sure what "Dust" even is? Read this:


Okay, how many can you help now?

I want to thank you for helping get this program off the ground. I think it will do a lot of good for the smaller accounts struggling to grow, and is a very real boon to the newer users.

No need to thank me, but, you're welcome. I agree, getting even tini rewards going to new users will be a big help.

In dust we trust!

Woah... 1500SP that will increase the volume at least x4... I guess I'll have scout a lot more red-fish now to add to the list!

Thanks a lot, I really didn't expect such sudden generous support for this brand new project!

If you have any recommendations whom I should sign up, do let me know!!

You should help those who really need the help. The smallest of users. I have no specific suggestions, this is your baby, I just want to help you achieve what you are trying to do.

My delegation won't be forever (delegations never are), so make the most of it!

Yes, that's the core idea, to help plankton, red-fish and small minnows give and receive the appreciation that was sent through their votes, which might otherwise be swept under the rug by the dust-limits (which way too many are still unaware of even)

Hey, @justtryme90 check out @blissfish, it has a delegation model in the works to help small plankton, and red-fish.

Okay, will do. Thanks.

Thanks, @justtryme90 . Basically, it will be a "contest bot" to win an 100% upvote every 2.5 hours. Obviously, the more the upvote the more people who will put in their entries.

Yep, I see that. Am reading one of the blogs from the account. I'll see what I can do about helping it in about 5 days. Assuming I don't forget XD

@justtryme90 kills the helping others out game ;)

Or maybe I am an insufferable jerk. Depends on who you ask.

Insufferable jerks rarely reach 70 unless they consistently providing redeemable and memeable spicy explosive drama

Nice to see you find your way here!

Just sent you 10sp, you're too cute to not help you! I wish I can send you more, tho! 😅

Thanks :D You've allready been on the watchlist since saying "hi" on the bunny's introduction and I've just added a 30min priority bonus to your account now.

The bunny has saved just 1 of your rewards so far. Seems you do not create too much dust after all, but it is still currently watching 3 of your outgoing votes and 10 incoming rewards.

Thanks for helping the cause!

Ooh! Thanks! It is a cool bunny and a great project!

Thank you for the upvote, I had to come see who you were, and I love it! I nominate @curatorcat and @yogajill, two wonderful red fish who are striving for minnowhood. :)

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well, what a coincidence, both of them are already being watched by the bunny for a little while :D

Very cool project!! Im so impressed!! Not sure if im qualify but im resteeming to spread the word!!

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Awesome, thanks for the support... with your zero% self-voting and that silly username, you're absolutely more than welcome aboard with the bunny :D

but I have to say, the bunny would have probably appreciated your upvote, too ;)

Hahahaha!! Was running low last night but i just won 200sp for a week and gave the bunny my full two cents vote!!

Glad to be aboard @fraenk!! Where too from here!!

P. S. I'm glad my silly name and non self upvote pledge accounts for something!!

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I would like to save more outgoing dust. I already use dustsweeper and have even gone so far as to sponsor a dustsweeper account for others who I want to upvote but who don't use the service. It's silly cause I'm not likely to recoup that from either curation or votes from that person, but it's a way to pay it forward.

I like to vote for what I like, regardless of whether it's a comment likely to earn more than my 1¢.

I'm sure the bunny and you are going to be great friends :D

[...] a way to pay it forward. I like to vote for what I like, regardless of whether it's a comment likely to earn more than my 1¢.

That's exactly the spirit the bunny wants to encourage!

Go bunny go!!

This is really amazing. Helping smaller accounts. @dustbunny, your relatives live in our house, also gathering dust, but it's different kind and doesn't help upvoting here in Steemit much. I sure will be delegating some small amount of SP your way some time soon.

Any vote given or received

Given. This is what I was missing in dustsweeper. Thank you for this!

Good luck @dustbunny. Steer clear of the vacuum cleaner.

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haha... oh... I think the bunny will be very eager to have a professor on it's watchlist :D

I would appreciate help with my dust. :-)

sure thing! you've been added to the list.

and thanks for the delegation.

Happy to delegate some SP! I've delegated most of my SP to projects in return for upvotes but I've decided I want to add more value to my own upvotes, so I undelegated and my votes finally have some value. Great project and maybe Bunny will grow into a huge Dust Monster and gets its own Steemmonster Card!

hahaha... yeah, that video keeps coming up in these dust discussions :P

Good decision to give some oomph back to your own vote, it's the only way we can get organic growth back if the users themselves retain their power over the so-called "proof of brain".

It's own SteemMonsters card... that would be kinda awesome... Bunny, the slayer of Dust!

P.S.: You'll be the 123rd user on the bunny-list... that's a pretty awesome number ;)

People starting out have expectations and hopes. It's a lot of hard work before you see result. Great posts, good connections and community is the key.

I like this post by @photovisions :

Sharing how he started out.

Was wondering if someone would start a bot ;)

Do you calculate how big the user's voting percentage is compared to their SP? In other words, do you have it check to see if a larger SP user could have afforded voting above the dust mark?

Hey @carn, that's a great question!

The bunny does not currently check if a user could have voted stronger to avoid creating dust. At first I though about doing something like this as an "anti-abuse" mechanism, too... but I believe it isn't actually needed.

The bunny keeps a score of the demand created by individual accounts, when an account has an above average demand it slowly loses some "priority" in the scoring mechanism, which in turn will give way for dust created by lower-demand-users. I think this form of load-balancing should actually do the trick.

I also think there are many factors that could have lead to larger stakeholders unintentionally creating dust, the 2 decimal-places in most interfaces can be misleading, and why should that be excluded then?!

Well, it's all pretty new and I am still monitoring it very closely to see how it plays out... I need to collect a lot more data before I can say if everything works as fairly as I'd want it to.

Thanks for your constructive concerns! I'll add you to the watch-list right away!

Hey, that's really nice of you to help out in this way. I need to invest some more steem power so that I can vote more. I've been so busy with life that I haven't had much time for Steem these days! Time to make some time!

I'm a small account can you help me? Here's my favourite post but don't vote on it because it is well past the sell by date

sure thing... I'll add you to the list!

Ohh much appreciated!!

good job dustbunny! thank you for your work and kudos to @fraenk, I think it's nice​ that your bots always stay so notably transparent and keep us up to date! ​

Thanks, I'm trying to set a positive example when I can :D

Did you notice the bunny already saved one reward for you? Because, of course, yes, you too have already been enrolled ;)

I think I am doing fine, but a semi new user, pretty good content, low SP could use a little help. He is not super active, but he responds nicely and genuinely, and his post are not to bad either. He has just over 15SP at this time. @murathe is the account. I am getting some help already from other accounts so no need to worry about me, continue to help the smaller/newer people. I applaud what you are doing here and will try to get a delegation out to you. It will be small, but every little bit helps.

Awesome :D

You yourself have already been on the watchlist for a few days and the bunny has fluffed up 4 of your rewards so far and is watching another 13 votes and 11 rewards for you atm...

I've registered your delegation and and I'll add @murathe now, you'll both get a 40 min priority bonus.

Thanks for the support!!

Thank you it is nice to see people helping out the new users, and struggling accounts.

Thank you for your upvote!
Just came to check out who you were. Let's get acquainted, cute bunny!

Such a good job you are doing! I would like to nominate @bell1982 and @natuzzi

They are new to Steemit. Your help will be appreciated 😊

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Oh hey... I almost missed your comment on this weeks old post!

I'll add the three of you to the list.

Thank you 😊

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Awwww... you're a cute one... 💕 ...and been working mighty hard too, I hear... I'll see what I can do... soon... 😏

aww... it's a busy bunny indeed... and it's going to see if there's anything more it can do for you, too ;)

Yaayyyy... For the busy bunny!! :D :D

Heyo dust bunny! I'd like to ask for your help with gathering my dust, if I may.

And if I'm allowed to ask on behalf of others please have a look at @spbeckman and @steemling
(though the latter seems somewhat inactive right now).

added all three of you to the list ;)

How cool are you?! @dustbunny Wish all the dustbunnies I found in my house were as cute as you are!!! I promise not to sweep you up into the dustpan and throw you into the trashcan! 😀

hehe... thanks for stopping by @ninahaskin, the bunny has an eye on your dust already ;)

So cute, so fluffy, how big a dust bunny do you want to be? :-)
Hope to see you grow more but remain the cute little googly
eyed sweetie you are! Cheers!

Your dust selfies rule! ❤

Awww :D Thanks... @dustbunny is already growing as we speak and it probably dreams of one day being big enough to fluff up all the dust this chain has to offer, but no worries, it will always stay the cute little googly eyed ball of filth that it is...

You might enjoy to know that you're actually on his watch-list, too. I've added you because you've given the bunny such a warm welcome on it's introduction post. The bunny didn't yet get a chance to fluff up any dust for you but it's currently watching 15 of your outgoing votes and 7 incoming rewards.

Thanks for the support :D

Wow thank you very much @dustbunny!! :-))

Congratulations on your growth!! 🎉

ohhh sounds like the cute ball of filth is super busy bouncing around those dust votes :D
Will be sending some Super Powers :)

oh that bunny is flopping it's fluffy self all over that dust :D

you probably know the bunny's already watching you ;) It has saved 1 vote and 4 rewards for you already and it's currently watching over another 3 votes and 19 rewards under your name...

thanks for the support!

Those stats are impressive!
I saw he bounced by twice today :) yayy
Busy Bunny.

Whats the difference between votes and rewards?

The bunny watches both the votes you give and the ones you receive for dust-potential.

Your received votes turn into rewards eventually... i guess the terminology is a bit confusing there, I notice how that's a bit cumbersome to describe every time I try to spell it out :P

Ahhh okay. votes = out, rewards = in :)
But if I vote someone on a post with more rewards, even if my vote is a dust one, it doesn't need to be top up right?

Yeap, that's right! The dust threshold applies to the combined rewards of all votes on a single item of content (post or comment).

P.S.: the bunny has received your 15 SP delegation and your priority has been raised accordingly, your dust is now treated with a 45min bonus.

Get it :D

Wait... now you have kittens and bunnies :)
Thank you! What is a 45min bonus?

Good job. I'm glad I could contribute a little to your business ;-)

Thank you, brother @dustbunny very much care for my blog @mamplamdua

Sorry buddy, your largely self-biased voting pattern and spotty account activity doesn't make you an ideal candidate for the bunny's free dust-protection services...

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Such a great initiative! I just saw dustbunny upvoting one of my comments. Does it mean I am somehow on the list too? 🤩

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aww... look who made it here, too...

the bunny's been fluffing up tons of your cuddles already :D

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