1500+ Hive Up For Grabs Just For Engaging Your Followers - Join Operation #Ping! ☄️

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You made it, welcome! We’re so glad you’re here in this wonderful space we call the Hive blockchain.


You may not realize it, but you’re the commander of a Discovery-Class Starship equipped with cutting-edge social blockchain technology.


And it was your bold courage to follow your intuition, take risks, and join Hive –not luck– that got you here.

You're clearly open-minded, because when others feared, you went forward towards new ways to navigate the human experience.

The gaps, voids, and unknowns didn't scare you. 💪 You willingly made every move that got you here.

And now that you're here, piloting your Starship through the blockchain's space, your attention is suddenly drawn to the glowing dashboard in front of you.

Warning lights are blinking, sirens are blaring. Why? Because it appears engagement on the Hive blockchain has reached critically low levels. There’s been a lack of engagement here for far too long. Your followers need you to step up and show them how to make Hive a better place to be.

And this is a moment of truth for you, commander, because here on Hive, you have a ship full of followers who are counting on you to make the right decision.

Do you let the sad state of social engagement remain as it is...

...or do you push the override button and initiate the Operation Ping sequence?


Choose 'yes' by signing up to Operation Ping and then 'pinging' your followers for 'signs of life', and jumpstart some engagement.

Or choose 'no' by ignoring this post and contest and leave the chance for increased social interaction on the blockchain alone.

The decision is yours to make...

Warm up your follower list, or keep them on ice.



Everywhere we turn a vast ocean of space and time separates us but, thanks to today's technologies, we’re not lost or alone, and what defines us isn’t the gaps between us but the points of contact (‘pings’) that connect us all together!

We’re more capable of communication NOW than we’ve ever been at any point in human history.

Equipped with the ability to communicate at the speed of light... our ancient ancestors would be astounded at what is now possible!

Blockchain is the technology poised to rewrite human history… And so are we!

Operation Ping is a contest for you to contact your followers, create engagement on the blockchain, and have a chance at winning 1500+ Hive!

Basically you comment on posts written by your followers, this is ‘pinging’ them. One comment, is one ‘ping.’ If your followers are still active and on the blockchain, hopefully they ‘ping’ you back by replying to your comment.

In this way we get some true, human-to-human contact going on a blockchain that can sometimes feel a bit silent and static.

Operation Ping will test your follower’s well-being, it’s also a true engagement challenge, and it’s a chance to earn a decent chunk of hive all at the same time.


These are some of the best prizes on the blockchain! (We think so anyways!)

Operation Ping has three prize-tiers, one for each Operation Ping 'mission.'

And each Prize Tier has 500 Hive + [50% of Participant fees] available to be won.

Each winner (‘commander’) in Operation Ping will win a percentage of their category’s prize pool that matches how many ‘ping backs’ (replies) they’ve gotten from their followers. (Their ‘conversion rate.’)



534 HIVE

Any remaining amount from each prize pool will be banked towards the next Engagement Event that @Comet.Ranker hosts on the Hive blockchain!


There are three mission categories, and each one takes place in it’s own week-long window, connected to its own prize pool.

And your first step is to choose a mission category, then sign-up.

Mission Category 1 [Planet]

Eligibility: For commanders with 100 FOLLOWERS OR LESS.
Start Date: January 8th, 2022
End Date: When the Mission Report post for this category concludes it's reward cycle (7 days later.)
Sign-Up: Send 1 HIVE to @Comet.Ranker and your hive account & follower-list will automatically be registered.

Mission Category 2 [Galaxy]

Eligibility: For commanders with 101 to 999 FOLLOWERS.
Start Date: January 15th, 2022
End Date: When the Mission Report post for this category concludes it's reward cycle (7 days later.)
Sign-Up: Send 10 HIVE to @Comet.Ranker and your hive account & follower-list will automatically be registered.

Mission Category 3 [Universe]

Eligibility: For commanders with 1000+ FOLLOWERS.
Start Date: January 22nd, 2022
End Date: When the Mission Report post for this category concludes it's reward cycle (7 days later.)
Sign-Up: Send 100 HIVE to @Comet.Ranker and your hive account & follower-list will automatically be registered.

You have from now until 23:59 on January 7, 2022 to sign-up and be registered for Operation Ping! Once you’ve joined up, you’re officially part of the #CometCrew , CONGRATULATIONS!

(Note: Operation Ping officially launches January 8th, 2022 at 0-hundred hours, but you don’t want to miss out, so sign-up now!)


Well, the fees go towards two great causes.

  • 50% of the Hive collected will be added to the prize pool for each category, juicing up the pot beyond the initial 500 HIVE available to be won in each category.
  • 50% of the Hive collected will go towards 'powering up' the @Comet.Ranker service , a hive account dedicated to elevating engagement on the blockchain for everyone.



Once your Operation Ping category launches, the following are steps to add a ‘ping’ to your ping score:

1. Copy your entire follower list into a document or spreadsheet such as Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, or even just 'notepad.' The @Ecency front-end is the easiest platform to copy your follower-list from: https://ecency.com . (These followers are people who chose to follow you, fearless leader, so let’s treat ‘em right!)

2. Visit each of your follower's Hive Blogs, then take the time to read their most recent post & leave a well-thought-out personal comment. (This is what it means to 'ping' someone, simple, right?) Your followers / passengers have likely been in stasis for awhile, so here's your opportunity to warm up those connections one 'ping' at a time! Do NOT copy & paste a cookie-cutter response or ‘phone it in.’ That is NOT the point of Operation Ping.

3. Record each ‘ping’ on your Follower-List Document that you created earlier using ONE of the following four methods:


  1. 🟥 = 1 ping from you, but no ‘ping’ back or response from them.
  2. 🟥🟥 = 2 pings total, one from you, and one in response from them.

  1. 🔴 = 1 ping from you, but no ‘ping’ back or response from them.
  2. 🔴🔴 = 2 pings total, one from you, and one in response from them.

(Note: An 'inactive follower’ means that your follower's most recent post is older than 14 days. An ‘active follower’ means that your follower’s most recent post is 14 days or newer.)

⚠️ AND you’ll also want to copy a ‘link’ to each post that you comment on.

4. Report your 'ping results' to the @Comet.Ranker Mission Report post for your category before it concludes it's 7 day reward cycle. This is done as a comment and is called your 'Ping Mission Report' and should consist of only one 'ping result' per. comment. Make sure you include the appropriate red symbols and a link to each follower's post that you 'pinged'.

⚠️ If you don’t receive an immediate ‘ping back’ from a follower, remember to report your initial 'ping' to @Comet.Ranker before the Mission Report Post for your category's 7-day reward countdown expires. Once the 7-day reward cycle is completed ‘Ping Missions’ may no longer be registered within your category.

Whoever gets the most ping back responses (points/symbols) in their category, wins!

As Operation Ping progresses, you (the initiating commander) will ping as many of your followers as possible in the week allotted for your specified category.

Each ping report will result in one of four possible outcomes [🔴 or 🟥] and [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥].

The Commander able to score the most ping backs (replies) [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥] will have accumulated the highest number of pings on his / her Ping Badge and Ping Console (dashboard.)

This is how the winners for each category will be determined.


Let's say the commander with the highest Ping Score for mission category one converted 71% of their followers into ping backs [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥]...

...This means that they will win a total of 71% of the tier one prize pool. That's 355 Hive to the winner, not counting the extra that will be awarded from the sign-up fees from their category.


Once the @Comet.Ranker crew receives your 'Ping Mission Report' we'll update your total 'ping score' to your 'badge.'


Your badge will auto-update as your Operation Ping missions progress, pretty cool, right?

Your score, follower-engagement, and more can also be tracked on your Ping Dashboard, as a nice visual representation of your progress. Here's what your ship’s dashboard display looks like! We call it your ‘console.’ Love it? We thought you might!


You can activate special features on your 'ping dashboard' using Boosts!


Yep! The ping badges are confirmation that @Comet.Ranker's crew has processed and stored your ping report. The ping console however, is optional, and must be activated through a ‘boost’ function.


At any time during Operation Ping you may buy and activate a one-time boost. These boosts give you added functionality, information, special deals, and may even give you an edge during Operation Ping!


With Boosts 7, 8, and 9 you can call in the comet. These boosts increase your ping back odds, increase your social capital, and encourage engagement on specified Hive posts! (Yours, your followers, and even people you follow!)

Select whatever boosts you think will assist you in reaching your Operation Ping objectives down below! (This is cool, yeah? Admit it! 🤩)


To buy and activate a boost just comment to @Comet.Ranker (on the official 'Boost Bank' post) letting us know which one(s) you'd like to buy (activate.)

There are two ways to pay for boosts.

Once done, we'll notify you once your boost is purchased and/or made active on our systems.

Also, if you have any questions about boosts (or anything else for that matter) always feel free to reach out to us over here at @Comet.Ranker! We're here for you and want to see you succeed! When you win, we all win!


Well! There you have it. Operation Ping is a fun game, a rewarding contest, and an engagement blessing for the blockchain, all-in-one. And not only is it going to be a lot of fun, Operation Ping will also have some friendly competition to it! :)

The better you are at commenting, engaging your followers, and using boosts the higher your chances...

...but there's also a bit of luck involved as well, because there are 2 factors outside of your control.

  • You don't decide who follows you, or whether they're active or not, or why they've followed you. (But Operation Ping can help you actually find out these reasons!)

  • You don't decide who will ping back in response to your comments, that's up to them.(But you do increase your odds by doing your best to connect authentically.)


Your winnings will mostly come down to how well you authentically connect, and we here at @Comet.Ranker believe that this will be a true test of the overall social well-being of the Hive Blockchain, so let's make our social environments better than the year before, and well into 2022!

We're all the commanders of our very own Discovery-Class Starships here on the Hive Blockchain... and a rising tide (of authentic and genuine engagement) raises all ships both socially AND financially! 💯



Are you ready to UP your engagement and discover your Follower List with the rest of the #CometCrew? Operation #Ping is NOW here!

This is @wil.metcalfe coming to you from @Comet.Ranker Headquarters. ☄️

Keep it snappy everyone! Over and Out. 📴


A very special thank you for advising and editing this @Comet.Ranker post goes to two significant forces of human nature in the wider social & crypto cipher AND on the Hive Blockchain. @ryzeonline & @cynshineonline! Sincerely. Thank you for everything you do you guys! 🙏
As well! A massive thank you to @humbledwriter for translating this post into Filipino, @kpreddy for translating this post into Hindi, and @cynshineonline for translating this post into Spanish! 👍
I really want to bring as many of you (my world-wide brothers and sisters!) along with me! @Comet.Ranker is all about engagement and self-discovery as much as it is about impacting EVERYONE for positive social change SO thank you all for coming along for the COMET RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! 🙌

© Comet.Ranker 2022



Once again you've brought some SERIOUS fun here with this challenge!! I think people all over Hive are going to have a BLAST trying to ping their way to making closer relationships with their followers hehehehe

I'm definitely gonna be trying to see how many followers I actually connect with and striving to reach out to some others who have gone quiet!!! hehehehe

Super fun here -and I'll be bringing it up tomorrow in our tEEm meeting to let people know that the comet has one again launched!!!! hehehehehe

thank you for making this SO professional as always!!! love the graphics and the mission and the rewards all around (you could design things for video games - i swear this is so awesome hahahahaa)

Nice job -once again!!! can't wait to see all the activity hehehehe

I'm loving it!!! Are you going to be competing?

I think I'm going to be joining in with the comments and having fun! hehehehe and engaging with people! hahaha

but I have almost 2k followers now LOLOL and that would take me some time to truly engage genuinely with them all - on top of the people I regularly try to support too. hehehe so I want to give this my support from more of a cheerleading point of view hahaha I'd feel bad if I joined in and then didn't have the time to commit fully to it. So I think its better to support those who can commit fully hahahaha

You can do it :) 2k extra comments is nothing for the queen of comments ❤️

hehehehe I will definitely give it my all hahahaha you know me LOL thank God I have some time to build up to it LOLOLOL

I have a colleague whose everyday mantra is "You can do it!".

I too believe in you, you can do it.

Boy do I love where this conversation was taking us! I'm exactly the same way! I hear it all the time... All about how "You can't do that." Or, "I can't do that."

But for me... Can't isn't a word now... I would much rather think about how can I do something than hear about all the way's that I (or someone else) can't do something!

When you program your mind to think inside the box... it gets weaker and weaker... But when you program your mind to think bigger than the box others (our yourself) want to put you in... That's when you start being able to do things that other people think are amazing, exceptional, and out of this world crazy! And your like... What? This is nothing!

Because when you let loose your mind can go to work thinking all about how you can do something!

...and then all the extra addsUP into the exceptional right!?

It sounds to me like you, @dreemsteem, and @wrestlingdesires are my kind of people!

Thank you for bringing your champion hearts to all things @Comet.Ranker you guys! ☄️

Much love and thank you for all your support... especially in the comments during Operation #Ping! 🤩

The word can't has stopped so many amazing discoveries! If only we didn't have those doubts, maybe more of the world's problems would be a distant memory. Thanks for tagging me, I'll go meet our new friend 🙌


All the more reason to do this thing DrEEMs! Don't let that Follower List scare you! Even if you only make it part way through the list... That's the challenge part of this! Not to mention your going to get a whole new level of momentum from this... Remember how much good came from #CometWeek?! Operation #Ping is going to be exactly the same... Only we have a predefined list of people who likely have been in stasis for quite some time! Personally... I can't think of anything better to do than wake some of these peopleUP!

So how about it?!

You in? 😉

Why are you getting zero outs?

You noticed my backslash hey?!

But which are you referring to?

The DV's on the translated posts for Operation #Ping? (Paid translations to!)

Or the THOUSANDS of troll DV's on EVERY COMMENT I make?

It's almost as if "someone" doesn't want authentic engagement on this blockchain... and if that's the case... we all gotta start asking why I think! 🤔

Hahahaha both, severe backlash everywere. I do undertand their thinking, you just failed to notice how they might interpret your proyect, and that is ok.

Is not authentic engagement if you have to make a contest to produce it :X

hmmm... I disagree. It's been very carefully designed to only reward athentic communication... and at the very least... at least I'm doing something. (Not to mention checking to see how many accounts have the lights on but no one home will be very valuble information to all participants alike.) Clearly there are a lot of closed minds... But that's alright. And personally... I don't really care what those closed minds think about this project. It's all to easy to sit on a fence post and sling mud. Anyone can do that.


Here we go bebeh! Engage!!!!

Ye! Ye! Here we go!!! To infinity and beyond!!! 👓

I had trouble transferring yesterday via Ecency as I'm in the hospital and just sent you one hive for mission Planet.

Dead or alive I must participate. If I die my soul will live on in the chain.

I hope you are okay :)

Got another question!

The Consul Display (this is a boost function) is in either Spanish or English. (Hindi & Filipino currently default English). Do you have any preference?

My first language is English. :)

AWESOME @flipflopcrypto! I have received your entry fee and will enter you into our Commander registry for Category 1 RIGHHHHHHT NOW! 🤩

Congratulations and welcome to the #CometCrew (once again!). Are you ready to earn a whole new set of engagement badges?! ☄️

So hey! Can you do me a favor?

Can you tag some of your friends (the ones you have some rapport with) and let them know about Operation #Ping?

The more of us the better! 🙌

How do I use #Ping? Hope there's a tutorial for it.

This actually is both the announcement post AND the tutorial for how all things Operation #Ping works! But that being said... If, after you have read this post again, you still have questions that's what I am here for! 😁

I'll do my best to fill you in! ☄️

Have you had a chance to figure out how to fully participate in Operation #Ping @flipflopcrypto? Just thought I would check in here (out of the way) to make sure you are UP to speed with all things #Ping!

Let me know if you have any questions alright!

I'm here to help you (all) win one #Ping at a time! ☄️

Let's do this! ❤️❤️❤️

Can't wait for 8th January :)

Hi Nathan! I just wanted to quickly touch base with you! I noticed that you sent 1 Hive to the @Comet.Ranker account. Are you planning to join or is this to sponsor a Category 1 Commande during Operation #Ping?

You are currently a Category 3 Commander with and great following! 4,623 people follow you here on Hive! 🤩

How do you want me to proceed? ☄️

Are you planning to join

Yes I'm

Let's go Operation #Ping


Ohhhhhh yeah! Operation #Ping is going to be felt near and far on this blockchain Nathan! We are going to move the engagement needle... TOGETHER! ☄️

Yes! You got it! Category 1 Commanders launch their Operation #Ping Missions starting January 8th! You happen to be a Category 3 Commander on the Hive richter scale! Are you going to join us Nathan? 🤩

I know that this is going to be a significant effort, especially for our bigger accounts here on Hive... but all the more reason to make a laser focused effort I think! There is going to be so much individual and collective value that will be unlocked with every #Ping during the course of the next several weeks! Watch for it my friend!

I really hope that you decided to cast your lot in with the #CometCrew! 👓

The comments (on Hive AND Twitter) IS the front lines here on Hive! 💪

Such a great initiative, can't wait for this!!!!!

Saaaamme here Carlos! Thank you so very much for seriously BUSTING MOVES (for weeks!) to help me get the word out to all my Filipino brothers and sisters! I'm so glad that we can now officially invite them all in Tagalog! I have heard from so many people in the comments expressing their surprise that we made this extra effort to communicate with them in this way! And it's all thanks to you my man! This was a exceptional effort on your part! Way to go! 🙌

You are very much welcome!!! Yes, I'm very happy as well that through this initiative, more Filipino Hivers would be informed of this contest!

Can you please send me the link to the tagalog version? I know a place where it might have an audience...

Thanks so much ❤️ I know that this would go a really long way in the Philippines.

I'm so glad that the Tagalog version of Operation #Ping has proven useful in reaching more people from the Philippines! Thank you for sharing this out there and being so positive about the translation work that was done to get this out there into the wider world @wrestlingdesires! 🙌

I posted it, thanks for reminding me to go check out the response 🙌


@wil.metcalfe! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (4/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Why are farmers always winning awards?
Because they're outstanding in their field.

@wil.metcalfe, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @wrestlingdesires
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (3/4)

This sounds like fun.... I am willing to go all the way but I am a bit confused about the rules of the report.

I mean I do not understand completely how to go about sending my report in

Can you break that down for me?

That's great that you want to join the #CometCrew @iskafan! I want you to join us as well! 😁

So let's get down to the brass.

To answer your question (which is a very good one by the way! Thank you for taking the time to read the details of Operation #Ping! Radical! 🙌) once you have commented on one of your followers posts your going to double back to @Comet.Ranker to report your #Ping Mission to the 'Mission Report' post for your category.

(Don't forget to record who you have #Ping'ed, the result 🔴🟥, and a link to the post in your Follower List Document.)

When Operation #Ping launches (each category has a different 7 day window for launch) we will publish a 'Mission Report' post with a 7 day timer for tracking the amount of time left to achieve your '#Ping Missions'.

All you will need to do is comment on that post (1 #Ping Mission per. comment.) using the reporting code detailed above (in THIS post! 😉) and a link to your followers post that you commented on!

Done! Done! And Done! On to the next Follower!

I hope this helped... but if it didn't keep asking me questions! That's what I'm here for! 🙌

Comet Ranker

Thanks. This helped cos I had to return to the post and try to find the answers using your response.

I wanted to ask, how long do we give someone to ping us back before we record it, I found the answer in the course of re-reading

Now, this brings me to the next question. If you say we should ping you per comment, does that mean we have to be on one post per follower in a certain week?

What I mean is, for instance, if I have 100 followers, and I ping 10-15 of them per day. And I decide to ping on the active ones another day, I'm I allowed to record the second ping or not? Or it's one person per ping, no repetition.


Your asking some very good questions and I am glad you went digging the second time through to fully understand how things will work during Operation #Ping. 👍

There is a 7 day window to report any and all #Ping Missions. Because this is meant to be an opportunity to gauge connectivity and network vitality it would be best only #Ping once. Then normally there would be a pause (be that minutes or days) before (hopefully) your follower #Ping’s you back.

If your follower is #Ping’ing you back within the 7 day window then reporting it back to the Mission Report Post (for your specific category) should be your next step. If, however, your follower does not #Ping you back then you would, based on your comfort zone, report the single #Ping at that time. 🔴🟥

Just let things flow socially as you normally would in any other social interaction. We don’t want to come off as having inauthentic reasons for connecting.

The more genuine and authentic your follower feels you are being… the more likely they will respond in kind.

I realize that it might feel like an advantage to #Ping multiply times… but that’s going to convey something completely different than you want to get out of the exchange not to mention it would take your attention away from possibly connecting with someone else!

There is going to be a lot of connecting ahead!

We should all be mindful of how we are making use of our time and energy to maximize our positive impact! 🙌

I hope that this response has helped clarify the intent behind Operation #Ping’s mission!

I think you have really good questions! If you have any more I’m would be excited to hear them as this helps me think about all angles of this engagement event before it launches!

I completely understand. Thanks for explaining. I'll send in my Hive soon for my registration.

Just got your SignUP @iskafan! Congratulations and welcome to the #CometCrew! You are officially signedUP for Category 2 of Operation #Ping! Your follower list has been saved to our back end systems and your good begin #Ping'ing them beginning on the 15th of January! Watch for the Category 2 post that will notify you when everything for that grouping goes LIVE! 👓☄️

Sounds like a lot of fun and productive for our ecosystem! I'm in!

Hey! That's AWESOME @cocacolaron!

Your a Category 1 Commander so 1 Hive will get you setUP!

I'll be watching for your SignUP! ☄️

Wooooooo! A truly wonderful initiative and a fantastic way to encourage engagement on the blockchain. I haven't been too focused on my Hive engagement lately so I'll probably leave it to other epic players like @brittandjosie or @jfang003 but wishing everyone lots of fun and success with it! 🙏

I just feel like commenting but I don't feel like keep track of everything so I think I will pass lol

All good, you're an engagement superstar regardless! Happy New Year! :) 🙏

Why not use it as a way to refocus :) ... I used the first one that way, after being semi active since my former blogging home died. It really can be a great way to get back on track ☄️

You're totally right, it can indeed. That said, I'm purposeful, 'ruthless', and decisive with my focus --and although I used to engage heavily on Hive, often coming top 3 in the "Engagement League" contests-- currently my focus is elsewhere, so I'll leave it to others for now, but I definitely appreciate the idea. Thanks again! :) 🙏

Sounds like you are busy :) I hope you will meet your goals soon :)

Thank you, I hope so as well! :) 🙏


Awesome! Let's do this! ❤️❤️❤️

Man that's a lot of hard work.

I'm already up to my neck and engagement however I've definitely seen you swing past and hit me up so I support your mission.

However I can't afford a hundred Hive right now.

I need to upgrade my technology from being only on my phone to actually having a laptop.

And I definitely need a laptop. Because this new play to earn blockchain game is coming out that I really want to be a part of. @psyberx is going to be a huge thing coming.

Awesome mission and I wish everyone a ton of luck!

It always seems to be a catch22 doesn't it!? But I'm glad that you got your eye on the ball with the engagement! ✅

You would be a Category 3 Commander so I understand if you don't have the SignUP jingling around in your spare Hive jar! That said... investing in some social capital during Operation #Ping might level youUP faster to getting the financial capital you need to buy that laptop! I sincerely believe that social capital always proceeds financial capital. One leads to (and actually compounds!) the next! 🤑

Regardless my friend! Thank you so much for your support... and most of all for this comment! 💯

I have been following along with the developments around the @psyberx game and I'm pretty excited about what I have been seeing coming down the pike as well! Gotta get ready for that launch for sure for sure!

Do you happen to know when they are taking that project LIVE? Now I'm curious! 😁

I am hearing three to four weeks!!!

So yeah every penny I've got is going into upgrading my technology so I'm going to be able to work as well as play this game.

I'm going to have to get a gaming computer that has at least enough to deal with first couple of updates from this platform so I need at least i5 plus a certain level of graphics card which actually isn't that bad.

I'd like to get a little bit of a nicer one but that is going to require me either to power down or for me to just make way more comments and see about funding all of this with the 50/50 rewards that I get from chatting with everybody this month. That and a couple of posts are turned into 50/50.

Ironically I am putting 10% of what I've got from the platform into this. Well besides the rest of the what I've got to make this month to be able to cover this.

Thank you very much for the vote every penny helps me get to my destination. And I'm going to really have a lot of fun this month.

Your very welcome my friend! And good luck as you progress towards your goals! Keep us in mind next time we host an engagement event like this one! I bet you would smoke everybody in the comments! haha! 😄

Hey that's not fair I can outsmoke all of you... LoL.

And yeah let me know give me a little bit of warning and a little bit of help on figuring out the rules.

I'll come play!

hahaha! I figured that might be the case!

Ok! Well... No promises that I will be able to give you the headsUP before hand but I'm still glad we had this conversation and if I see you standing among our ranks I'll certainly give you a nod! ☄️

Absolutely I'm just so busy these days with puppy dog and being extremely active that a lot of things slipped my mind unless I get tagged.

But that's cool thing is I totally don't mind getting tagged by my friends.

In fact I think it's pretty essential most times!

Ok! I’m glad that your alright with being tagged! I’ve seen some people here loose their marbles about that sort of thing! 😂

Hello @wil.metcalfe, it's good to see you back with another juicy stuff.

It's coming at a good time. What a way to start the week.

I've already gone through the Comment section so, I won't be throwing questions to you. Heheh. You've answered quite alot already.

Here is what I will do; I will look out for more updates about this and get myself prepared to join Category 2.

GoodLuck to you and the whole @comet.ranker team.


YES! This IS going to be extra juicy! We are going to shake and wake our follower lists in the coming weeks... and it is going to be epic in the comments!

I'm so glad that you will be joining!

It's time to get your mitts on another @Comet.Ranker badge right!?

I'll be watching for your registration my friend! 🤩

Comet Ranker

P.S. I know you said that you had covered off most of your questions about Operation #Ping by reading the post carefully and checking through the comments... but if you have any that come to mind just ask! I'm here linked into @Comet.Ranker HQ at full bandwidth! 🚀

When is the deadline to enter for level two? I'm going to wait until the last day, so I can benefit all of my followers
I usually get a few new ones each day.


@wil.metcalfe! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

What do you do with a car whose wheels are completely worn out?
You re-tire it.

@wil.metcalfe, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @wrestlingdesires
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (1/4)

I like the idea of getting more followers by the day like that! I’m actually wondering though if more people have thought of doing this and are waiting on their signUP’s? 🤔

Regardless and for the record! SignUP’s for all 3 Categories end simultaneously on January 7th @ 23:59. Right after that Category 1 commanders will launch their Operation #Ping Missions! ☄️

I’m hoping that all the categories can cheer each other on as competition is kept to each separate category! 🙌

Let me know if you have any other great questions like this one! I’m glad you asked as some people may endUP missing the deadline for signingUP if they wait to long! 😅

I'm glad to know that, thanks so much 🙌

Can we do our boosters at any time? Or only before the signUP deadline?


👆 Ah! I did already tell you about the SignUP deadline! (above)

And yes! The Boosts can be bought and activated anytime during Operation #Ping! This is all about increasing the fun! ⚡️

I also wanted to be able to focus on user experience during Operation #Ping so that's why the SignUps conclude and then the #Ping Missions launch.

Doing both at the same time would pull me in 2 different directions. I really want to bring my best for Operation #Ping! That's also why I have also put tons of work into the backend systems so as to streamline and speed thingsUP freeing more timeUP for... COMMENTS! ☄️ COMMENTS! ☄️ COMMENTS! ☄️ hahaha! 😆

This should prove to be another AMAZING engagement experience! I'm confident and I'm just so glad that your joining once again! I need solid people like you in the comments @wrestlingdesires! 😁

Thanks @wil.metcalfe for everything.

I will come back here to read more and more comments 😂. I will also throw in my question whenever I get one.

My registration will be coming soon. Hehe.

Thanks for always pioneering quality and genuine interaction

I’m as thrilled as last time my friend! Let’s do this!!! ☄️

Question: If I have more than 100 followers, do I have to join category 2?

Yes! Category 2 with 100 and less than 1000 followers!

Yep! You got it! You are officially in Category 2 @zakludick! And by the looks of it... you have 537 opportunities to earn #Ping Backs! That's pretty good! 🙌

And you recon that will be a fairly good chance to make back the 10 HIVE I spend on taking part? 😅👀

So you are gamifying interactions, nice!

You got it! THAT is exactly what we are doing! ☄️

And this is an effort to bring everyone world wide together around the things that connect us together rather than what divides us!

That is why I have had Operation #Ping translated into Spanish, Filipino, and also Hindi! (Just published all but the Hindi version. That’s in the works.)

Together with this social blockchain we are strong… and we can make a real difference.

Thank you for your engagement! 🤜🤛

@wil.metcalfe ☄️
Comet Ranker

When I saw some likes from your account and open your id. I understood that you are solving the problem of ghost town. People don't comment because there is no curator for comments. I really think we need curators for comments. ;)

!PIZZA with !LUV

@dlmmqb(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

You are indeed correct! This was a very wise and insightful observation. Let’s find out if all the lights are on and if anyone is home! ;)

During #CometWeek I was told by some very closed off and small minds that “we don’t need your help.” and “we are doing just fine the way we are” in terms of addition and retention on this blockchain.

So what your saying IS actually a fundamental premise that I’ve built this entire project on.

Operation #Ping is all about truly stress testing our social networks here on this blockchain.

By profession I’m a personal trainer… and now I’m doing a wellness test on the entire Hive Blockchain.

We will see what the outcome is.

This should be very interesting! 🤔

Will you join us @dlmmqb? ☄️

I would love to join it. But I need some answers first. What if I have some people who follow me but I mute them? Like I don't wanna talk to few people that follow me for personal reasons. Can I skip them?

Sorry in above comment, I meant ghost town not ghost time. Sorry for typo and I hope your issue would be solved with HW. I also suggest you to current come to discord to solve it. They are nice people just doing there job and following the rules. Later you can again rise this question if needed by u. First listen to what they have to say on discord.

Just my 2 cents and sorry for bad English.


Imagine if people curate comments mine this one would get some engagements. Why I read the article to make a detailed comment? So people don't feel like a ghost town. I really love this author and loved reading him but I felt like I am in a ghost town.

Exactly! It really can feel like your talking to yourself… if that’s the case you may even begin to wonder if the content is even important… or perhaps only the UPvotes are?! Blockchain empowers content creation and valuation… but it is the engagement with that content that makes it meaningful and impactful. It is the comments section that brings all content to life… otherwise it is a dead document (like the Dead Sea scrolls!) the second the author hits publish! If we want Hive to truly leave its mark… we are going to have to find the balance between authentic engagement and the downvotes current undeveloped state. I sincerely believe that these two things are directly correlated.

Good luck with your engagement efforts! Keep on trying to connect in the comments like this! 🤜🤛

but it is the engagement with that content that makes it meaningful and impactful. indeed

And I don't care about upvotes on comments as when I do detailed comments, I am actually filling the gaps that I feel for my self. Sometimes I give people sbi for comments. But I can't change the value we see in comments as people want money in even comments otherwise they might leave comments like "nice post". All I can do currently is follow your comment trial if you come up with something like this. With power comes responsibility and answering to alot of people. Please be careful for the people that say negative things about you to stop you from achieving your goals. I really believe there should be curators specially dedicated to comments and not only to big profiles but even to people below 100 hp. Comments on low comment zone aka ghost town should be rewarded even higher.

My 2 cents ;)

You certainly can skip over those sorts of follows! It is completelyUP to you as commander of your own account here on Hive who you decide to #Ping and who you decide not to #Ping! ☄️

Thank you for your advise about HW. I think there is a full mix of opinion and feeling around the HE service. It’s a real catch22 ad we do need people dedicated to watching out for real and actual spam and plagiarism on this blockchain.

There methods are unfriendly however and no amount of convincing is going to convince me that friendly people behave in unfriendly ways on this blockchain. Values are what you do on this blockchain… integrity is what you say you do. I am a keen observer of actions as they always speak louder than words.

I will emphasize it again. I have signedUP for a Hive account… not a Discord account. It matters where these things are discussed in my opinion.

Ok! Well thank you again for your comment!

I’ll certainly watch for your signUP when it comes through!

As well! Thank you for your question and please always feel free to ask me any more that may come to mind! 🙂

It’s a real catch22 ad we do need people dedicated to watching out for real and actual spam and plagiarism on this blockchain.

I am one of them. My discord is DLMMQB#6953. If you ever feel like there is an abuse of reward pool, use can contact me with the details you have. I should be more than happy to save the day.

Since cleaning people do get dirty, you can see my downvotes. My 99% downvotes will be from people marked by spamminator. When you see noise try to filter it out and see through it. The blockchain is a beautiful place as well as one should never loose focus on the objective.


@wil.metcalfe @Comet.Ranker

Like me, some new Hive Community Members may have these questions in their minds. I shall be very thankful to you if you explain these.

  1. I have only 9 followers, can I compete senior members in contest? Is ping applicable for commenting other members not from my followers list?
  2. I have 14 Hive Power (HP). I have ability of three Posts or comments daily, can I compete whales who can comment everyone?

Very special thanks to you for this wonderful social engagement contest. This contest is very helpful for New Members to Understand Hive Blockchain and connect with Senior Members.


Stay hungry and stay foolish and keep asking questions is my new year resolution! Those are some excellent questions ! Let’s wait for the #cometcrew and commander to kick in!

Very good questions right Praveen!? I was impressed with these (as were you I think)!

Your indeed correct. We all need to stay hungry and stay "foolish" if we want to continue to expand our capacity! I think of questions as opportunities to "carve out my canyon of understanding". The world is far wider and far deeper than can be fathomed. We should always be willing to ask and learn... and it doesn't matter how much we know! There's always going to be more to know!

And in the end it's not about what someone knows... It's all about what we don't know that makes all the difference!

Thank you for all of your support in the comments of these @Comet.Ranker posts! This has really helped my friend!

Along those lines...

I actually was wondering!

Do you have a list of people who might be pillars within the Indian Community here on Hive that you might be able to tag?

Telling even a few people directly here on Hive is a good way to get the word out! Sort of like putting a small match to the kindling of a camp fire... All it takes is getting the word out to a few key people and soon Operation #Ping will be ringing off the Hive walls!

I would appreciate any support (like this) that you might be able to give me!

We need more people from the Indian Community joining this round of Operation #Ping! ☄️

Talk again very soon!

Comet Ranker

If you are genuinely interested in engaging here, I think the limited resource credits won't be a problem for very long 🙌 This initiative could be very good for you. Do you have discord yet?

No. I don't have discord yet. After replying you comment Resource Credits (RC) level: 8% maybe. Then I wait for a day or many hours to post or comment any other that is problem with me now. I will try my best to increase HP.

Have you gotten a temporary HP delegation from https://giftgiver.site/? If you are running out of resource credits, that should really help!

That would really help for sure! Thank you for jumping in here to help like this @harlowjourney! 🙏

I would also highly recommend that you get Discord. You can learn a lot there, and strengthen your bonds with other Hive members :) ...

I think that's a good use of Discord! I'm always a little bit sad to hear this though... especially when we have this blockchain sitting right here at our finger tips! Thank you for jumping in like this to assist your fellow #CometCrew @wrestlingdesires! 🙏

I didn't mean that he should spend less time here - but with his rc problem, comments are definitely an issue for him :(

Yup! Makes perfect sense! I’m glad you brought thisUP! This is going to be a little surprise… but for anyone joining Operation #Ping they will each be getting a 100 Hive Delegation from @Comet.Ranker! Your comment here really got me thinking… but hey! Keep this under wraps for now! I want to surprise everyone! 😌

That's SO AWESOME ☄️

This will guarantee that everyone has a good chance 🙌 I got my entry in - then of course got a couple more followers 😂

Oh, how I wish the snapshot would be taken when our ship launches!

That’s what I was thinking as well! Then new people can fly at the comments and have just as much fun as more mature accounts! 🤩

I wish I could but as is I have my hands pretty full!

Today I spent about 8 hours typing comments and registering everyone into the system! 😌

But the good thing is… we are good to go in 25min. (Category 1)! ☄️

Congratulations for boldly stepping forward @ziabutt3836! I have received your SignUP for Category 1 and logged your follower count into the @Comet.Ranker computer systems! We are good to go for a Category 1 launch on the 8th of January! Let me know if you have any other questions... annnnd! Don't forget to at minimum activate Boost 1 so that you can claim some Comet Tokens with every #Ping! These are currently valued at 1 to 1. 1 Hive for each Comet Token on Hive Engine! https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=COMET

Hi my friend! 😁

YES! And these are really great questions that your asking! I'm glad that you decided to ask them for the benefit of everyone (especially the new Commanders among the Hive ranks!) here. Much appreciated!

Ok! Let's take these from the top shall we.

  1. With a 1 Hive registration fee you are of course eligible! 9 followers isn't a whole lot to work with but you will at the very least be able to earn some Comet Tokens and the Operation #Ping Badge! You now have a base level of engagement for your social... It's all UP for here because now you can set some new goals based on what you learn(ed) from this round of Operation #Ping! So yes! You can participate for a total possible #Ping Back Score of 9. And No. At this time we are focused on #Ping'ing our Follower List. Buuuut... in the near future we may be targeting another list! 1 guess as to which one that will be!? 😜

  2. It's always tricky with lower amounts of HP but luckily you are NOT competing with whales. This is why I created the staggered launch with 3 different levels of participation! If you decided to join the #CometCrew you would be a Category 1 Commander and would therefore would be competing with other Commanders but none of which would have more than 100 followers.

I am confident that even if you were to join now that your account could easily double or even triple during Operation #Ping! Aligning yourself with other people who are aiming at the same objectives doesn't mean that the competition would be a limiting factor... In fact I think you would find that you would suddenly be a part of the #CometCrew and have a whole bunch of new and like-minded contacts!

Annnnnd as you know...

I am always very generous with all my efforts! I really do want t o set people UP to win and I want people to feel like they belong to something that's bigger 1 person by them selves. I really do want people to come together around the values and ideals that UPlift the human race! TOGETHER we can innovate new and better ways to human. TOGETHER we are better! By ourselves... we are socially disadvantaged and fragile.

Let's all lift each other UP one #Ping at a time! ☄️

I hope what I have said here helps.

Thank you for asking these questions!


Comet Ranker

Oh wow, gamifying blockchain engagement. Great to this arising here! I will give it some thoughts ... as the entry fee is not in my wallet (yet). But I will keep an eye on this!

Thank you for your consideration @hetty-rowan! You would be a Category 3 Commander! I can understand that you might need to dig deep for the entry fee... and I hope you do! 1,208 followers are counting on you! That's a pretty good number especially considering you have managed to lay down track here on Hive for over 4 years! Nicely done!

Let me know if you have any questions about this engagement event alright! I would love for you to join us! ☄️

We're back again.
I'm already in for this ride.
Thanks to @comet.ranker for initiating another great fun game

Yep! We are indeed BACK! 💪

I'm so glad that your excited to join @Comet.Ranker during Operation #Ping Daniella! I am confident that this is going to be EPIC... You being one of the #CometWeek CHAMPS would make this round interstellar! ☄️

I'll be watching for your registration when it comes through! 🙌

Yes sir.
Am just waiting for the announcement post.
I can't afford to miss this great opportunity.
Thanks for initiating it this way

@daniella619 my dear! THIS is the announcement post! I would be sad if for some reason you to miss out on this one! 😅

We are all going to have so much fun during Operation #Ping! You were the grand winner during #CometWeek so I'm excited to see what you can do in terms of engagement this time around! Hope you have been doing well and staying sharp in the comments! ☄️

Just an FYI! The deadline for SigningUP for this engagement event ends January 7th.

Let me know if you have any questions alright!

Comet Ranker

Okay boss.
I've readied my fingers for the ride.
Thanks for the info


P.S. Thanks so much , @wil.metcalfe ,for the generous appreciation and hive you sent man, feelin' the love. Comet's #Ryzing ! 🙏

You better believe it Jay! YES! You completely deserve that Hive and more! Thank you so much for helping me polish all things Operation #Ping! You really helped me bring this project together!

The difference between armature and professional results is all of those finishing touches... and that usually comes by finding amazing people (like you and @cynshineonline) to collaborate with.

We all have our strengths... and together strong people make strong people even stronger!

Thank you Jay! 🙏

Comet Ranker

Absolutely my pleasure, honored to have been asked. I'm a huge fan of polish, refinement, and finishing touches in all I do, and I'm glad you make a point to connect with such people. We do all have our strengths, and uniting them in collaboration is beautiful! Thank you for this amazing initiative! #KeepRyzing 🙏

You are definitely the man when it comes to polishing and shinningUP things Jay! This has been amazing to collaborate like this. Playing to our strengths has been a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to many more opportunities like this one in the future! 🙌

I feel like @samsmith1971 would rock this contest too. She leaves hella awesome comments. I looked for a comment from her but didn't see one so I'm tagging her too.

haha I'm coming to look shortly...thanks for the reminder!!LUV

Thankyou for getting the word out Cyn! I was actually just going to #Ping @samsmith1971 myself! I knew she was going to get to this post eventually though... right Sam! hahaha! 😉

Right?! haha. This looks like a fantastic engagement challenge Wil. Wake up the sleeping Hivians indeed! Well done! I need to get some liquid Hive together to take part and I am pretty snowed at the mo so not sure how much more I can do but always happy to engage 💗

Oh! Yes Sammy! So your going to join us!? 🤞

I was just talking with @cynshineonline and she mentioned wanting to sponsor you for Operation #Ping! 😍

I think playing without you would be like playing without your star player! ✨ I really hope that you can make some time to join! 😁

Your sitting at 309 followers... and hey! What better way to warmUP those connections right?! 😉

Well! In the end the decisionsUP to you! But we only have just under 12 hours left for SignUp's and then Operation #Ping is green for go with Category 1 kicking off their 7 day #Ping Window. ☄️

Let us know either way ok! 👍

he Wil & Cyn @wil.metcalfe @cynshineonline I have DM'ed you both 👣😘

Now THAT was an epic chat Sammy! Take THAT energy into Operation #Ping and @wrestlingdesires WILL have his work cut out for him! hahaha! 😁

😂😇😝😍 you hear that @wrestlingdesires hehe !PIZZA !ALIVE !LUV !LOLZ

Whats the nuttiest Band in the history of rock and roll
The Allmond Brothers.

@wil.metcalfe, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @samsmith1971
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (4/4)

@wil.metcalfe! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (6/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

I think I just got some serious competition 🤯🤯🤯


Seems that my reply did not post. If it does so in delay, I apologise for the double post.

If I have more than 100 followers, is it compulsory to join category 2?

I love this ☄️If I sign up now for the one token per ping, and send in the boost fee and entry fee (I qualify for week two) will I begin to earn Comets immediately? Or not until week two begins?

Great question @wrestlingdesires! Thank you for your inquiring mind as always my friend!

So you are a Category 2 Commander so your signUP fee would be 10 Hive.

By Activating Boost 1 you would immediately begin earning Comet Tokens as soon as your Category launches on January 15th!

You would then have 7 day's to #Ping your follower list and with every #Ping Reported back to the Category 2 Mission Report (That will become available as soon as that Category goes LIVE!) you will earn 1 Comet Token.

ALSO! If you also activate Boost 2 any of your followers who #Ping you back will also receive 1 Comet Token once @Comet.Ranker processes your mission report! ☄️

Nice 🙌!!! I think it's a good idea if I sign up on the 14th then, since my list is rapidly expanding at the moment. It's all about engagement and strategy, right :) ?

Hi @wrestlingdesires!

Just wanted to clarify with you that the signUP's for Operation #Ping (all 3 categories) concludes on the 7th of January. Category 1 Commanders will be the 1st to being their #Ping Missions starting at 0 hundred hours January 8th. So probably best not to wait to long on the signUP! That being said... You still have a couple days until the deadline so there you go! Some room to strategize! 👓

Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

Use Ecency daily to boost your growth on platform!

Support Ecency
Vote for new Proposal
Delegate HP and earn more

Thank you @ecency team! You guys are always so positive! We are all, as Hive Owners, in the business of bringing people together around new and better ways to human... But you guys go over and above! Thanks to the Ecency Project I know the goalie is always in the net! ☄️

Very nice initiative. This would really help a lot of users to stay active in the platform and engage. Congratulations @comet.ranker. This will be a great success and would help a lot of users in the Hive Community.

Thank you for your vote of confidence @asasiklause! We believe that Operation #Ping is going to be a raving success... and we can't wait to bring as many Hivelanders along with us as humanly possible! Will you be joining us this time around? ☄️

Can't wait for the mission to begin!!! This is a unique way to boost engagement and perhaps build meaningful relationship with your followers 🤗😍

Yes!!! Exactly and I can't wait for the #Ping Missions to begin as well! I really had lots of fun building out this idea and I'm so excited that YOU are excited! You are right! There are going to be many meaningful relationships that we be built and strengthened during Operation #Ping. I'm so sure of it! ☄️

I'll be watching for your signUP @lifewithera. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the comments of this post!!! 😊

That is pretty cool you are doing this little competition. It seems it is everything I already naturally do lol without the recording of it.

Dang looks like I literally missed the first operation by 1 follower hahah. Good luck to this project anyhow I think I'm just going to continue on my path and just go with the flow of things. I'm sure I can just do contest after contest or other ways but for me I'm still thinking and questioning what type of presence I want to have on this platform and what type of followers I would want to attract.

You haven't missed the boat yet my friend! SignUP's for Operation #Ping run until the end of this week!

Category 1 Commanders will be the first to jump into this engagement competition beginning at 0 hundred hours on the 8th of January! Having just checked... your a Category 2 Commander! Will we be seeing you among our ranks this time around @infinitytcg? By the sounds of it... your already doing 80% of what it takes already... It would just mean learning the reporting step which is really quite easy!

Why not give this a try... See if this is even going to be half as fun as #CometWeek was! 😉

If you got any questions... I'm always game! Just fire them my way! ☄️

Comet Ranker

I'm didn't participate in last cometweek as I don't believe I was on hive yet, but just splinterlands.

I may consider it this month will be really busy for me as I'm already deep diving into quite a lot of stuff with some live poker games so not so sure if I will have the time commitment for it, but I'll consider it. Good luck either way on this project it seemed awesome from the video I reviewed.

Ok! For sure @infinitytcg! Let me know if you have any questions alright! 🙂

Wait... there was a video about Operation #Ping?

No not operation ping, your comet week you had before it had something like it is now with missions I believe. If I recalled correctly it had something to do with 3 different series of missions. You were the one in the video and I heard several other people as well.

Right! hahaha! For a second (4 days actually! hahaha!) I forgot that about that video! That was actually the after party where we did the LIVE draws when #CometWeek was finished! After Operation #Ping is complete we will be doing another LIVE Event! You should totally come! ☄️ Your always welcome and I have to say... I have really appreciated your comments about the DV recently. It's good to know that someone else has a good head on their shoulders about this subject. I wonder how long it's going to take people to get what you and I have been talking about... or maybe (some) already know... they are just being quiet about it. That's actually more plausible imo. So yes! Thank you for your support and just being willing to express yourself around that topic. It's important that more people start talking about the DV and carefully examining how it is impacting the health and well-being of social on the blockchain.

What are the differences between the two consul options???

There are 2 consul boosts because each boost is only able to be activated once during Operation #Ping!

This way if a commander wants a more in depth view on their follower list (and engagement levels) they can call in that boost more than once!

It's completely UP to each commander how they want to proceed! 😉

Comet Ranker

P.S. It's getting late over here on my end!

I'm going to head to bed so I can bust more moves tomorrow! I know that you asked a couple more questions so I'll be answering those as early tomorrow morning! Keep em coming!!! 🙌

I'll try to think of a few more! How many entries are there so far???


I feel like my girl @brittandjosie would DOMINATE this contest. She's the queen of engagement!!!

HECK YEAH SHE WOULD! That girl is absolutely WILD in the comments! hahaha! 😍

Wow, I just bumped into this right now. Can I still join the contest?

I so wish I could say, "Heck Yes!" because I know that you must be excited right now! but unfortunately the SignUP window for Operation #Ping concluded 39 hours and 16min. ago!

That being said... Please follow along! Learn what you can from the participants! This isn't @Comet.Ranker's 1st engagement event... and it certainly won't be our last! #EyesToTheSkies! ☄️

Dude. I thought you said that this is the most high tech engagement contest? It looks like its manual all the way :p hahahahaha

Hi @flipflopcrypto! 👋

Just checking in! How's the #Ping Missions going? Anything to report yet? ☄️