Leaving SeokBulSa Temple

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Seokbulsa temple was not a large place, so there was no other place for prying for the dead. In Korean Buddhism, every hall has its own specific purpose. But in this temple, Jijang bodhisattva and Shakyamuni Buddha were served in the same place.

Below is Jijang Boddhisattva in the corner side of Daewungjeon. This case seemed not common in my experience.


The monument stood outside of Daewungjeon hall. The record of building this temple was carved in black stone.

P8240132.JPG P8240131.JPG P8240132.JPG

Pagoda in Buddhist temple has an important meaning. Actually, the style of the architecture of hall was as same as that of Pagoda.

In Korean Architecture, it seemed that they tried to duplicate Pagoda, the ideal symbol of Buddhist belief, into the halls in my guess.


I stayed there for several hours to look around the temple. I was exhausted in this day

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I think the last photography of the pagoda seems to be a new one and built by cement instead of stone! But those first few photography are so great! Specially the 1st one of the Shakyamuni Buddha. We believe on Theravada Buddhism, so we didn't learn about Bodhisathva. Therefore, I have no idea about that Jijang bodhisattva!


yes, you are right, it was a cement pagoda withe some stone.

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A clear resteem :-)

The SeokBulSa Temple seems to be very peaceful place, for people it was a good opportunity to use this place for their prayers and remembering. Again I can only say that in different cultures there are different rules of remembering the our loved ones. The architecture, pagoda and surrounding look beautiful , I like those little figures carved in sand stones of pagoda. I wish you nice day and as before I hope you do not mind if I use one of your pictures for my painting :)

Thank you, yes, it was very peaceful in the temple. I love those places

Simply Beautiful Stuff @slowwalker and I Can't Wait to See Your Reputation Score Reach 80.......you Inspire many here on Steemit and Palnet

Hahaha, it is not easy to be 80

nice temple, looking beautiful and zen

I really like Korean culture!

Thanks for sharing about your journey from there

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Very colorful and ornate. Even the wood was beautiful. The pagoda looked to be peaceful as well.

I wish you a pleasant weekend.

The buddha looks great!

Very cool. Great shots. I really like the level of detail.

Great pictures!

the temple is a place of spirit in my guess