3Speak Development Update and Ongoing Priorities

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Hello 3Speak & Hive community members,

This post will share the latest updates on all 3Speak projects! Including the web app, mobile app, and desktop app.

Starting now, these updates will be more frequent. In the last months, we have achieved many development milestones, and you can witness them by joining our public meeting every Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. You can find more details at the @spknetwork account. In that account, you can also watch all of our meeting recordings.



We have a Trello board where we organize our tasks as a team. This way, all team members know what is next, and they can act accordingly. Our team is formed by frontend and backened developers, and we also have full-stack developers with great skills.

Ongoing priorities of @threespeak and @spknetwork Team


  • Sync issues with the testnet of SPK Network.


  • Sync issues with the testnet of SPK Network.
  • Roll out of SPK Networtk testnet.


  • Log in and sign up system for the refactored version of 3Speak.tv web app.


  • Setting up mobile app-specific union indexer node.
  • Podcast player notification for the 3Speak mobile app.
  • Mark videos, 3shorts, tags, and podcasts as favorites.
  • Reasearch work for hosting Podcast Index APIs on our infrastructure.


  • Update site for the creation of Breakaway Communities.
  • Bug fixing the community creation process.
  • Updating the breakaway community frontends.


  • Add a guide and instructions to make the docker setup as easy as possible.


  • Integration of union and chain indexer on dBuzz test environment.
  • Bitcoin wrapping. Working towards an operational demo.
  • Helping solve encoding issues and bugs.
  • Found the root cause of the long queue encoding times.
  • Helping with the 3Speak.tv web app refactor.
  • Update incentive structure for encoding cluster (medium-term goal).

In this post, we will also share some of our completed tasks:

Done tasks by @sagarkothari88

This is an update by Sagar that we could not post due to technical issues.

Sagar is our mobile app developer and helps with the web app and other fields. He is one of the most proactive members of the team. These are some of his completed tasks since the last Development Update:

  • 3Speak <=> ActiFit Integration & Collaboration.

  • 3Speak <=> Ecency Integration & Collabration.

  • Add upload_info in the POC & share it with Ecency.

  • 3Speak Old WebSite - Show iOS & Android option

  • Deploy changes of New links on 3Speak.tv website

  • Documentation of APIs for 3Speak Platform usage.

  • Mark Video as Published - if posting authority is found.

  • Legacy Front End - Background Posting.

  • iOS App Store Release - Screenshots preparation

  • Fix Full-screen Issue - before AppStore release

  • Disable Orientation change - before AppStore Release

  • Improved shorts experience

  • Address the changes suggested by Vaultec on PR for Auto Publish

  • Remove IPFS Hash from Video Post

  • Remove Redundant 3Speak text from post

  • Update - 3Speak App name - on Drawer Menu

  • Update - hive-block-app-name to 3speak/0.3.0

  • ThreeSpeak / ThreeShorts - Community Selection issue

  • Flutter - Add WebView based Sign up Screen

  • Flutter - Remove Unwanted footer - Posted using Android / iOS App

  • Legacy FrontEnd - mark videos as published

  • Full-screen support for Android Users

  • Update Template with Google Play Store Link

  • Update 3Speak.tv Legacy Site with Google Play Store Link

  • Support for Full screen for 3Shorts

  • Add the CTT 3Shorts Tab in the app

  • Update Google Play Store - Screenshot for Featured Graphic

  • Update Google Play Store - Tags, keywords to include 3Speak & ThreeSpeak both

  • Update links on 3Speak.tv - iOS AppStore

  • Change "My Account" to "My videos" & move it to the top

  • 3shorts - full screen - to-do

  • Tappable QR Code

  • "Come back soon to publish your video" - message for "Encoding in process."

  • Show the Account Name and thumbnail while uploading the video

  • Back button to go back to the previous screen from Video-details. Users find it difficult to go back.

  • Remove "App by sagarkothari88" from the drawer menu.

  • Add a share button on the video details page

  • Hive Auth Changes suggested by arcange

  • Default Video Title & Video Description is difficult to select all & clear

  • Video Recommendations should be the same as Video Feeds

  • Video Recommendation - remove Views, Duration, Posted ago - as it's unavailable.

  • Move the Full-screen button within the Video Player.

  • Trim white spaces at the beginning and the end - arcange

  • Play Videos from the My Videos section

  • Ecency - Support HiveSigner

  • Videos are not getting published - the library is not working as expected - contacted deathwing, mahdiyari, hivetrending, etc.

  • AutoDetect Portrait & Landscape for 3Shorts

  • AutoDetect Portrait & Landscape for 3Speak Videos

  • Portrait Video player for portrait videos - Video Details

  • Refresh button to reload - My Videos

  • Refresh button to reload Feed - Home, New, Trending

  • Refresh button to reload 3Shorts CTT, General

  • Ecency - published API - handle decline rewards use case

  • Update cron-job for posts with declined rewards use case

  • Post content - Update links to the table - mobile app

  • Rishi - Play Preview before publishing


Always grateful for the wonderful job the team is doing and to have brought us 3Speak.
Have used it for a long time now and seeing extra updates on the specifics, is nice to see now and then to get an idea, just how much is being done!

We are very very close to fully updated, smoothly operating products now. Exciting times!

That's heaps exciting then! Look forward to seeing how smooth it all will run and I noticed for awhile, the upload times have been a lot faster which is a massive thing for everyone to have!

Upload times will get even faster, we will do instant publish and then encode in the back ground. Just need some time to build it. It’s on the list for later

I have no words, just highly impressed but not surprised. Keen for that but take your time and keep working on all the things on the list, we have faith in the team. 😃

Lol what are you doing to those poor developers!? @threespeak


A typo or Grammarly being a troll. Lol.

Grammarly AI trolls

Wonderful, I know that little by little many improvements have been made to the platform. I use 3speak a lot and anything that helps is a great improvement. I don't know if it's possible, but it would be great if there was an automatic way to have subtitles, especially translations. I know it's a lot to ask and I don't know if it's been mentioned in meetings, but it would save a lot of lives hehe... Excellent work @threespeak and @spknetwork team 🏆

We should see what we can do with @hivecuba for their translation capabilities regards to this. Seems there might be an opportunity there

Happy to help in any way we can. Just let us know.

What interesting changes in general.

Sagar is doing a fabulous job, my congratulations to him.

Everything they are doing is impressive, the truth is they are advancing quickly.

Nice teamwork!

It is getting to the point where a lot of great changes are going to come all at once, all of a sudden. we have so much coming up soon. Glad you enjoy what is happening.

@sagarkothari88 is a legend!!

The pace at which they are advancing is really very impressive, that is very positive for hive and the truth is I am very excited to see the new changes in the spk network.

I look forward to the moment when 3speak is as important a reference as YT. =D (and I know we can achieve that challenge)

Yes, we do too. if you are running the desktop app, it cant be shut down. once spk network is being used fully to help back up the content, its so incredibly powerful. looking forwards to going into test net imminently!!

What you mention is very important, I am going to mention it among my contacts because I am sure they do not know and it is a very interesting function.

I will be very attentive to the test, from now on I follow you so as not to miss the notification friend.

very happy with the updates

So are we. exciting times!

Seems like you lot got your hands busy :)

Keep up the great work and make Hive Blockchain greater than ever!

Thank you!!! Doing everything we can! by hook or by crook!

I like the fact that the update keeps coming and as a three speak user I sure am happy about the updates going on.
Great job team threespeak

We have put a system in place now so that these updates should come more often and give a better understanding of what we are working on and what we have done. Hopefully this gives you and the wider community a better understanding of all the amazing work the Devs here are doing!

really great updates! keep them coming. How far away are we from the full release?

We are about to test the sign up system. In a couple weeks we will be running test environment for the release of the new version of 3speak. Let’s say a couple months testing and we should release by end of year.

SPK Network testnet should be out in a week or two. Maybe sooner. Let’s see

Shoutout to 3speak!


@threespeak! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @bigtakosensei. (1/1)

Appreciate that!! its very encouraging to see the love from the community. We are by no means perfect. but we are doing our best with what we have. things will start coming together fast now!

Woah! Too many! Thanks for all this update on the development progress of 3 Speak.

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