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Another busy week in the land of the man with no plan and by the looks of things here I'll be winging it again, because I can.

If I counted properly after losing count several times but not giving up, this could potentially be post number seventy-nine coming out of me since this place became the place of mine.

NoNamesLeftToUse - That Thumbnail.png

That is not an important detail.

It's just a thumbnail.  New though!  So That makes it cool.

I don't really want to talk about That though.

Awhile ago it was winter here in the Canada.  I arrived back on the scene feeling all good about getting into this @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself gig again.

Published an article on December 23 of last year after some encouraging words and a little push to do so by some people that care.

Somewhere in all that humorous mess of a ramble I mentioned upgrading some hardware meant to power some upgraded software that allows me to be The Artist Himself.

By now I'm certain at least ten of you fancy folks out there noticed I have a unique style.

Even the haters probably noticed that thumbnail in the feed and thought, "Oh fuck.  There's that asshole again trying to be all cool with a word like That."

Can see me coming from a mile away and it's been that way since the day I showed up just to say, "Hey.  This is how it's going to be, okay?"

NoNamesLeftToUse - Mouse Stash.png

I've been having trouble adjusting.

Just by looking at that piece I'm sure you're thinking, "WTF Nonames?  That doesn't look anything like what you'd normally be doing."

I can explain!

I called that one: Mouse Stash

I'm sure just by looking at it once more, you can now see why.  I didn't want to straight up call it a moustache but once you see it, you can't unsee it.

I didn't even mean to do that.  To be truthful I was simply relearning how to use my software after upgrading which led to the unfortunate event of once again losing several years worth of brush settings and tweaks that help make up my unique style.

Once I noticed what I did though I was all like, "Fuck it.  I'm in charge.  That's art.  Next!"

NoNamesLeftToUse - Some Things Never Change.png

See the cute dolphin?

Due to recent events and some hypersensitivity running wild which led to some dude thinking he could cancel me by being a thief and a liar, I've decided to take some of the steps required to make my artwork pleasurable to all viewers at any given moment; so it doesn't happen again.

That piece is titled: Some Things Never Change

Can you already tell I've been working hard this week?

Making up for lost time I suppose.  Still have two more to show you but since there's a chance I've already frightened a few people, I suppose now would be a good time to mention the survival food and supplements I'm selling so that you can survive the end of the world with me.

Just kidding.

I don't plan on turning into one of those talking heads that makes reading news articles seem like the most exciting thing that ever happened to humanity.  If it was my mission to inject fabricated chaos into this world to coincide with a bit of brainwashing, I'd simply show you this next image I produced:

NoNamesLeftToUse - Always on the Back.png

Then say, "They've landed!"

But I'd much rather provide humanity with the potential of smiles and cool stuff to look at.

I named that one: Always on the Back of Your Mind

I'm sure several people noticed the humanoid appearance with a dash of potential alien in side profile form looking off to the right.

Those not familiar with my work and style would probably overlook the one facing the left.  That one is on the back of the mind.  Or is it the front?

That's called spin and I just felt like writing this portion to help tie everything together so it doesn't appear as if I'm only sitting here rambling about nothing.

Everything is spun nowadays and the world seems so dizzy.  That is, of course, not the case, when one pays attention to the actual people of this planet.  They're a lot different than these modern day products of news media.

I've always admired the people that don't come equipped with a script.  Could never understand why so many choose to waste what they call "freedom of speech" on being a mouthpiece for the mainstream narrative or alternative spin.

The real people of this planet have so much more to say and I feel so damn fortunate to be able to slap this next image down:

NoNamesLeftToUse - Looking Forward2.png

Viewed all over the world.

In an instant.

I called that piece: Looking Forward

It's far more complex than the previous four I've shown off today.  Several things are going on there; but I'm not sure I want to spoil it with an explanation.

I've included some optical illusions, again.  For instance, looking at it from a distance, you might see someone wearing a colorful hood.

Another way to look is if you're inside of a dark cave, looking out and seeing the world.

It can also represent a fireball streaking across the night sky.  Duck and cover, perhaps?

There's more, of course.  Like so many other artworks I've produced over the years, the viewing experience will be unique to each individual.

Unrelated random sidenote:

For several years I would produce art, set it down here, and talk about other things; always thinking overly explaining would ruin the experience.  Allowing room for the comment section to fill in the blanks.

I still feel that way but after watching how one individual can ruin and/or try to ruin so many lives by simply not being able to grasp the world around them...

Things may have changed.

I honestly did not think the world could produce something so careless/reckless.  Learned a lot and I'm still blown away.  Don't even know what to say, so...

Have a nice day.

Art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
NoNamesLeftToUse Outro.png

"I quit smoking so if it's quiet here I might be outside or sleeping because addiction sucks."

© 2022 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


That is not a moustache. That is The Grinch. I saw it instantly. Looks just like him. I refuse to go back and amend this opinion by looking closer because I am quite happy with this interpretation. Strikes me as some sort of evil time travel plot involving sucking him out of Whoville while he is still mean and dropping him somewhere else where the Who's won't impress him with their awesomeness and his heart will never grow. Figures, of course you would come up with a way to make The Grinch Who Stole Christmas dark.

Dolphin? Tisk, tisk. That is a piece of a spiral of freaky angry lost souls all funneling upward. The "dolphin" is a malformed spirit dude being sucked in deeper into the abyss while the eyehole guy is looking on. Probably the force that pulled the Grinch out of Whoville.

I was going to scroll back up to look at ...Back of Your Mind after reading, but then I stumbled across another Grinch and I'm completely distracted! Look at that - his eyes are softened while he talks to that boy. His heart did grow after all, against the odds. This is a happy ending after all. That had to have been an accident.

It would be very humorous to me if you had somehow not watched either of the Grinch movies or ever read the book and had no idea what I was talking about.

Could it be possible you've just been watching those movies so much, the Grinch has been burned into your screen?

Or am I just saying that because nobody was supposed to know?

I missed this. Thank you so much. I am one spaced out dude these days though so bear with me here as I fail at responding.

Or am I just saying that because nobody was supposed to know?

Correct. I'm certain that I am the authority on your art. I like being an authority - it isn't something I do a lot - and I think the main thing to being authoritative is to blindly believe in your own absolute power of judgement. So there is nothing you can say to stop me - it is all about The Grinch, and that is that.

I am one spaced out dude these days

It seems to be a problem a lot of us are having. I just spent two minutes twirling my hair around my finger like a teenaged girl in math class. What are you doing! Hit reply already!

I was just doing that with my beard! Small world...

That's more than I expected. As an ESL teacher I can see that you covered a big portion of our elementary school textbook in just two posts.


Maybe I'll get to work on These and Those next.

perfect 💯

If you’re feeling paranoid...
You’re not alone.

Credit: reddit
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Awesome Art. Regarding Alternative News and the brainwashing it seems to me that the entire world has been brainwashed by Putin. That guy is evil, but some weirdos like him.

I don't see much of a difference between what's called mainstream and what call itself alternative. It's just news media and they're all talking about the same things, a different way. I tune it out. No desire to hate or like someone because of what's being said about them. Don't see how it makes a difference. But I do understand how for some people it's a way to feel like they belong.

Just doing my own thing.

Everybody is looking for something. Some of them want to use you and some of them want to get used by you.

That's a song!

But which song is it?

Sweet dreams are made of this...

Im glad you feel

Feeling bad feels great when it's all because I took the smoke off my plate.

Where there is fire there is smoke

Pleeeease take my monay!!! How'm gonna survive without that shtf fooodz? And those supple mints??? Take my money, please.

Honestly, your art is better than ever though maybe not as deep yet. Love them all, especially Looking Forward. I see the young boy to old man story embedded there.

It'll be interesting down the road, once I build up another massive collection, to see how they begin to take on new meaning as I write. That usually adds depth.

Yes it will! Looking forward to seeing them.

Thanks for your interest in my weirdness after all these years. When it's quiet like this on chain you folks get amplified in my brain; meaning so much more and it helps me feel sane.

A shred of sanity in an insane world...I'll take it lol

Very cool @nonameslefttouse 😎 you did a lot this week.
I like looking forward the most of them. And I see so much more in it…
Keep going! Have a nice day 👋🏻☀️

Combined with a few other things yeah; bit of a workaholic this week. Feels good though and staying focused is important right now.

Thanks for stopping in.

Staying focussed is indeed a good thing 😎😊

You are welcome!

It can be tough to stop smoking, but it is worth after a while and then some more after a longer time. And then you sometimes even forget that you once did it like a blochchain smoker.

Heck there are times now and then when I even forget where I am. Or my name and then I just make one up. It is odd when random people start calling you names like 'Nob' out off the blue though.

The other day when I got into bed I got shouted at by a woman: "HEY, YOU ARE DRUNK!" And I replied: "How d' Ya know?"

"BECAUSE THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE!", man she kept shouting... Maybe I'll stop drinking next.

Well, I did like your make up tut... Damned wrong reply.

Really love the last piece of your art work. "My demons hunt me even when I'm awake.", Is what came to mind.

It sucks when an update also whipes out your favorite settings. But it seems you're already back on the horse.

Have a great one!

Yeah man I agree. I'm at that stage where I'm doing well off the cigs, but discovering my brush don't work like it should only frustrates me 10x.

I'll survive though. Probably for a few extra years.

I like the upgraded shebang. Your art is like nonames4K!

That does look to have a famous German dictator bokeh'd in the background!

But don't change, some mentalists try to bring everyone down but they eventually burn away even if it takes months

Most of those actually are 4K. Can you actually see the difference? My next upgrade will be a proper screen. One thing I don't like is how the colors appear to me; that might not be the same for everyone else. The screen I'm using now could be better.

And you're right about not changing. Wasn't me that fucked up this time...

You can absolutely see the difference and the difference is good. The colours are also more 'poppy' I like it a lot.

Hells though, I know what it is like when you lose your brushes and stuff. I used to do those animations on my phone and then I got a new phone and when I went to do them again all the stuff was trapped on my old device and itmeant setting everything up from scratch. Which I kept saying i would but never did

Starting from scratch is basically where I'm at with it. I know what I'm doing but it's so much slower. Even something simple like customized shortcut keys. That took awhile to perfect. Now I push a button, doesn't do what I want, so I have to stop and set that up. Then there's the part about upgrading means some features were dropped in the newer version. Blah. It's everything but eventually I'll have it streamlined.

Gaar, I hate it when they drop some features!! You still have the moves though, that's what matters!

Holy fuck! Major discovery! All is not lost.

Found a whole bunch of hidden settings. And there's an 'activate' button I didn't know about...

Wahahahaha!! That's fucking marvelous!!

Hello @nonameslefttouse time without visiting your wall
As always I really enjoy your art, you are original and genuine, also very funny.
I can appreciate in your work ¨Some Things Never Change¨ the dolphin you mention, but if you look carefully I see a slightly deformed face with big noses and a mouth saying Hooo
Your work ¨Always on the Back of Your Mind¨ reminded me of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons
I really like your works, I appreciate that you share with us
have a beautiful day

Thanks for stopping in today. It has indeed been a long time. And yes that actually is a deformed face. The dolphin can be seen in the nose, pointing upwards as if it's asking for a fish.

Always bringing you A game, no doubt...

I'd bring the entire alphabet but that shit gets heavy after awhile. Glad you enjoyed.

Sure, always enjoy what you unveil because it reveals how special we are individually...

Always On The Back Of Your Mind got me immensely.

I sat back admiring that one for a while before signing it. Couldn't think of anything more to add or take away. The chaos seemed perfect.

Perfect is just the best adjective for it's description.

Kudos with the chaos that is soothing...

I honestly did not think the world could produce something so careless/reckless. Learned a lot and I'm still blown away. Don't even know what to say, so...

You'd be surprised about how this world can produce abominable concepts taken into corporeal form. Before any harm or good is carried out, there's a mind that brew those ideas.

Well I did spend some time in the bad part of town before so it's not like I'm oblivious. It's just that particular 'style', on display like that; don't get to see that everyday.

They can afford to do that because they don't have to deal with fist flying their way. They'll be mindful when they see real threat they can type out their keyboards.

Was interesting seeing people fall for it. Having several of that type concentrated in one spot was unique as well. Learned a lot.

That was dope. I liked them all, really, especially the anvil.

I like these as well. But which one is the anvil?

Looking Forward. You don't see it? Dude you've changed.

But isn't there an anvil in all of them?

Which one's Them? This explains it.

I don't see it but that's probably because I'm dumb.
The last one is my favorite. I have my reasons.

So I thought I was following you and wondered where the hell you'd been all this time. Turns out I wasn't following you. Not even a little bit. [mad emoji, eye-rolling emoji]

Reasons are good things to have.

You didn't miss much by not following me. Only just got started again. Already going crazy...

Crazy can be fun, though.

I think I'm the Anti-Crazy.

Oh, You should start a cult, then.

Sombre writing. Reading reminds me and also increases the experience when I do it on Johnny Cash's voice.

Is interesting when one can give differing outcomes based on either bias or just the ability to switch it up.

I don't mind theback of the head art. I can see a second head on the back. But that's from your prompt. Of left to my devices I would've stuck to the yellow vaginai saw. But that's another story left here as a marking to say I exist.

You know if you changed the tone inside your head while reading, you might find some of that to be quite humorous. I blame fighting this damn addiction though. Hard to keep my thoughts on a steady flow.

I often stash those faces in everything and never tell anyone. You might be shocked going back now and looking at some of my older stuff. They're almost always there.

And you weren't supposed to see that...

I have seen some from some of your previous ones but it's better to keep them to myself. The memories last longer of I keep them to myself.

Do your memories exit your mouth or something?

If so, that's cool. Can you teach me that trick? I got some bad ones that need to go away already.

They exit when I lean right... Lol

There ya go!!! Don't worry about others nasty opinions! You're amazing at what you do and if someone can't appreciate that, they need to keep scrolling! Thanks for post more of your awesome work!!!

People will always talk shit. It's when they rub their shit in your face; that's when it becomes a problem.

Thanks for stopping in.

Smh... I agree 100%! A person is always entitled to their opinion and I respect that... In turn, I expect them to respect the fact that just because they have an opinion, doesn't mean that everyone has to agree with it! No reason to try and cram it down everyone's throat. I call those types of people keyboard warriors 🤣

Yeah those little warriors are a pain. Waste of plastic and wires and stuff.

🤣🤣🤣 I totally agree!!!

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Well, I dunno exactly why? But for me, the one that I liked the most of the whole bunch was: "Some Things Never Change"

And yeah, given that it's Cool if You Like Weird, then, there should be no other option but Duck and cover, perhaps? };)

What's the deal with that link? I'm not clicking that and I suggest everyone else leave it alone as well. That link disguised as the title of my art does not lead to my art. Something fishy going on there...

Which one of the two links?

Are you perhaps ducking and covering right now? ;o)

You know which link I'm talking about. Don't play dumb. This is crypto. Not trusting a deceptive link like that is also known as: Keeping your head up.

Leave me alone. Off the smokes and not in the mood today for whatever tricks you're trying to pull me down with.

Something fishy going on there...

Uhm yeah, it seems to me that you the youngsters are pretty gullible most of the time.

Leave me alone. Off the smokes and not in the mood today for whatever tricks you're trying to pull me down with.

Ah man! many times I wonder where the heck went your curiosity, your intrepid adventurous spirit and your good sense of humor? Hahaha

It's there but you've always been around to pester me. Gets annoying after a few years. Even here with this comment you're cutting me down thinking it's funny.

Well, from everything you've told me so far. The only conclusion we can come to is that your sense of humor is not as weird as you thought it could be cool. And that we could both have a very different concept of what "funny" could means. Am I right?

Maybe it's you. And a long history of trying to get under my skin. Respectfully and peacefully; I'd prefer if you just left me alone.