This Time I Know It's For Real

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Daddy?! Daddy?? Help! I think one of my fish is dead??

The Little Lady yowled from the corner of her room as if one of her fish had died.

What's that, lass?

I stared at my phone screen on which the Hive Price was climbing majestically out of the crypto sludge, like James Bond coming out of the sea in Casino Royale.

One of my fish, Daddy. It's not moving?! Help!

There was a noise like someone falling down to the ground stricken by grief and panic.

Or it could have been the central heating pipes.

I tried to turn to face my beloved daughter but my eyes were glued to the screen of my phone like cat's testicles to fly-paper.

On it, the Hive Price kept climbing and climbing. It had hit the fabled dollar fiddy and showed no signs of stopping.

At this rate, we would be looking at multi-dollar hive.

I tried to imagine life with Hive at 3, 4 or even 5 dollars. My testicles ached at the thought of the moustachioed Lady-Minxes who would be pestering me on Discord like the last time Hive mooned.

There were only so many unsolicited and unplucked booty pics a man could take before his sanity crumbled like lepers fingers when kneading dough.

Even a man such as myself.


Reluctantly, I pulled myself away from charts and turned to stare at my daughter who was attempting the fine art of fish-scooping with one hand.

I admired her bravery at putting any appendage in the death soup that was our fish tank. Deep down, I worried sometimes that our fish tank was actually fish hell and that bad fish were sent to it to die.

No way was I sticking something in there and it wasn't often that such words crossed my lips.

Darling, darling. Never mind the fish. The Hive price is rocking!

I got down on my knees so I could look her in the eye.

But Daddy, my fish?

Lass, ignore the fish. Ignore it!! I. Hive is mooning. I will buy you a shark! Maybe even a whale. I will buy you ALL the fish. No marine animal will be too good for my daughter!

I leapt to my feet and whirled around in a merry dance.

But Daddy, how will we fit a whale in this house? Whales are gigantic?!

The Little Lady looked around at the walls of the room as if they were going to magically peel back and expose a fantastical Hive-powered funhouse.

I stopped whirling like a madman.

Lass. Never mind the house. Now that Hive is mooning, we will burn it. BURN IT TO THE GROUND!! We can buy a new house, with a tank for a Whale and a Porch for Daddy to sit on with his gun ready to shoot at no-good varmints whilst he smokes a pipe!

I sighed happily. The good times truly were a-coming.

But Daddy, what about the last time we burnt the house down because Hive Mooned? We had to live in a ditch when the price came tumbling straight down after.

I shrugged away her non-believing fears and sneaked a glance over at my phone. The price had crept up a few more cents.

Not this time lass. This time, I know it's for real.

A smile cracked open across my face as Donna Summer trilled her hit song in my head.

I had always liked Donna Summer. Perhaps with the Hive Moon, I could finally marry her? She had been dead for ages but that was fine, nothing a bit of Duct tape couldn't sort out.

Good job I had a rubbish sense of smell.

I went off to get the matches for the burning.

C'mon the Hive!


Hahaaa..duct tape fixes everything. I second your "C'mon the Hive!"

Let's Go!

Duct tape is magical in its fixery! I cant believe it took me so long in life to find it!

C'mon the Hive!

LOL wait till you discover WD40

Hahahhaha, I have always known that. The miracle lube! Ooer. But really it is!

Hey Boom I remember way back when she wanted snails. Perhaps its time to be done with the fish and just chuck a few snails in the tank. They love living in sludge and then all is not hell but well lol..

This time it is different. The Hive Moon is now. First 2 bucks, then 5. No way to stop this train. Double digits here we come! Now I got to find where the hell I put my pipe and gun for some made in the shade porch sittin days!

I laugh now thinking that we decided not to get African Snails based on the death factor and having to deal with killing all the little spawns. And now I have to deal with fish dying repeatedly on an endless cycle. We often think we should have just gone snails!

Double digits! It can be done. I think it is seriously the time for some hive action and some porch sitting! :OD

Hey Boomy that 2 bucks didnt take long LOL. Do I hear 3 now? Two fifty bid already 😁

Hey its Thanksgiving here and I know yall dont do it there but just saying thanks for your support through the years!

Hey, you are more than welcome! Happy thanksgiving!

I wouldn't be surprised if we blast right through 3! We are on a proper roll now!

Forget the cryptoPunks and/or the cryptoKitties. You can pioneer the Hive based cryptoGuppies. Animated gif NFT's that sell for millions and you can place them all in a cryptoTank that never needs to be cleaned!!! Even the cryptoPlants and cryptoRocks of the tank would have value ... to someone. Or, you can open up MSPaint, zoom in really close and pixelate your own ... but what happens if you randomly make one that's identical to one that pre-exists.

Then a big brown crypto-Shark comes and cryptoJoe is stuck in the water.

Thats a great idea!! Consider it done! I shall become the NFT king of the Fish.

Then when even my digital fish die I can make zombie dead fish NFTs out of them and just extrapolate further and further. The digital domain knows no bounds.

Until Crypto shark comes that is :OD

Good 'ol duct tape - it's a bit like 42...


It's the best thing since sliced bread! :0)

Why would you burn the house down when you could rent it out while you were living in the house with the whale tank (which I'm imagining as just a glass window into the ocean because you'll be living in some beach estate XD) and the porch with the gun and earn some extra money (you can ask for rent in hive right?) XD

What?! You cant rent out a burning house! Who would want to live in a house that was literally on fire except for ole Beelzebub himself?

Hehe, a beach estate thing would be mighty nice. Think I might be some way off for now! :OD

Wow, Hive ATH, did not see that one coming. This time I won't state it'll go towards 12 USD. No sir, I most certainly will not do so!

Looks nice though, far bettee than a dead fish in a tank.

That Donna Summer song, is that the one where she was moaning a lot? Wondered if she was doing alright when ever it played on the radio.

Also tried to imagine how the moaning part was recorded.

Ah well, Hive into deep space! Hey ho let's go!

I dont remember the moaning but now I am quite frankly intrigued! Donna Summer moaning. How can I not know of this from my future spouse?

I didn't quite see it coming myself. I don't know if I have seen Hive approach a shiny 1GBP before. I always like to compare to GBP even though everything is in dollars. We could be looking at a Christmas run up!

Might have to check with the three piglets, some truffles and a bucket, to see what Christmas will bring this year. My crystal ball, there was this unfortunate accident where I lost my left ball, feels like there might be a tree and some decorations involved. Also a bearded man shouting "HO HO HO", which makes him sound like a dirty oal man being rude. But there definitely will be a party!

Kept it to the short version this time, there is also a 17 minute one, but she does also moan in the radio cut.

For your enjoyment: 😁👍

I am afraid I will have to forego addressing anything you said in your comment because there is a video that is now demanding my immediate attention.

I may return... sometime! ;O)

First things first, take your time. 😄

Interesting read!
How are you able to keep writing? Do you use a schedule or it's second nature?

Its just second nature when something happens I want to write about. I used to write daily and had a schedule then. It was hard but good at the same time.

I see... so it's a case of continuing to work through the "pain" until it becomes a part of you.
I'm hoping to start writing again, and hopefully sustain it for long enough.

You definitely should! I think writing daily is potentially too much of a burden to sustain if you are coming back from a bit. You should definitely dip your toes back in though!

But Daddy, how will we fit a whale in this house?

We'll buy a bigger house, and then an even bigger whale!

The Hive price is exciting.

Maybe we should buy a giant whale, hollow it out and live inside it in our Hive mansions!!

It is exciting, it has been undervalued for so very long!

Maybe we should buy a giant whale, hollow it out and live inside it in our Hive mansions!!

Nice. Now that would be something.

Very true.

It would be the ultimate in living spaces, after the smell cleared of course

Let me know when the house is good and on fire so I can start dumping the Hive price. Gonna show all you minnows the biggest red candle yall have ever seen.


I will let you know as soon as!

The kids quite liked living in a ditch, the inbuild water feature was such a bonus for them. It was like living in California without the sun or clear skies and with added daily rain.


Sounds lovely! Off I go to find myself a nice ditch to live in!

They tend to have good transport links and are readily available. I am sure you will find a great one!


Total LOL! You got my vote. If the price will continue, you can roll and sniff with my vote, but be careful not to finish in some hell tank. Cheers!

I will have to get a bigger hell tank for all of my enemies for when the price goes even higher and I can send my squads around the world to round em up ;OD

Such a novel cause. Watch out Gandi

Haha, yes, there is a new crazy in town!

Duct tape fixes everything -- my family motto for years -- when I read that, I knew it was for real! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hehe, it really does. I found a new one - Gorilla Duct tape and it is insane. I find myself wandering about the house wondering what I can tape next. I don't fancy the cats chances much :OD

Gorilla Tape -- YES! Hive is going to $100, CONFIRMED!

If we can tape it so it stays up there all the better!


Thank you for the pizza breakfast, and YES, let's tape it up there!

You are welcome!! Hehe, I love a bit of Pizza breakfast!

My testicles ached at the thought of the moustachioed Lady-Minxes who would be pestering me on Discord

Ah yes, I know the types. Anyone care for a sludge of sloppy seconds?

Bring on the sludgy sloppy seconds!! With a Hive moon, all things can be forgiven!!


Forgiven or forgotten - with copious amounts of mind expanding/degrading chemicals 😵

Yeah, forgotten in that way seems a much better option. Hell, that's the story of my not so long ago debauched life!

I just looked! It is still ticking up! This is exciting, yes? I got the matches ready! Just yell when! I'm telling you, there is no stopping this train!

Just like Santa Claus always says, "You just gotta Believe! I say you just buy the lass an Aquarium! The sky is the limit! Anything to keep her hands out of that water.

Hands you the duct tape I'm not sure even duct tape can fix that!

You have started the rallying! Let's keep this going!

It still is, I think we might just be at the start of things!

The thing she has is an aquarium, it seems to be the aquarium of DEATH. I wouldn't go near that water, no matter how much we add to it or change it. Its like homeopathy. Some of the DEATH will still exist in it.

Duct tape unbeliever!! :OD


OMG! You were right. I was thinking of you tonight as I watched my account go over 100K for the very first time! Woo-hoo.

It still is, I think we might just be at the start of things!

Hello? You are so right, and it was pretty thrilling. :))

Oh, the aquariums are gross. I like them in the stores, but, then I have to clean them out, the kids were too young or they would kill them trying. Then one went off to school and left his AQUARIUM to me. I gave it away free. On freecycle. It was a pity pick-up. He felt sorry for me.

It is dashed exciting. I have even started a mini power down just in case it goes bonkers. I will buy back though if possible as I like my account the way it is and don't want to shrink!

It was the cleaning that surprised me. I kinda thought it would be some sort of self regulating box but oh no, clean and add stuff every week and in summer we got an algae infestation and it was vile for ages before we got shot of it. It has just been a general pain in the arse. I will work on convincing her that some manner of fluffy animal would be better than keeping dead fish in a glass box :OD

lol...please don't burn the house...

Haven't you ever heard of the fires of crypto 🔥🔥 🤣🤣


Lol they're pretty hot...But not as dangerous as crypto winters

That's true. Those are the ones that near kill ya!

But the fish! Poor little lady and fish 😥

With the Hive moon, we can buy all of the fish in the sea!!

Lol, it was only one, they die semi-regularly. Our family is not suited to keeping guppies, its been a nightmare!

Bah, I remember having guppies when I was young... I went over to my dad for a day and when I came back home, they were all dead. I think my room was too cold... Haven't had a fish ever since. I think the fish world is happy with that decision 😅

Bah, I'm sad transfers aren't currently available on Bittrex. Got some leftover Hive on the main account that I'd like to get rid off for this price!

I swear they are fragile wee beasties. We seem to be perpetually scooping them out and having to make the pilgrimage to the fish shop for more. I kinda wish we could stop keeping them! We too would make the fish world happy

Aw that is rubbish on the bittrex front, You could always use blocktrades or something similar?

Aah, I am very reluctant to get to know even more exchanges. It's hard enough understanding it all as it is 😅
I'll be a good little hodl-er and wait for deposits to open back up I guess!

In my experience they open back up when everything has crashed back down, lol.

Huobi is a nice mobile app! They don't have HBD tho

Oh no... not the dreaded one-handed scoop. Could be a side-effect of the recent case of woke?

The woke has many fearful side effects! It could very well be this!

Good old parental neglect. I'm always at it. I know you are hanging off a cliff
with one arm but some lad from Ghana is after upvoting me 2 cent.

Haha, the classic 2 cent upvote!

Aye, you have to ignore the pests at times. At least until the missus catches you :0D

I would say who cares the fish, HIVE is flying, we can buy more fishes with that 😁

Exactly, throw the fishes to the wolves I say and just buy more more more!! :OD

No wolves, but cats lol.

You are right, throw the cats to the wolves and let the fish live! ;OD

My testicles ached at the thought of the moustachioed Lady-Minxes who would be pestering me on Discord like the last time Hive mooned.

That’s a big part of why I’ve never used Discord. The endless stream of 0.001 HBD entreaties to part with my filthy lucre were bad enough, but I knew Discord would be full of grifters too cheap for even that.

It is and you are right. As soon as there is price movement you get the automated scammers but also the real scammers who attempt to inveigle their way into your circle and be your friend. It gets old real quick although the saucy chikas can be fun :OD


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