It's time for NEW and IMPROVED Bernies!

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Due to excessive nagging by a certain curator I know, I will be attempting to give the new changes a chance.

My stake will now be used to manually curate and vote shit I like, plus I will be downvoting over rewarded garbage or whatever I see fit.

I won’t be spam posting and upvoting, and I will attempt to ignore the excessive trolls that seem to be obsessed with me, but that will be a case by case basis. The automated downvoting and commenting to the trolls was stopped days ago.

Flags will now be used on the real "abusers" (using other peoples definition this time).

Trying to turn a new leaf, or really just go back to what I did years ago - curate.

Edit: Removed the self-vote and updated my bot. Self-voting comments that are flagged and will try to vote any other flagged comments to keep them visible.


I have no earthly idea what you guys are talking about 😂😜

Steem Diplomacy Tribe. steem Diplomats sell steem all around the world to all sorts of governments. The truth of steem adoption, it will happen with public sector universities and police forces will end up using it. Police steem tribe will be fun too, and steem Model UN. Oh there thats it. Stem Model UN.

This would be another level :D

Can I ask why you chose the username you have? I've been trying to match it to either your philosophy or an antagonistic choice, but haven't been able to settle on anything clearly. My current best guess is simply: you got it at a time when choosing a valuable username might be useful down the line, and Bernie was all over the news.

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HOT! Getting some sun is clearly working out for you :')

haha I love that guy, such a good show

What show is it? When I see him i think hes maybe a funny skin head from sons of anarchy or any other show trying to relive breakin bad?

It's from Barry!

Nice! Now I have another show for my list of post-writing binge watching :-)

Great news, I miss when you actually curated. Does this mean you'll stop comment farming as pornburn too ?

I see no reason to do that given it’s supporting the PORN community, which is built on top of Steem. Although it will be less frequent.

If its about burning porn tokens, why does it need $10 STEEM upvotes as well ? Would you support the exact same situation on another tribe you weren't heavily invested in ? I'd have no issue with it it was really only burning porn tokens, but pumping a dying tribe using comment rewards farming is hard to justify. Either way, I hope you stick to genuine curation and become a positive force on steem again, instead of an infamous bully.

Why would I support a tribe I’m not invested in? I don’t see how this hurts anyone so I plan to continue.

You can always use your downvote power to reduce the rewards.

I meant if someone else did the same thing on their own tribe. Like if I started a bunch of account farming comments just to "burn PAL", but actually just farmed rewards from steem to pump PAL I doubt it would be received well.

I probably will flag a few but in the big scheme of things there are much larger abuses going on to focus on - thanks for answering honestly anway.

I have no intention of “pumping” anything. I won’t be buying off the sell books with the goal being to buy as much PORN as possible to burn.

Isn't the goal of burning to reduce supply and increase the value for those remaining ? Pumping was a bad choice of word, but the end result is roughly the same - steem reward pool being used to support price of a different token, with no value going to steem stakeholders afaik.

Hey, creating these tokens on this chain wasn’t my idea. I don’t really think a vote or two is going to hurt steem in any capacity but may actually benefit PORN while they try to onboard new users.

Shit man.... a new (insert a #newsteem, can I get an amen?) cuddly, none flag waring, all curating, no more posting GIFs of cock sucking, Bernie!!?

Can it be true? I'll give ya an amen dude for throwing all the drama aside and returning to earning through support.

I have to say.... a single tear is rolling down my cheek right now.

P.s. in all seriousness, well done, good decision. If I remember right, you used to support @comedyopenmic? That was one of my favourite things on steem. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

We need Comedyopenmic back Bernie. I use the funny money to generate funds for a dick transplant scheduled for december 😭

That guy @belemo is speaking some sense @berniesanders! COM is what is needed to inject some much needed fun back into steem. It can't all be posts about the DAO EIP HF21 and the DIKWD.... Ok I made that last acronym up 😉

Let's get some funny back on steem. I was talking to @nonameslefttouse about this the other day and he agrees. There are still a few people writing the odd funny post on steem but d'you remember the buzz when COM was running?

#lookingforsomethingtocurate? #bringbackcomedyopenmic

I shed a tear too buddy, you just cannot believe it and the comments say it all man.

Trying to turn a new leaf, or really just go back to what I did years ago - curate.

Was thinking while I was reading that this is the old bernie coming to new steem ... welcome back.

Awesome man! I too cut off the comment farming and self voting, I am going to curate and downvote, I will make better posts too

Yay! My old buddy, Bernies, is back! We should get the ol’ chat gang back together! Have a reunion tour in price, or something! :)

Only if Turkish Oil Wrestling PPV matches are included.

Welcome to #newsteem ... I was expecting to not like it but it's actually much better. ROI was also.

This is great news, I love positive Bernie

The automated downvoting and commenting to the trolls was stopped days ago.

Sounds Good for me Bernie....
Try this forward and help us to make Steem better. But not with hard-lining.

As i was a Steem Noob your Name was a "Dark One". Be carefull from Bernie i thought. I think this make not a good Few to the Steem. We should be a open Place. If you Downvote Something than not complete Accounts from real People.

Everybody of us wrote shit some day. I am sure. :-)

(Sometimes i think i am a Troll, please proof it for me, with your parameters.:-)


Welcome back and you should bring back engagement. Forget the trolls and do you boo.

Reading the comments here below feel me with joy, thanks Bernie.
The truth is I saw this reply on Twitter and I had to come out to prove and guess what it's

Thanks to however persuaded you hahahaha.

I stopped by because of a resteem by @steemchiller who is very good man working for STEEM and I was confused. Always beware of Bernie... that was told when I started blogging here. My English is not so good, but I can feel the change behind your words. Congratulation, this is the first sunspot after the HF's! Thank you ... I cannot write welcome back, because I did not know you at your starting but I can say Welcome! !BEER and !ENGAGE 100 Kadna

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Well shit.

This may be the reversal signal I was looking for to buy more steem.

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Never got a chance to interact with you, but I'm glad about this change @berniesanders.
PS This post should be featured by steem, for real @andrarchy

Glad to hear it. Maybe there is hope for this platform after all.

It took a while for me, but eventually one realizes the trolls really aren't worth the time and effort. Sure, it was fun for a bit, but when you realize how pathetic their lives really are, it puts things into perspective.

and I will attempt to ignore the excessive trolls that seem to be obsessed with me

If you show them #newbernie I think they will cease to exist. #newsteem is glad to have you. Enjoy!

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Since it's not april 1st I'm just gonna choose to be happy about this! :)

I have thought about it, but, not charging for votes...

Maybe the 'profits' could go to the sps?

Interesting....will think about that one.

That would be freaking awesome.

That would be really cool!

This is awesome and the possibility of randowhale coming back is also really cool!
Cheers man!

I think that could end up being the best thing about the HFs. ;-)

We shall see what happens, I still think STINC is a bunch of fuckups with too much control over this chain.

On that point we totally agree.

That's absolutely true, man! 👏

The current low price is largely a result of their past failures. That in turn has forced them to auto-sell a larger number of tokens than otherwise would've been the case. That problem has been self-correcting to an extent.

eh? -- Damn .. now you're going Canuck .. or maybe you always were Canuck

We used to throw each other in the fire... Now we play bongos and drink bio-lemonade.

And they say we haven't grown as a species!!


Edit: Had to have my logo on it!

Hmm. I think I would gladly kill that one on the right!!

Yes, as you said. Newsteem is getting out of hand. Now we can only dream of those fab time with flag-wars, first generation steemit super stars like Stellabelle, and the Dan and Ned personality cult.

is this from like a political cartoon in a newzpaper? very cool

Oh no. I made it myself :) Sometimes I see a comment that is best answered with a drawing, and if I am sitting here drawing anyway I take it as a challenge and a break from... drawing.

Very creative. That made me laugh!

Let me pass the dutchy to the left hand side bro... and like the stars are just popping man... now where is my djembe.

Them's some crispy beats dude 😂

Haha, Steemdashit in 6 month...

Dude.... where did you get that footage of me! I I've given too much away on my profile 😂 I can't remember where I got that rainbow cape.... but I do remember how it made me fly 🍄🍄🍄

You can't hide anything in the everlasting blockchain blocks from Private Block Dick! HAHAHAHA!

Nah, I 'm shitting you. I was there myself. In the yellow caravan with Odin painted on the door. The lady in the blue hat is my girlfriend, Katharsisdrilla. A very awkward woman.

Ha ha, that hat is 'fat Freddy's cat' furry.

Looks like a good time in the desert 🤣🤡😳

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Freak brothers are one the great inspirations for my comic (which can be seen here)! I even wrote about how Gilbert Shelton inspired my comic about Phill from GCHQ here on Steemit.

Great blog you have, I saw your last post and I really like the local history approach to the travelling foreign countries approach. I sometimes write some of those myself from the
Copenhagen area.

weird russians listening to pystrance. lol u went thru so much war to get to steem. man wtf, i have actually seen this artist live in sacremento, and whats funny is i had some russian guy show us tehse twop puzzles, i found those puzzles later on theyy re from japan liek 20 bcuks each lol dude i nee dto order thsoe puzzles againteh 3 black linska nd the octagon that comes apart wit a secret, this russian guy outside was liek if u can solve teh puzzle uc an ahve it and my friend almost did it and wa sliek hey hey come ona nd he took it back hahahahaha

but someoen at this pystrance partyainside the community cente ror veterans center opr something, it was like, so weird some guy toldme he was a caterer,. at bohemian grove and was all freaked out about it haha and he wasnt lying it was northern california near that place anyway, up in da redwoods

man so weird seein russians partying to pystrance with all that weird russian geopolitical vibe happening like so weird man russia so depressing but u guys take pyschedelics and get crypto and have good life theer so its all good, u could turn russia into america in like one decade man

Russians are such fascinating people. I heard this music 5 years ago, very complex and wild. Funny that you have seen him live. I'm from Denmark and there's a strong psytrance and forest trance community here, so maybe next time he plays in a nearby forest i should go see him.

This post is better be featured by tomorrow!
That is some news every steemit user should read in their feed!

Riding on trending already.

That's hilarious. Never gonna happen.

Wow, I don’t know who could talk you over, but that person has skills, that’s for sure! 😲

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If the #newsteem could do this to bernie, then it can do probably anything. Btw special thanks to the nagging curator. ;)

Lol you’re a mess. I didn’t do anything, I nag people for free... and I just really find joy in directing my nagging super powers at you 🤷‍♀️

btw, I did nothing.. take the credit already.

You are gonna need some strong Viagra to give Steem a lift.

LOL.I missed you already, bad boy! You give this party a different rhythm.

Welcome home Bernie!

I blame partiko! Jk! 🌞🌞🌞

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I haven't seen a post from you in two weeks and i was beginning to wonder...well welcome back.

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You spent your time very well... and the result is excellent, it seems! 🤩

Wouldn't be "green" nature would it?

Usually seems to fix many ailments.....'s just a few lines but you gave me the chills ya shit. Glad to see you back. Let's make this place better.

I’ve seen you curate quality content before. I’m glad you’re gonna double down on that. Maybe this ship can be turned around.

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I happy for you, yeah you really did change, that's all that counts! I found out I was wrong.

Let's hope you'll be a better curator than whatever you were trying to be before.

Well this is just great Bern, that's all we all wanted to see. I'm sure you saw me as a whiner or a troll, however I was just trying to get you to stop certain aspects of your behaviour, or at least get you to see that you were being more than a bit draconian.

Anyways, I hope we can shake hands and move on.


This seems like another hardfork ... A Bernie-fork!

Going to check the STEEM prices on the market now see the impact

!giphy market mover

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

I'm excited for you. And Imma let you finish... But I've DV'd b/c of disagreement on rewards, and the fact that this is trending.

I believe even you said that it would be ridiculous if his hits trending.

That Kanye line will never get old 😅

Dear @berniesanders,
that's a really good new!

Please consider upvoting this undervalued post, if you like it!

A huge hug 🤗 & $trdo

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@amico Asking for an upvote is surely asking for a downvote.... although this is the #newsteem with a #newbernie so maybe not.....

Ahahhahahh, I love the risk! 😋

Don't know what any of this means, but Congrats! You got my support Bernie!

Anyway you can still keep going after that coininstant guy? That fella seems to hate himself and life in general, downvoting people because he just had a nasty BM recently or something.

To be fair you are the reason lots of people left so you not acting like a spoiled 4 year old will be nice :P

"Lots" is an absolute overstatement. Way to test this out.

I'm actually doing feck all else right now so I will give it a go(prove many people left because of you).
I was one of the people btw and yeah me calling you out on it was kind of a test to see how you would react. It wasnt with a massive downvote so you passed phase one haha

But this is my new/old hobby. Chatting to people on steemit and showing them the same respect they show others. You repay kindness with kindness.

You fucked up but you wanna make it right and that is obviously great. That don't mean we forget and forgive so easily. If you don't like someone then don't speak to them. If some noob gets involved in one your stupid fights you don't need to ruin them for not knowing better. They just looking to lick your ass or the other whale you choose to fight with atm for a little upvote.

Please do not delude yourself into thinking you did not ruin this experience for many people. That is the first step to recovery.

Did you enjoy your time atop that high horse?

I am absolutely NOT expecting anyone to forgive or forget anything and whether you realize it or not, the vast majority of the time my attention was given to people who brought it on themselves. Now, they're not getting that attention they so desire.

Move along. You don't need to repeat what so many have already said.

m8 i have made more mistakes than most so I could not even get onto a high chair never mind a high horse. You are correct that you did have noble intentions at times and I remember the most of it. Hell you were even very funny.

Dan fucks his cat hahahaahahaha

I only got back and saw this so gave my two cents. I am just not nearly as diplomatic as others about it. I honestly wish you all the best though. Just remember its much easier to wreck a reputation than build it and you got a lot of building to do. Take care m8

I actually take it back. From reading the rest of your comments you have not changed at all. You still think "everything" you did was justified and even fun. You just like to make other people feel bad. That is an irredeemable personality trait and for that I wish you you nothing but the worst. Enjoy being alone :)

#newsteem ahead! Interesting times we are in! Nice to see you around!

Best post I've seen today. That is exciting to hear!

Any chance this account got hacked or sold? or are you really just a great big teddy bear....??? Welcome to Newsteem, it's good to have you here.

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Glad you are happily adjusting to newsteem. Everyone gets a chance to change.

Looking at your tags...

....always did love those last minute murmurers (grumble, grumble, grumble) (walks away.) lol.