I Can't Believe I'm Doing This

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But here I go. Writing the opening line. Just like I always do.

So as of today, I've been here in some way, somehow, for seven years.

Sick of me yet?

I don't think I've ever celebrated this day. Can't seem to recall writing a post shedding light on the fact it's been another year of being, around.

I'm spontaneously winging it as well. I have nothing prepared. Which reminds me...

I do have nothing prepared. Made nothing years ago it seems. And I'm sure you've seen nothing before. Nothing always makes a good thumbnail though. So, yeah, nothing it is.

These jokes are nothing, too. Just some filler. We like longform here!

I've been noticing I feel like nothing, most days. Haven't been feeling well enough to be on here trying to do whatever the fuck it is I do here.

What is my job again?


I should write a proposal and ask you fine people for a retirement package. I'm sure that would go over well. 200 HBD daily to sit around acting like I know things as I constantly remind everyone how, "I've seen some shit in my day."

And it's true.

Some days I like how this place kicks my ass. Most days, I don't.

I'm lucky I have a lot of good memories as well. Like the time I made this!

And called it, Quits. That's his name. Two years and one month ago I created that dude. Showed it off here in a post and it doubled as a hint that I'd be leaving for a bit, which I did.

No official announcement of course. Just a, Poof.

Have you noticed I've been away? Is there a badge for someone like me? Most days on vacation. I'm certain I hold that record.

This OG knows many people have come and gone over the years. Every time I leave, it's to give myself the opportunity to come back, feeling fresh.

I ain't feeling too fresh.

Seven years is a long time.

The type of stuff I like to create and present here would have killed me if I had spent the entire seven years grinding daily.

Seven years ago I saw a mountain I wanted to climb. Nothing was going to stop me. I set some goals. Eventually reached the "top" here, consistently, which is something I wanted to do, organically. The work was hard but getting there was easy. Behind the scenes here I had it in my head it was already done the entire time.

The mind is so incredibly powerful and I love using mine for stuff like that.

What I didn't see coming was me becoming bored.

What I saw was this ecosystem growing at a faster rate than I ever could, making the top of this mountain impossible to reach.

I was wrong, the pace is slow and there have been plenty of curve balls hurled this way but I didn't come here to bitch about the place or even talk about it.

This gig isn't supposed to have a top.

Not everyone here does arts and entertainment but everyone can relate. If you're developing a product on chain, you don't set a limit on how many will use it. You want millions. Nobody wants their favorite crypto to max out at ten bucks. As soon as that happens you're hoping for the big eleven, right?

Then twelve!

You saw some of my art. You want to see another one!

Why would I stop at just one face when I can stash another face inside there plus put a goat on top then tuck another face off to the side!

I called that one, The G.O.A.T.

That's what I tucked inside my second actual post on Hive way back in March of 2020.

Remember this one:

NoNamesLeftToUse - My Thoughts Exactly.png

Probably not. I called it, My Thoughts Exactly.

I used it as the cover image for this post.

I don't really know how to write a celebratory post, as you can see. People are usually serious, happy, talking about accomplishments and whatever else.

I stole the number one trending slot away from Justin Sun with that post.

Should I even be proud about something like that?

It was funny and also doubled as a post like this where I simply pop in out of nowhere.

Except this is supposed to be my anniversary post.

I don't even celebrate my birthday.


In today's news: I'm not dead.

I'm also not planning to be creating content for awhile. Don't have the time. Not even sure how active my following is anymore. Been trying for years to get back into this steady but it doesn't work out.

There's one thing I need though. Probably the first time in seven years I ask for something.

The truth is, I don't really know anyone here. I've always been distant and that's on me of course. Sure, we talk in comment sections. Joke around, whatever. Get in arguments sometimes. It's a fair statement though, correct? Not one of you out there can say you know me well.

For years and years I've been thrown under the bus and accused of being part of some kind of clique here that calls all the shots and creates all the problems. It typically happens when someone feels like creating a problem. People put on their tinfoil hats or whatever then hone in on this bogus signal that tells their heads bullshit. Next thing you know the bullshit is falling out of their mouths.

I've collected a massive amount of bullshit over the years. If I sat here and produced a list of every event, your jaw would hit the floor. There are also several who've witnessed it, several times, all while knowing I act on my own and don't even fucking know anybody.

So I ask you to simply accept the fact: I'm okay.

Yes, it's mentally draining and would probably be enough to push someone over the edge. Yes, sometimes it puts me in Asshole Mode.

But there's something really special about those types who will openly bullshit like that in public to me, in front of others who know the truth.

It rips their masks off and reveals what's on the inside.

And what you see is humanity. That's why I keep my distance.

Art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
NoNamesLeftToUse Outro.png

"And I've seen some shit in my day."

© 2023 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


For years and years I've been thrown under the bus and accused of being part of some kind of clique here that calls all the shots and creates all the problems. It typically happens when someone feels like creating a problem. People put on their tinfoil hats or whatever then hone in on this bogus signal that tells their heads bullshit. Next thing you know the bullshit is falling out of their mouths.

You do... rise to the bait... 😃, I don't know how you have the patience. Those walls of text don't do a lot for me. TLDR they say...

Can always find a way to pull positives out of it. Practicing patience could save one's life someday. And life is important. Might need it someday, right?

It's the capitals that kill me more than the walls of text 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Haha!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Now that I’m thinking about it…there should be a badge for those who’s gone for more than 1 year. Maybe something like - congrats you’ve been off Hive for 365 days, thanks for doing nothing. lol

Congrats on adding another year to your years. Many here really have loads of preconceptions about who a person really is and in reality most of us don’t even know who’s sitting right next to us rn completely so it’s really like chasing a fantasy whenever I see people judge you for interacting with some sets of people thinking you’re all the same.

Have a great next time off Hive man. It’s always good to drop by and fill the - I’m not dead yet box. So people know that the OG is still kicking. Maybe you should make a proposal this time, who knows you might just become an hive retiree(and first of its kind I guess lol)

Your comment here cheered me up a bit dude. You get it. I don't really have much to say today but, thanks for nothing, man.

Yo yo, mofo!

Seven years, I am sure there is something biblical in that. Didnt someone do something in the desert for seven years, or is that some kind of pastry?

It is always good to see ya even if you get dragged into the cabal this and the elites that :OD

It's pastry.

It all comes down to pastry in the end!

Doesn't everything?

The old ones pass on such knowledge for a reason

Pasty knowledge is of paramount importance.

No other knowledge compares!

There's a lot of things I could say about seven.

Don't really know much about pastries though.

Good to see you dude.

Thats the stuff, stick to the lines

we know nothing of these pastries of which you speak

You will be gone for another year before you know it!

Hyar...why did I read that as pasties. Had to go back and read the whole comment a second time lol

Hahaha, Pasties would work just fine :OD

I'll be back tomorrow but it might not be this tomorrow.

Didn't God create the world in 6 days and then he rested on the 7th?

I am in my 7th year on here ( 6 years and 3 months ), guess I need to rest now. Perhaps that's why I feel so freaking tired ;^)

I can only imagine how OGs like you @nonameslefttouse and @meesterboom must feel...

OGs be old and tired 😀😀

He didn't test on the seventh day, he made pastries!!

I didn't know that. That must have been the Scottish version of the holy book.

We call it The Scook 😀

So if I take a break now on year 7, does mean I have a god complex?

Maybe you're suffering from the 7 year itch thing?


Is it not blowing your hair back anymore? I can see four faces in that GOAT painting of yours by the way.

Glad you see you broke your own tradition of not writing a celebratory post, clearly people appreciate knowing that you're still alive. Stay that way please 😉

I thought about that 7 year itch thing as well, as I was trying to figure why all this was losing its appeal. My answers fell from the sky and into my lap. I had been away, came back, and before I could settle back into my own groove, 2 different people had already pulled their drama stunt with the bullshit trying to drag me down into their nonsense.

There might even be more than four faces in that image. I learned over the years if I don't hint there's more or hidden details, people miss them.

Feels good to be alive.

I saw some of that. It makes me fucking tired (and I'm reading it second hand). You always remain so level headed and patient, I don't know how you do that, it wears you down after a while.

You know I like finding the hidden elements in your art, and I know you like hiding them, so I don't doubt there may be more 🙂

Being alive is kind of important for that feeling thing to happen in the first place. Looks like the vast majority of peeps are happy to see you back. As for the others, well, fuck'em. There's only so much drama one can take in one go.

Patience is something I needed to work on anyway. Exposure therapy in a sense lol.

I'm happy to see so many still around. Feeling grateful.

God would have rested at the start of the 7th year. You outdid the Dude.

Outdiddadude. That's a great name for a cartoon character.

I wonder if God snores.

Great name indeed.

I wonder if God snores.

He does, occasionally. Earthlings call it 'thunder'.

It's too bad that sound ACDC makes after saying "thunder" is so hard to write because that's what I'd really like to say right now.

Not even sure how active my following is anymore.

I am pretty active... Happy anniversary and consider posting something once in a while, my feed is so full with make-up posts...

I see you always on the go. Damn every time I see you, man, I chuckle. We didn't really know each other until the day we both realized you had me on mute and didn't even know why. And I was sitting there yapping and didn't even know I was on mute. I have a huge fucking smile right now man.


I had acidyo on mute as well and didn't knew why...

I'm a complete retard sometimes.

Consider blogging once in a while. Guys like you bring value to this chain.

Don't get discouraged about that "mute episode" 😀

LOL didn't bother me. And I am considering getting back into this but I also know my spare time might not exist when I need it. Some of that art can take all day to produce. AI isn't an option for me either. And if I sit down to write a story like my previous post from June, or something like the old one I linked here in the post, there's a lot of refining involved.

Damn I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

AI is not art.

I was messing with a chatbot, gave it a sentence and asked it to write it in reverse. It made mistakes, I told it to correct them, and it denied the existence of those mistakes. It was being a total asshole for a seconds, then cut me off. lol

In some regards AI is pointless

Lol, so it was YOUR fault that that fighter jet went missing! Now it all makes so much more sense.

What I didn't see coming was me becoming bored.

Boredom means it's time to try new things, even temporarily... Luckily Hive is big enough for that :) ...

I'd love to see you in The Inkwell, or trying Dreem-WOTW sometime. You might also find LMAC a good way to expand your creativity.

Happy Hive Birthday 🙌

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I've been invited or offered some of these same suggestions the entire time. Nothing wrong with any of those options, plus others such as communities in general. I think about it and it makes me feel like I'm being sorted into a pile. Elements of the dreaded middleman arise as well. Don't want to crash anyone's party. You might like to see me in there. Several others might want to see me out because insert random platform politics issue here.

Several others might want to see me out because insert random platform politics issue here.

As long as a post meets the requirements, and the person isn't on any copy and paste or scam lists, politics shouldn't even be in the mix...

I'm not in the right state of mind these days anyway. My head just goes there and I feel hated. I've tried countless times to smooth things out over the years but I'm also not best communicator when I'm frustrated. To be straight up honest, I don't know how to move past it. I'm not feeling too fresh, like the post says.

I'm grateful for this showing of support. Advice. Opportunities being offered. The rest.

Don't have an ounce of actual creativity flowing through my veins at this point but yes, when it's time, I'll consider your suggestions once again. Can't promise it. Thanks though.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment :) Should you decide to, just let me know and I'll point you towards those who are more interested in creativity and growth than politics.

some of the veterans still remember you! :P

lol and the noobs be all like, "Who the fuck is this guy!"

haters gonna hate :P This is us after 7-8 years in here

Hater just end up fucking themselves. Maybe that's why they call them Masturhaters.

Good you are ‘okay’ and nice to see you here again.
Who do we really know… here… in the virtual space. We could be anything… anyone
Have a wonderful Wednesday, enjoy the days.
Congratulations on 7 years 🎉 here… that’s something!

Is it Wednesday today? Holy shit. WTF happened to Tuesday...

Yep… it seems this hears goes really fast. I am missing days more often too hahaha 🤣

If tomorrow is Saturday, I'm gonna miss my show!

Nope… it isn’t, so you are not missing it 😉

Tomorrow's yesterday, what the heck you talking about?

Talking about last month's today!

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Holy hell, how time flies. Congrats on making 7 years. Seems a few of us hit that mark, even if it entailed hiding in the shadows, as I have found myself doing. It cracks me up when you turn nothing into something that means nothing, to others. And your artwork is still da bomb. If ya still have haters looking to rattle your nerves, ya just gotta say fk em cuz they (are probably just jealous) mean nothing :) Keep on keepin' on!!

I know. People give me solid advice like that all the time. But like I said. I'm okay. I mean it.

Oh I know you are. Never known you to say something which isn't correct :) Honestly I was speaking metaphorically how we all need to say fk em and all that. We can't help those that thrive off trying to cause chaos. Hope your week goes smooth and relaxing.

You're right. I really can't help them. I'll tell you this right now though. As soon as I turn my back, a knife is going in it. Watch for it.

No doubt. I guess once a bully, always a bully. Most never outgrow it unless it gets beat out of them a few times. DW, most of us gotcha sixth.

Well I'm glad you're doing this for whatever reason. Because you are funny.

"Nothing is impossible." The doorknob - Alice in wonderland

Although someone once told me they'd rather say, "Anything is possible."

I would, after some serious consideration, have to agree that both are pretty fucking great perspectives.

p.s. Longest holiday ever and also still tired. Relate. Perhaps we are simply getting old.

Happy birthday, old timer 😈🙃

I'm so glad I met you.


You made me feel all warm an' fuzzy. And that doesn't happen often anymore.

Ditto, fellow traveler. Keep (all) the flags flyin' <3

I'm sure that's way better than the cold pricklies.

So much!

Wish there was more in the world to drive those off for good. Work in progress.

Better with good humans, always.

Must get punk face back on now. Trying to buy a used car. I could write a gazillion posts on this process alone 😅

And eat the cake. Life is short. Eat the godammned cake, okay? 🎉🎈🎂

Hey mate...your last two sentences, I'm with you there. Spot on!

Anyway, I'm in my seventh year by three months. Six years and three months man...I never thought I'd be around that long. I've met some nice people, some assholes and worse, but I'm still here. I guess I just write because I enjoy it and leave it up to others to determine what they want to do with it. What other way is there?

Anyway, I'm sure some of your following has melted away, as have mine, but finding the value in what we do doesn't have to depend on others I guess.

All the best.

Dude those lines are real as fuck and that shit's coming straight from the heart.

From my perspective, much of my best works depends on others. If I write a funny and there's no laughs, it ain't funny. If I produce art and there's no eyes, there's no art. What I do is for people. Not me.

I understand what you're saying, sort of like the, if a tree falls in a forest paradigm, I guess. Although, I think art is still art even if it's only the artist that sees it. Many people do things for the simple enjoyment of it. I don't think you'd do your art if you didn't enjoy it, the process and result, right? For me, it's the same with writing. I write more off the blockchain, things no one will see (ever), and find enjoyment in it.

Of course sure, I understand completely what you're saying and agree and if what you do is purely for people then you need people around to see it.

I love doing it. Every detail is to be witnessed though. Think about my style dude. I hide things. I want people to look harder. See the bear in my profile background? On the right? See the melting dollar sign? On the left? See all those faces now? See the dude with the beard? See the one getting punched? I fucking forgot to dedicate a portion of this post to that image. Dammit.

I get it man, I really do. My dad was an artist, he made hi living all his life from being an artist and I know what he put into it and why. I didn't get the talent unfortunately, however I know what you mean, the things that sit there in plain sight but which most will miss if they don't look for them or have the ability to see beyond the obvious. I do that with my writing to be honest, there's a lot there, but mostly no one will see because they skim the post or simple see and read words superficially.

I'm the same way with writing. Combining it with that art. If you can pick up on the imagery then look where I said "I called it" then My Thoughts Exactly. Now I'll just let that simmer.

There's a lot going on in that artwork, besides the very obvious on the left of it. There's something on the right that looks...well, I'd rather not say on the blockchain, but it's there for me. It's sort of like looking at clouds I guess right? People see what they see, and mostly it's different from what other's see.

Who is this again? Don't worry, we remember. Sometimes we need a break just like I am having now. Real life can sometimes demand all energy and attention. Being creative is not something to be forced. Take the time you need. we will still be here. Hope you are well.

I was expecting to hear a request after this line

There's one thing I need though. Probably the first time in seven years I ask for something.

But nothing. I was all geared up to help but now I feel slightly disappointed. Roll on year eight. Hive is a slow burner.

Dude. I was just asking you all to accept the fact I'm okay. I'm fine. I got this. I'll do what I can, when I can. And straight up thanks for not turning your back on me.

Hive is like a mixtape. It's OK to press pause every now and again. When you are ready to unpause you will continue from where you left off. Good luck with finding the button.

Sometimes it's like reaching around in the dark for that button. Fucking alarm is going off..

Been following you for a while.

Not even close to seven years but eventually my time will come and I do feel like you.

I post for a week and then stop for a... season. I mean, I like writing from time to time, but sometimes I'm just lazy as fuck.

Anyway, you seem a bit depressed from reading this post, I hope life is good to you.

Take care 🤍

Yeah. I probably am and won't deny it. Why should I. How does one solve their problems if they don't acknowledge them. I got it though. I've seen some shit in my day.

Oh please don't deny it, being transparent with yourself is a step in the right direction. But don't forget to get help, cause fighting alone gets hard. Anyway I'll mind me own business now 😜 have a great day

I appreciate what you're saying. Just know I'm not the suffering type. I simply experience life in many forms and can handle it.

Noname and nothing, but at least you added the #happy tag!
Congrats for 7 years!

I always manage to do at least one thing right. #happy is going to take the world by storm.

Hey congratulations on completed seven year's on Blockchain 😃 I like the idea that even after 7 year's no one knows you properly here on hive, for a minute i thought how it could be possible 😕 , a week ago i also remove users from my following list who aren't active on hive, although I'm not so old here 😃

Stay happy and have a good day

Yeah it's tough to keep followers here. Majority show up to create, not consume. Always been like that. One must grind hard for a long time to build up a consistently active following of their own.

I'll have a good day. You do that as well.

Yes consistency is the hard thing which we should do on everywhere

If you got the energy, be consistent. I don't think it's impossible for others to gain traction that sticks. There's no way I'm the only one.

Looking forward to something!

Nothing is something!

Didn't we do this before?

This before? I didn't know this before.

May have done a little of that before this..

I once got a bingo with before.

I didn’t know you were a bingo player. Rock on!

Well man, it must be frustarting and tiring being dragged into nonsense. I once heard a good saying, "Arguing with a fool is like rolling in the muck with a pig, only the pig enjoys it." Or something to that effect.

Seven years is a hell of a long time, and it's understandable to want to take a bit of a backseat to re-centre yourself.

Also, that second piece of art, the G.O.A.T reminds me of something out of Abes Oddworld.

Oddworld. I haven't played that. When it was published years ago someone came along and pointed out it resembled some art from ancient Egypt. Blew my mind. I've always enjoyed learning about what others see in my work.

Oh man, Oddworld is really cool. It is set in a brutal world but also has some humor, and the intro video of the game still haunts me from when I was a child haha

Here's a 20-minute video of the creator of the game, and he talks a bit about how he found himself in game design and what inspired the world of Oddworld. He's an absolute genius.

I missed out on a lot of games from that period. Probably would have enjoyed that.

Wow it's good to know some of you our veterans here, 7 years is a very long time to keep doing what you know best to do, being a hiver, 🎉🎉🎉🎉 congratulations! This is huge.

Thank you. There are plenty of veterans. Hasn't always been smooth sailing but that's life. And I do have a lot of actual good memories. Endless supply of stories.

Hey fellow 7 year user! Good to see we're just about still here!


Just about! lol One foot in one foot out! Getting the best of both worlds I guess.

I wouldn't know if you'd remember me as the one who made that Newton or something joke about DJs and whatnot. I guess that has been just about our only interaction, apart from threads were I kept trying to form images from your art.
But anyways, if you don't, it's still lovely to have interacted with you in that short while. Happy 7th to you @nonameslefttouse. You're a nice guy.

Einstein was the bouncer and E = mc² was the dj! lol

I have a good memory. Nice to see you again! Thanks again for the laughs that time. It's a painful reminder though since I've been smiling all damn day and it kinda hurts to do it again. But I'll live.

I guess I'm the one with the horrible memory then. Lol

You've been smiling all day. Well that certainly good. Some of us woke up to cramps that are determined to hand us over to the grim reaper.
I'll try not to make more jokes so your cheeks don't crack or something. That certainly would wipe out all the fun.

I hope my face doesn't stay like this, or I'll be smiling at your funeral.

That should be quite a horrendous sight. Hopefully, I don't indulge your cracked up whims.

I'll think we'll survive this. If I can manage seven years here, I can do anything!

True. It's such a long time though. I wonder if the air around here feels different for you or something.

I think I know you and you know me, maybe or maybe I'm just imagining shit like I usually do when my brain is foggy from the drugs I've failed to consume in the pursuit of looking for a post from you in my feed, the feed.

Bah was going to add a pic but it's not turning out, bullshit

Well there goes an attempt at something resembling a clever reply only to fail as the monkey wouldn't get out of the box.

Dude. That's fair. We do know one another. Or maybe I'm the drugs talking. Talking drugs talking. The drugs are, words now. Check this one out. Word. And then the chickens came and ate everything. Is the wall talking? I'm I the wall or am I too tall?

They say the sign of madness is when you start to respond to yourself when you think out loud. Wonder if it applies to written format.

And thank fuck you posted, I was starting to read some serious posts and making myself into a serious person.

Seriously dude, don't be serious. I have a mission for you. Create an actual madness sign. Straight up write "Madness" on some cardboard then glue that shit onto a stick. Then go walking around telling people, "This is a sign of madness." Make sure you record it. This is going viral.

But if you don't want to. That's probably the better decision. I probably shouldn't be giving advice right now anyway.

I've also surpassed seven years recently as well. :)
Treated this place like a hobby job that I loved for years.
Felt mad about the direction or lack there of for a while.
Got bored, got annoyed, came back to see the people I liked and I still enjoy them.

But yeah, I have the 7 year itch, feels like we have the same conversations and nothing feels very fresh.

Happy 7 years... See ya around if we both wind up here on the same days.

I was treating it like Youtube, as an early Youtuber would have. They were all sitting around with 5000 followers and that was a lot. Now some of those same people are millionaires with millions of followers. And it's only because the platform grew at a faster pace than the content creator. Wasn't expecting the same results for me personally but did think by now there'd be a lot of attractive content that's also attracting actual consumers. LOL but I say "consumers" now and start shaking violently and having flashbacks lol.

Can still pull plenty of positives out and look forward to more though. So maybe in seven more years something will happen. chuckles

For sure I'll see you around. Happy 7 to you as well.

Damn dude .... hitting 200 comments in a bear marker!

I feel you are probably the one who have capturued this new medium of our in the best way. A sort of native to the chain, expressing your self. If someone would ask me tommorow... heh whats so special about that place... I would show them your work. The real rockenrolla of this unique medium ...

This place certainly has a pulse, no matter the season.

I want this for everyone.

Happy 7th anniversary man, that's a really long time and I hope you'll be here for many years to come. People like to blame each other but you're here justin time to give them the answer they need always :P

LOL You were just in time. I was reading that old post I linked when I got your comment notification, and that post has the justin time joke as well. Such a funny coincidence on my end.

And it's likely I'll be around to see this place and all involved finally thriving. Of course we're not doing too bad but we all know it's nowhere near where it will be.

Good to see you.

Haahaha I read that post too and after seeing those jokes in your comments I wanted to remind you of those days. It's obvious that we are not in the best place but we can still be and I know you will be here when that day comes my friend.

Good to see you again too. I'm glad you're back. You're back, right? Or are you leaving to publish a post on the 8th anniversary XD

Been trying to get back into browsing content as well. Probably be doing more of that than posting. So I'll be around.

Happy l7th! I'm still trying to figure out how to do that, announce a birthday. I gave it a practice run last month, won't do that again, walked in the supermarket all..

I'm 47 today!

Half dozen people scrambled, shit went flying everywhere, some hit the deck like I was crazy.

Hey! Just be happy this didn't happen:

I am, THANKS!!

Seven years! Seven come eleven, baby. It is to our gain that you put up with all the bullshit for all this time. Some folks just don't know how lucky they are lmao. No, I don't know you but Ido know that you're okay.

Here, let me shout that out for you again: YOU'RE OKAY

It's a lot of bullshit. Didn't get any on my shoes though so that's good.

Yes I understand we all have a way of knowing one another. Of course you know what I mean as well.

You're okay too!

aww shucks...thanks :)

Many many congratulations to your 7th hive anniversary. We keep waiting for your posts. Seven years is a long time you have spent on this platform. I have been working regularly for 10 months now and I intend to do the same now. I will stay and I will not leave in the middle and the way we see that one of the advantages of working here is that one gets to meet people, have conversations and get to know the conditions of the whole world.

I do like how people from all over the world are together in one space like this. Makes it interesting.

Thanks man!

Yeah you are right. Most welcome dear.

I can relate to needing to go quiet sometimes often, part of self-care. 7 years is a long time to blog. The shit you're going thru will make you stronger in the end, It still sucks tho, hope it gets better for you. Nice of you to make an appearance and letting us know you're not dead. I was just thinking about you last week ...like you were about to pop up somewhere soon.

You must have been the summoner.

And I was hoping things would be better as well. I doubt they will be but I'll save that story for a better time. Like when I'm wrong.

You must have been the summoner - I'm going to begin to think that I conjure you up soon, it's not the first time that happens, I think it's funny every time.

Have faith, the only place to go from the bottom is up. Well I hope you're not in too much trouble and hopefully you are wrong and will share it later.

You should see the things I can do! Sometimes I wonder.

Did you catch that? Don't answer normally

And my life is almost always a little off. I think I need that otherwise I'd be bored.

I don't give a shit about trouble anymore. I have dials I can turn up still so the brains will be rattling a lot sooner if they wanna go there.

I'm so sick of it.

Happy Seven Year Birthday!!!!

Yes, you come and go but that is what makes you you.

You are many things to many people here but to me, I call you friend.

I know a few things about you that I will not get into because they are somewhat private for you.....even though we talked about it on the chain.

What I will say is you have always been kind to me. You let me use one of your cool artworks on a story I wrote. You were kind because after you said I could use it.... there were times I know you wished you had not but in the end I think you were happy with the story I wrote. I know I was!

So you are a man of your word.

I do not think a higher achievement can be said about a person.

I also think a lot of us OG's are getting hit with RL so makes it harder to get on here and write and read and comment.

But like I have said before. Just seeing your posts makes me smile even without reading them.

LOVE your new profile pic! It is perfect.

and NOW I am on my way to Hospital to visit my Mom and pull more hair out of my head while talking to her. LOLL

Maybe tonight I will walk down by the river and watch the water and breathe.


Yeah. You know it's hard for me to respond to this one right? Been through a lot and you were always there with some good timing, when I needed your words the most. I still don't fully understand what I ever did right to deserve all this and people like you in my world, but, here we are, this many years later.

Please do take a moment to get some air. Can never go wrong there.

I do.
Why I was very careful what I wrote.

BUT what you say proves how wonderful this place really is. We get to meet people from all over and have all different kinds of conversations that we normally would not have.

I happen to think that is very special and it is what has kept me here for 6 years?..... I think tomorrow is my 6 year birthday here.

it's all about accepting people for who they are and looking for the good in them.


Yeah. Straight up, you and I both had to break a couple barriers to be able to enjoy one another. Not a bad thing. Made us better. We're not quite the same but we found what works. Not many take that chance. I respect you, a lot.

and I you!!

What I do NOT respect is the new monitor I got this morning that has taken up eight hours of my day when I do not have 8 hours to spend on stupid shit like a plug-and-play monitor. Now tomorrow I have to return it and try and find a new one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg that works....

I swear when it rains it pours and pours......then throws in thunder and lightning and frogs falling from the sky with a few Locusts thrown in for the hell of it.

and noooooooo I am not bitter about any of this wasting my time today...... :D

Okay maybe just a tad bitter.

I keep hoping this stupid thing will look better if I keep using it and it doesn't.....sigh......

and that is my rant even after a nice walk and getting surprised flowers from my hubby..... Can you imagine the rant with out the flowers?

Sometimes I even scare myself LOLL!

but really I am grateful to those, like you, who accept me for who I am.
I do not write witty comments and lots go over my head....

Those that really get to know me know I am just me and understand what that means.

We all need that person to see all the good we do and I do not want to go through life any other way. There is enough sadness all around that you do not even have to look far for.

Plus you make really, really, really cool art :D

Bad things happen just to prove you're not the bad thing happening.

Life is beautiful.

I am using that sentence.

just a warning :D

"I've seen some shit in my day."

Seven years eh? yeah, that's indeed enough time as to see some shit in this place.

¡Congratulations! ¡Happy Anniversary OG!

Congratulations @nonameslefttouse! You received a personal badge!

Happy Hive Birthday! You are on the Hive blockchain for 7 years!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

Can you create a badge for people who spend most of their time here on vacation? I'm good at that, too.

That sounds like a fun idea, @nonameslefttouse! You're good at so many things. Thanks for being here all these years and keep enjoying your Hive vacations! 😄👍

LOL like someone else here said. "Congratulations! You've failed to be here for 4 weeks!"

So silly.

touchdown :)

Yeah that's great to hear! Thanks again for being here all these years @abh12345. We really enjoy your presence in Hive. Keep up the good work and let's go for many more adventure!

  • Goodbye, for now.

Hope it turns around for you.

Sorry to hear about this buddy I didn’t know you were going through some stuff. I’ve always enjoyed your writing and creativity on-chain. Would love to see more of your humor and artful crafting of words. Stay positive and keep your head up ❤️🙏🏽

I enjoyed it as well.

Hey, I hope you're ok now. We haven't talked together often but I've always enjoyed our brief chats all these years. Your last comment is worrying. If you need a listening ear, just ping me.

Don't worry.

I did, but I'm now reassured. Thank you for replying.

I'm sorry.

No need to apologize, we all have ups and downs. Stay in touch with those who reach out to you, there are many who appreciate you here.

I firmly believe Hive in general, this platform, the offerings and opportunities, the people working hard to make it all happen; this has all done a lot of good for many people and especially those in need of something better in their lives.

I was one of those people. It gave me an opportunity to put my best foot forward and actually succeed and feel welcome. For the first time in my life, that actually felt real. It provided a sense of joy and happiness. I got to meet thousands of good people at a time when I had nobody. This was all an accident. The reality is, I was giving up on life the entire time. All the gains were never to be mine.

The post here asks everyone to accept the fact I'm okay. I lied. I'm not okay. I didn't want to be a burden, didn't want to bring anyone down. I wanted everyone else to feel good as I keep my shit to myself. I chose to put smiles on faces as I frown. I chose to lift people up as I fall. I chose to share ideas to make the lives of others, better, so they could succeed. I chose to give myself nothing. I did not choose to live with depression. I was born with it. I became skilled at pretending I'm okay, so others don't have to see this.

An apology is the most suitable response. There is a need to apologize. I've made a mistake and made people worry. That's bad. Pain is contagious. I've made a mistake and now can't even be happy without people thinking it's fake. So I need to be honest. That's how I feel. This is me talking, when I should be silent.

kick that depression in the sack!
love and respect to you for fighting, you got this!

Glad to see you feeling inspired! - Did someone tell out to pull out your buttplug yesterday?

Seven years feels like the blink of an eye some days, but holy cow it blows me away looking back at what innocent little lambs we were back in 2017.

And all those accounts I carefully avoided naming yesterday - every single one of them has upvoted this post. In fact EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS IN THE TOP 20 upvotes by value. So I suspect you may be able to work out who I meant...

Thanks for proving my point. Yesterday after that long exchange I could have tossed a coin and gone either way - just let this all go and play nice vs. carry on calling this stuff out and getting downvoted. But we all have our rolls to play, and letting any dodgy stuff go has never sat well with me so I'll continue calling things out!

As I said yesterday I have no idea who sucked what, but I'm not bringing this point up again because of your payouts - that's great, good on you for doing well, I'm saying the accounts upvoting you right here on this post include many of the very ones who have been circle jerking the reward pool for all of Hive's existence, and in some cases deliberately driving anybody who refuses to play their game off the platform.

That included nearly all my friends from the past seven years on Steemit and Hive, which at one point numbered approx 2000 active accounts. You are one of less than 10 of those old timers that remain.

But anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for inspiring me as well!


This post wasn't about you, dude. I liked our conversation. Do you have a foot in your mouth meme available?

I know this post wasn't about me. But part of our conversation yesterday was about downvoting and the insider accounts who constantly receive a large portion of the reward pool because they are members of an INSIDERS CABAL. For obvious reasons they deny the very existence of this, as do you.

The fact that all the accounts I was specifically referring to yesterday are in the top 20 accounts upvoting your post could be seen as significant by my 1990 old timer friends who quit using Steemit/Hive, or may be seen as insignificant, paranoid, and delusional by the less than 10 who remain. Except that more than five of them have already said they agree with me.


I'm not going to do a screenshot and underline those accounts because you think screenshots are just me fabricating things, but really, we both know I could at the drop of a hat...


Okay. My good old friend, frot. I'm going to take the advice I've been offered countless times, yet was too fucking goddamn stubborn.

I'm cutting you off. We're done.

DAMN - Thanks for the extra inspiration!


I was 7 last month but what did I do to celebrate?


Started many a post, and failed. I don't know how some of these folk can produce so much content - well, some I do cause I also


Anyway, please continue being content...

Dude. I didn't know we have nothing in common. This is great news!