Building A Better Name With Dreemport

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May 9, 2022

For many of us, writing is just easy but getting readers, followers, and promoting content is the challenging part. Unless you're a writer who doesn't care about having readers as you only think about getting tips just like what I said to @olawalium in his recent article. But for a writer who values both writing and reading, we always wanted our content to be read by others. And as for me, our content is useless without readers. What's the point of writing without readers anyway? We write not just writing for ourselves and to express our thoughts, but to educate and inspire readers. That's how our writing journey will become worth taking.

Different social media like Facebook and Twitter are our mediums for promoting our content. And other blogging platforms are where we could share our content, as well as onboard users to write on our current platform using your affiliate links. That's the main purpose of cross-posting, to promote content and onboard users.

It's hitting two birds with one stone. You are helping the platform to grow while promoting your content and getting more readers. Cross-posting may be time-consuming and challenging at first, but if you want to get more readers and establish a name on different blogging platforms, you'll probably take this into account.

I learned about it from @ifarmgirl and @coquicoin posts but I didn't mind it. Until recently when I joined a contest on EcoTrain where I needed to post my entry on Dreemport as well, to be promoted and included in the weekly challenge. So I decided to register on this platform and partake in the challenge.

At first, I thought the platform was just for promoting content from Hive and supported platforms under its chain. But upon reading the information about it, I found out that it's for everyone and different writers from different platforms can promote their content there as well to get more readers while participating in curating content and weekly challenges.

Many probably knew about this platform already, but for those who don't, especially newbies, this would be a big help for you to build a name and acquire more readers, while interacting with others on different platforms.

What is Dreemport?

Dreemport is a that allows people to connect with different readers and writers across different platforms, front-ends, and communities.

What can we get from promoting content on Dreemport?


The platform welcomes everyone and you will get a chance to earn DREEM, the platform's token while curating and promoting content.

Newbies are definitely welcome here. And oldbies could make a fresh start and opportunity to get new readers and followers while earning crypto through writing.

There is no favoritism, no upvoting and downvoting, no followers, and communities as it is all randomized. You can drop your content, comment, and upvote on other content, and follow writers you like using the supported system of a certain platform.

If you love Hive,, Medium, Blurt, Vocal, Appics, Publish0x, Torum, etc, but don't want to be disloyal to them, you don't need to worry about it on Dreemport.

How do you earn DREEM tokens?

After registering on the site, you have to participate in curating other articles to be able to promote your content. Each day, you will receive five pieces of random content from different writers which you need to curate and rank based on the quality of the content. Your basis for accepting, rejecting, or ranking content should be accurate and not biased. Your genuine curation will be rewarded with the platform's token. And those in the top five daily and weekly would earn more. Participating in different #DreemPortChallenge will also help you earn more DREEM tokens.

How to get started on Dreemport?

Dreemport is still in its testing stage, username and password were enough to make an account. But recently, they added the email address confirmation. If you have a Hive account, you can also use that so you could receive DREEM and Hive tokens tips from the guild.

You can visit this article of @dreemport to know about how to starr on this platform.
How Do I Use Dreemport?

In case you are curious about how to curate, it's very simple.
To curate:

  • Click READ POST and you will be directed to the platform where the content was posted. You can upvote, downvote, or comment and give tips to the article.
  • After reading, go back to Dreemport and submit your curation result. ACCEPT if the article makes sense and the writer put valuable time into writing. REJECT if the article is spam, plagiarized, and breaking the curation rules. Then click SUBMIT after choosing your vote.
  • After reading all 5 articles, you will be given the last chance to check your curation result. Click I AM CERTAIN if you are sure of your choices.
  • Once all is done, you can RANK the articles from most liked to least liked. Simply click and drag the article to where you want to position it.
  • Go back the next day to check if your curation results aligned with the guild's result. Click CLAIM ALL. Then you will receive DREEM tokens from your genuine curation.

Fortunately, my first curation result was 100% aligned.


Is curating other articles necessary?

Each day, after curating 5 articles, you will be able to submit your article, and it will be included in the list of random articles that will be curated by others. You can only submit one article per day.

You will be ranked based on the accuracy of your curation results and your own articles' evaluations by other curators.


And to enter the ranking stage, content must be original, high-quality, appropriate, and well-written. The higher your rank, the more tokens you will earn.

How to submit content to Dreemport?


  • On the top right corner of the screen, click SUBMIT.
  • On the given fields, enter the title of your content, a short description of the content, the URL of the content, and the cover photo's URL.
  • Then Confirm!

You can go back the next day to check if your content passed or not.


Just a pretty reminder before curating and submitting content: The Dreemport guild strictly implements Rated PG-13 standards. Your content might be accepted by others since the selection is random, but not by the guild. So be sensible in choosing which content to submit. Additionally, content about photography, videos, and music is also accepted but make sure to include enough written content. There should be no sexual content, plagiarism, and others that break the curation guidelines.

You can read the Curation Guidelines to check the do's and don'ts for curating content.

This is certainly great way for newbies to get more followers and for all of us to establish a name on different blogging platforms. We all started from scratch and we know how tough it is to get more followers.

As a writer, we value our content and readers, as well as our favorite blogging platform. As much as possible, we want to get more readers and followers to make our writings more worth it.

And if you want to grow in this blogging world, you have to step out and connect with other writers on different platforms. Dreemport allows different writers from different platforms to connect and build a strong foundation while having fun and earning tokens.

Don't be worried about curating, it is just easy. You just need to read, curate, and rank articles. Just be honest with your choices. It will also help you meet different writers ☺.

Why don't you try it? Just ping me if you need help.

Thanks for reading.


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Thank you for this incredible post supporting DreemPort! We have been working really hard to bring something that will bring value to newbies and oldbies alike! and we try not to hype or spend time on marketing! We think its much better for us to spend our time on what helps the users - and let the users tell others if we're doing something right. So when we see this kind of post from a new person that loves what we're doing??? It makes us really proud!

Thank you for spreading the word to others and for validating our efforts! Feels great to be appreciated!

Thank you too. And I posted this on another platform to inform others 😁

oh my gosh!!! what an amazing thing for me to wake up to see!!!!!

It always THRILLS me when one of our users loves DreemPort enough to actually write a review for us!!! But you went above and beyond by writing a review AND showing people a guide!!! wow Miss Jane!!!! This is really special!!!!

I am sitting here beaming!!! smiling from cheek to cheek!!! and just so honored that you felt moved enough to write this!!!!

THANKS for this!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

you have made my day!!!!

my week even! hehehehe. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Haha.. I'm glad that I made your day. I'm just stating the fact. I'm happy I pursued Dreemport 😁

Absolutely, Janey. When I saw your comment that you replied to, through Dreemport, I was super excited to have you on board here. Dreemport is really making a difference and the support and promotions to so many posts make it easier too. I know a lot of people who got to know about Read Cash all because of Dreemport and they registered too. I love the whole idea and inspiration behind it. @dreemsteem just knows how to get things done. Thank you @dreemport we can all dream again.

Posted this there too so that readcash friends would use it. 😁

That's a brilliant one, Janey.

hehehe thank you @olawalium !!! You have been one of the MOST faithful users of DreemPort ever since you joined!!!! I always love your drive to get the MOST use of every platform! You are the King of the Hustle! hehehehehe love it!!!! and love that you're a dreemer, through and through! ❤️

Hahahaha I love the hustling spirit hahaha. Thank you so much. It is so easy to dream with Dreemport and I am so happy to be here too. It's a huge opportunity.

This is amazing Jane❣️ It's really good to see you active on Dreemport, enjoying it, and appreciating all of the benefits of being involved. It truly is a fantastic community and a springboard both to exposure to a more diverse range of authors and articles and for getting your own content in front of more readers across multiple blogging platforms. Loved reading this review and user guide! Looking forward to reading more of your pieces in the Port. !LUV !ALIVE !PIZZA

@jane1289! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Thank you for the LUV and PIZZA... 🥰🥰..

 2 months ago  

This post has seriously made me feel proud of my Dreem Teem. I am feeling proud of being the part of this teem. Our leeder @dreemsteem wanted to make a platform which would be different from other platforms. Something that would be unbiased and would support only those who would put their efforts, not like many other platforms where your money can turn the game into your favor. A platform where the opportunities to grow are equal for everyone. Above all, that would build the genuine connection......and this post made me feel that she has succeeded. We have succeeded. A very warm welcome to you @jane1289 to our lovely port.

You have said it well that what's the point of writing if no one is there to read you. Dreemport is the platform that understands the worth of reading in the life of a writer. That's why it pays you for the effort you put in for reading.

Keep dreeming with us..
Welcome once again ❤

that is exactly how I felt too!!! beaming with pride! hehehehe Glad that you felt it too, sweet Amber!!!! hehehehe love that more and more people are beginning to dreem with us!!!! :)

 2 months ago  

that is exactly how I felt too!

Again... we felt the same thing 😎

Sometimes the Guild is quiet (like me), and I just choose to read quietly, and support DreemPort through delegation, and buying Dreem tokens, and upvoting the posts that I enjoy a lot. @dreemsteem (my wife) shared this with me, and I was happy to come and support this post more publicly! 😊 Thank you for making her day! This project is very important to her, and to me as well. She's working hard and posts like this make her realize that the Dreem Teem is doing awesome things with this project! Thank you for taking the time to do this. You have no idea how much posts like this mean to all of us!

Hello @jane1289, it's so nice to see you already have good knowledge of how DreemPort works and the benefits attached to using it daily. This is an amazing review.

As you go on with your journey on DreemPort, I believe you will enjoy all the experiences and you will also get to grow your profile on the chain. It's a good way to connect with Quality content creators from different parts of the world. Of course, you will also be getting more eyes on your posts. It's a win-win-win-win. Hehe.

Enjoy being part of the Dreem.

hehehe that's right.... she will understand how much we love win/win/win/wins - right???

I can't wait til we get more of your onchain-curation people to join in too! heheheheh

In time, in time... it will grow slowly and surely and strong!

good morning to you King!!!

Good morning Ma. Haha. It surely has to be 4 wins for it to be the Dreem way. No exception.

We will grow gradually and our impact will be felt individually by everyone that will come in contact with us.

Let's keep the fire burning. Hehe. Good Morning Ma

I cant wait to sign up and have a look at the platform. Reading some random articles each day is a super way to discover new writers and content.

Oh.. you should log in now 😁

Yay! Glad you finally decided to get in. And you have written a fantastic guide about it too. Cheers sis! I have not been to Dreemport for quite a long while already.

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hehehehe and we miss you!!!! but thank you for bringing Jane to us! hahahaha :)

come back Farm Girl!!!!! ❤️🤗

I miss you all too and I'm just here, lurking, lol!

Yeah.. not seeing your profile there. Thanks btw for this 😁

I'm squeezing in now after I read your post :) I'm very slow these days, I think I'm a bit burnt out, lol!

believe me... if you are burnt out... TAKE THE TIME TO REST!!!

You won't feel the joy if you are pushing too hard.

This is part of the reason why we take weekends off on DreemPort every weekend... because we know that if we go go go every day?? People will NOT have that same joy - but only obligation.

and sometimes you need MORE rest than just a weekend. Hive can be so much fun - and writing is what writers do - right??? ehehehe

but we STILL need to take a pause, and wait for that balance to come back to us - so that we can be refilled and refueled for the JOY to be the driving energy behind what we do.

we aren't going to leave you! hehehehe so you just take the time to rest and relax your mind a bit - when you have calmed and are READY to write again - THEN you come back and have fun with us! hehehehehehe

sending you love!!!

(and if you don't believe me... go look at my blog... i think i only wrote twice last week! hehehe i've been traveling and instead of pushing hard to keep up with writing - i realized i needed to allow some space to let it happen naturally - you know?? so believe me, believe me, believe me.... hehehehe i know exactly how you feel! LOL)

Nice advice. I need this too haha

hahahahaha yes - we ALL need this advice now and then! hehehee

just remember - the people who appreciate you will NEVER be harsh with you for taking time to rest.

they will ALWAYS be ready for your return with understanding! :)

so when the time comes, just take what you need, when you need it! and let us know when you return so we can welcome you back! LOLOL

Oh, no. I don't believe you, LOL! I honestly do of course. I think I just absorbed too much emotional burden due to a friend's struggle the past week that it made me feel emotionally burnt out, my sleep was even affected just thinking about it. But then the husband took me out on a wee date this morning after the voting so lots of the invisible loads on my shoulder were lifted off me haha!

Oh, no. I don't believe you, LOL!


The date!!! The husband!!!!

YESSSSSSSS tell him that he just got the Dreemie Award for noticing that his wife needed extra love today hehehehehehe

Hahaha, if only I can share a photo of his priceless smile when he learned he's got a Dreemie Award😅 He says "Salamuch" (thanks a lot)

hahahahahahaha ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now i wish i saw the smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

We all become burnt out too. I guess I'll become one soon 🤣

If anyone gets burned out, it's a sign they care too much; in a way, that's what we want, rather than being apathetic or not caring anymore. Breaks are necessary if only to let the mind work its way subconsciously through adversity. If we don't take those breaks, then we just shut down; that's just as bad as being burned out.

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Thanks.. Of course, we are just humans that need a break 🙂

hahaha yes - when i first started writing on Hive (and before that - on STeemit) oh my gosh - i was joyfully addicted and spent WAY too much time here.

but it was sooooooooooo fun!!!

but as always hahaha sometimes it just becomes too much LOLOL

hard to pull back on things we enjoy - but when the mind and body becomes burnt out.... we MUST pull back or else we destroy all that we enjoy.

hehehehe so.... don't worry - you will know when you need to take a little rest.

hehehehe try to take a bit of rest each week - so you don't crash and burn very hard all at once! LOLOL

Doing it always every Sunday 😁 but sometimes not enough 🤣

ah yes - Sunday rest!!! the best kind hehehe

ok - well i'll be watching to encourage you not to burn out too much LOLOL

Sure thanks 😁

Rest ka sis :) For me, it's not physically though, heard a friend's tough struggles and it stayed with me, kinda weighing me down.

hehehe yep Jane ... @ifarmgirl has her profile on DreemPort!

as a matter of fact - she is only 1 day of alignment away from leveling up to Level 9 hehehee

AND... she was one of the amazing Dreemers that earned a beautiful "Encourager" frame to go around her Profile picture for the last DreemPort challenge - look how pretty it is! hehehehe

I wonder if you even saw it yet @ifarmgirl?? hhahahaha you SHOULD come back to DreemPort because THIS month you are earning DOUBLE dreem tokens for EVERY curation you do - due to winning that special profile frame! hahahaha

It only lasts for the Month of May... so do utilize that special benefit from earning that frame!!! ❤️ @coquicoin hehehe that applies to you too! have you seen your frame yet? hahahaha Just log in and see - and realize that every day in May when you use DreemPor - you get double dreem!


What a timing that I'm here, lol! I saw it moments ago and I love it! I have wings! LOL! I'm happy to be here of course, and forgive me for being AWOL these recent days. I was schooling, haha! But I assure you, I am not gone, just being challenged with time.

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Thank you for the LADY!!!!!!!!!!

no no no... NO apologies necessary! hehehe I just read your other comment and left you a big reply! telling you to rest - and find your rhythm and then come back.

but YES you have wings for when you are ready to FLY again hahahahahahahaha

but you are not AWOL!! hahaha you are just resting - big difference

we miss you - but we can WAIT for you to return at the proper time hehehe until then - you just keep doing your schooling!! hehehehe we will be proud of good grades from you! hahahahahaha

Thank you lots! And yes, will be back rocking, LOL! 😎

Hey, Dreemie! I saw my frame, and I have to add my profile picture. I promise I'll do it this week.
I haven't been much active these days in Dreemport but I've submitted last Friday for the challenge and will do this week too ;)🤗

hehehe hey there coqui!!!! and yep - as you can tell from my blog this week -i've been a little on the quiet side too! hehehe

I've been traveling and watching my sister's children hehehe so I'm a bit pre-occupied hahaha

but ill be coming home on Wednesday! and then - back in business hahahahaha

i'm so glad that you jumped in for the ecotrain challenge!!! it was fun right???

Make sure you at least curate today so your vote is part that counts for all the dreemers! hehehe that's one of the benefits of being a curator - you actually get a say in who wins! hehehe

sending love to you - and yes yes yes hahaha make your DreemPort profile picture uniquely YOU! ❤️

But it's great that you are spending some time with your sis' children and enjoying being an aunt, hehe.

Ok, I'll be sure to do my curation today. ;)

A hug to you too 😘

Glad you find Dreemport awesome!

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Cool post! I'm part of the Guild and have been working on the project for a while now. I don't normally interact with people in public, as I spend most of my time behind the scenes as a Guild member on DreemPort. 😄 But I had to come drop a comment to let you know how cool I thought this was! Have a great day - thanks for the shout out!

Thank you that you guys appreciate my post 🥰

Is that my post and profile on one those rankings.... Hehehehe.

Glad that you are taking advantage of dreemport. I love dreemport too because I get to read interesting contents and at the same time rank them.

Oh, by the way, I saw this on dreemport yesterday while I was looking for a photo to add to my post 😉

I see you're already making wave on dreemport. Well done @jane1289. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts on dreemport babes. Welcome on board 💚💚

hahahaha you're famous !!! LOL

how are you doing today sweet Iska! :)

Hahaha.... I am blushing 🙈

I am doing great ma'am. How about you?

Happy new week. 🤗🥰🥰

hehehe happy new week for you too!!! doing very well! and will be traveling home tomorrow - so I'm always excited to get back into my own space!!!

arent you so thrilled with this post that @jane1289 wrote??? my gosh - i feel like she did such a wonderful job, gushing over the dreemers and all that we bring! heheheheh so happy to have her in our dreem family! :)

arent you so thrilled with this post that @jane1289 wrote??? my gosh - i feel like she did such a wonderful job, gushing over the dreemers and all that we bring! heheheheh so happy to have her in our dreem family

Hahaha... I am. I have always planned to do a post about dreemport and she beat me to it. Lol.

But yesterday, I did bring up as part of it as I wanted to point out something to someone in my post. That's how I found Jane's ranking on the site, and I choose to screenshot that part because I was impressed that she just got here and she's already pulling in the crowd... Hehehehe.

She is doing amazingly well. And I am super happy to have her in the family. 💚💚

hehehe happy new week for you too!!! doing very well! and will be traveling home tomorrow - so I'm always excited to get back into my own space!!!

Safe trip ma'am. Please, be back in the space sooner. 🥰🥰

hehehe i certainly will!!! love you iska!!!

Love you too ma'am. 💚💚❤️❤️❣️❣️

Thanks iska 🥰

You're welcome Jane. 🥰🥰

I'm happy to be part of the dreemers. 😁

Haha.. I guess I curated one or two p3 your posts. 🤣 thanks by the way 😁

Hahaha... No problem. You are welcome. ❣️❣️

nicely done. It takes time to decide what to cover and the order to go so as not to be confusing in the rush to explain. You managed to keep a nice flow.

Knowing you had a little bump getting started it's great to see you roar back and really take hold with DreemPort.. Good job and thank you for the work on putting this together.

Thank you too.. I presume you are one of the guild members? 😁

I am part of the Core Team .. yes.

Dreemport will open a lot of doors for you and get a ton of new eyes on your content. Great work!

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Thank you 😁

Most excellent and awesome testimonial and user guide of the @dreemport project @jane1289, I will bookmark this and use it to refer to others the requirements, commitments, and benefits of this remarkable program. I am actually surprised that someone who is in the project for only one week can be so knowledgeable about the entire project, well done! And we usually have to go tie @dreemsteem up so she doesn't explode with all of the excitement and energy that this gives her, she'll have a grin that will wrap a pretty good width across her face lol!!! And, thank you and congratulations for spreading the word of the project and also onboarding not only for Dreemport, but also for Hive, I saw that you had onboarded in the past as well. This is the kind of attitude and respect that gets a project or program up and running and guarantees that it will stay up and running through consistency. Bravo Janey!

Thank you. It's a pleasure to help this platform as it is helping me as well to build a name 🥰

 2 months ago  

So much to learn from a single post, i just kept reading until the end.
well detailed and explanatory'
I'm willing to embark on this new path and it will be a privilege to be tutored by you @jane1289

Sure.. Looking forward to seeing you there. 😁

I knew that part of my learning process was going to be mastering publishing posts to different platforms...the principle of this project is perfect, i'll be adopting asap.

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Nice.. Indeed a perfect platform

 2 months ago  

This is truly enlightening, I have to write out the steps so it will be easier for me and also to teach someone else ... But how can I get in contact with you?

At first, I thought the platform was just for promoting content from Hive and supported platforms under its chain. But upon reading the information about it, I found out that it's for everyone and different writers from different platforms can promote their content there as well to get more readers while participating in curating content and weekly challenges.

In fact, I had similar thoughts about Dreemport before going through this well organized article. Thanks for sharing this. Now, I have clear conception on how Dreemport works. Kudos to @dreemsteem and whole team members of Dreemport for this initiative. Pinning this content on the community wall so that it gets better visibility.

Thank you.. It's really a good platform to promote our content while interacting with different users here and outside

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Thnaks 😁

Wauuu thanks for bringing this to us,just putting more means of getting money in our pocket lol, I am very sure it's a good platform so I will definitely go try it

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Welcome and thanks for reading too 😁

You've made a very good explanation of how Dreemport works. And yes, it is very valuable to get new readers and to find good content from others users than the one we follow.

Are you still there? Not seeing you aroun on dreem 🙂

Yes, I am. But after the six weeks intense challenge, I needed a rest, lol. But I have submitted to the ecoTrain challenge, too ;) Dreemport is a nice place with very nice people involved :)

Indeed it is.

 2 months ago  

Oh woah!
This is well-detailed and self-explanatory! You did so well in pointing out all the facts about @dreemport, I can acknowledge the fact that everything said here is absolutely true, infact you gave a precise guideline for newbies and even oldbies that lost their way around dreemport! Pretty simple!

We truly appreciate your generous words in defining dreemport project!
I must admit that you are a fast learner! And it's a privilege to come across someone like you who could do more justice than harm!

So happy to grace your post Jane!
Gracias Mi Amiga!
Via #dreemport!

Thank you amiga.. We learn through experiences and reading ,😁

Yay! 🤗
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What an excellent introduction to Dreemport! In my opinion, you hit it right on the spot in your opening paragraph already...

What's the point of writing without readers anyway? We write not just writing for ourselves and to express our thoughts, but to educate and inspire readers.

Welcome to Dreemport!

Thank you so much for sharing this on Listnerds! I have heard of Dreemport through various communities, but your excellent write up explained the platform and its mission wonderfully!


Now we tried this a little bit and is awesome, good work!

I really appreciate this post. I was totally unaware of Dreem Port. I saw your post on ListNerds because a ListNerd member shared the link to your post in an email. If you are not already a member of ListNerds, you may want to consider joining and get the same benefits as the person who shared your link. I would love to see more of your posts.